Find out the sex tomorrow!

Sooo excited but yet really worried and nervous. Baby moves a lot more in the afternoon/evening time of what i can feel anyways. Scans at 8:30 am. What helps to try get baby to be active during the scan? X


  • Drink some pure orange 30 mins before. Always gets my baby jiggling a good un. Good luck looking forward to hearing ur news x

  • Or choc/sugary sweets if u can manage them that early x

  • Thanks image i have plenty of chocolate from crimbo so will eat a solid bar on my way. Ran out of orange juice though so will have to nip shop first thing!

    Im laying in bed now and have felt baby kick on the outside image kicked three times a few seconds after one another. Shame my boyfriends downstairs so he will have to wait till next time image x
  • Good luck chick x

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