Just found out the sex xxxx

Only had time to write this as been shopping all money strait after the scan. Have thought for the past month and so has everyone else just about that im having a boy buuuuuut turns out im having a little girl! So excited and happy and baby is all ok and healthy image xxx


  • Awwww congrats Hun. Girls rule, everyone thought I was having a boy both times but we were all wrong. Enjoy buying pink stuff xx

  • I was meant to say morning not money lol. Yeah im even more excited now image i really thought the woman would say a boy. My boyfriends already said shes not having any boyfriends when shes older haha. I took your advice with the pure orange juice and as soon as i seen her on the screen she was moving and waving her arms loads image scan woman was a bit annoyed i had a wee when i woke up as she could tell but when a pregnant woman has to go then she has to go lol xx
  • Yeah I had to go for a wee before my first sexing scan, drank a whole carton of orange pmsl bit ott lol x

  • She wanted me to walk around and drink more for 15 minuets to get a proper view of baby underneath but then she started to move around more so was ok image cant wait to have my 3d scan now lol xx
  • Aww congrats Haleigh!! 

    I found out last week mines is a girl too - was convinced she was a boy!! 

    Trying to adjust to calling baby her now! 

    Did you go out and buy some nice girls outfits when you found out??


  • Ahhh everyone is having girls at the minuet! image

    Yeah ive been in the sales today and brought some nice outfits for her. Lol yeah its weird saying her and ive always thought it was a boy.

    Have you brought any outfits yet? Xx
  • Yeah there's definitely something in the water - another girl at my work has just found out she's having twin girls too!! 

    I went and did a little sale shopping too image Its so obvious in her wardrobe what was bought before and after the gender scan!! 


  • My friend round the corner is having a girl and so is one of the mums at school. So much more cute stuff for girls x

  • Ive just had a feeling what IF the scan woman is wrong and she is actually a he!

    I dunno why its crossed my mind. It might be because she said 95% chance shes a girl and i no they cant really say 100% but its just crossed my mind and now everyone is buying girl clothes. Im having a 3D scan in a month or two as well xx
  • It's unlikely but it can and does happen albeit rarely. fingers crossed they got it right. I wanted a boy  so bad that I spent a few weeks wondering and hoping if maybe that has happened to me. I've read about people being told sex at 36 weeks plus scans and it being wrong. But I'd be totally shocked now if she popped out with a penis lol x

  • Well my boyfriend said he didn't see any boys bits and neither did the woman so hopefully shes right lol i dunno whens best to book a 3d scan? Have you had one before and if so when?xx
  • Ive heard of boys tucking lol, apparently it's more likely if ur told girl n it be a boy than b told boy n have a girl. I had one at 26 weeks with Caitlin that was a good time as she was chubby enuf to look cute but not too big , and I had 2 with this one, one at 16 weeks and one at 17 weeks and she was ever so small n very skinny. Didn't see any definite girl parts just what she said looked like the 3 lines but sexing is best done in 2d. 3d is awesome for seeing baby's lil face n features x

  • Well she first looked under babys bottom area and seen no boys bits and then the baby ended up moving their legs and shuffled more to my left and thats when she said it so if anything was tucked in im hoping it would have untucked when moved the legs lol but yes ive heard about boys can be mistaken.

    Well fingers crossed she is a girl like ive been told lol. I wouldnt have this thought in my head if i didnt start googling!

    I think il have one round 26 weeks like you did image xx
  • Congrats chick image xx

  • Thanks image

    Everyone is having girls! Just found out a girl my partner knows is having a girl as well lol theres gone be a lot of girls born this year. Nearly put next year thenimage xx
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