Pelvic pain during pregnancy :(

A few months back during my first trimester when i was going toilet in middle of night i would get a sudden pain in my pelvic on my right when laying back in bed. Midwife said this is normal and its just things stretching and the baby. Now im 20 weeks i went toilet again middle of night and soon as i got of the loo i had pain in my pelvic again. It soon went until i just sneezed which had made me write this as there was a pain again on my right. Is there anything i can take for this? I have a small hernia on my right which I'm hoping is gone by now but if not i dunno if this is also causing the pain. Should i go doctors next week? I no round ligament can hurt when you all sudden get up, cough and sneeze just didnt think it would be like a sharp aching pain xx


  • Well it only happened when i was sitting and sneezed. Was just standing up and did another one and was fine
  • I think it's just a normal part of pregnancy, especially when you cough and sneeze as your muscles are all slack so pull easier. I can hardly walk some days but mw doesn't seem concerned. If it gets unbearable definitely c a doctor or ur mw though x

  • Yeah its not happened since. I did a bit of googling and the websites reckon its normal as well. If gets worse will have to mention it to my midwife x
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