Health Visitor and Pets?

Hi there,

I don't know if anyone has any advice for me. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby. In our borough, the norm is for the HV to come and visit prior to the baby being due. I have my HV coming tomorrow and am a bit worried she may make a thing of my dog. I have a large breed, she is a boxer and the friendliest dog ever. She's very obedient but gets excited when new people visit. I really really don't want her to think there is an issue with her as I know some people can be narrow minded around dogs. My husband thinks I am being paranoid. Is it worth me asking my mum to have her while she visits? I'd be honest and say I have a dog etc. Am I being stupid? Thanks in advance xx


  • I'd keep the dog there. Chances are they'll c it when they visit after baby arrives anyway. If u start hiding stuff from hv then you make it look like u have stuff to hide, in my experience (and I've had involvement with hv, social and Diana children's nurses) being honest and open from the start is the best way. I have nothing to hide and made that clear from day one and never had any problems x

  • Thanks for the response. That did occur to me. I don't want it to look like I'm hiding anything so perhaps from the start I should just introduce her and then shut her in one of the rooms so she isn't in the way. Thanks again. x

  • Yeah show them that she's lovely and gentle. They can't stop u from having pets and she's not an illegal breed so I wouldn't try and hide her. And show them she is happy and content bring away from u in another room so they know she won't b around baby all the time x

  • Yeah you are right. It just feels a bit like someone is coming into your home to judge you and it worries me for some reason! x

  • I remember feeling the same hun ill prob feel the same with this one too but theyre not there to judge ur house or cleaning etc they're just there to support u but it does feel like ur being checked up on x

  • Thanks hun. I think I'll just try to calm about it all image Hopefully she will be nice and helpful and won't bat an eyelid re-doggy! x

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