Cant stop throwing up :(

Been sick 4 times now and its half 1 in morning image thought the third time was the ending of it but i guess not image Dunno whether to go doctors tomorrow :/


  • Hope u stopped being sick eventually hun? Maybe u have a bug I got one at 26 weeks with Caitlin and at about 28/30 weeks with this one. Sounds gross but sip coca cola with boiling water to replace lost sugars that's what my doctor suggested x

  • I doubt the doctors will do anything for you hun. Just rest up and try and get some fluids inside you.  I had this the weekend before last, didn't help that baby was doing somersaults and punching and kicking the whole time either!!

  • Praying to the porcelain god whilst quite heavily pregnant is soooo not fun x

  • Im feeling ok now image well fingers crossed lol. And yeah baby was kicking loads when i was throwing up and sides were killing yesterday morning from all the tensing. Still a bit sore now when i sneeze x
  • Glad you are feeling better x

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