Letting work know you're pregnant

Hi, need some advice on when it's best to tell my employer I'm pregnant. I'm 5+3 and work in an office, it's early days and I'm not suffering with any morning sickness so far so I don't plan on telling them in the next couple of weeks. But if I do start having morning sickness what should I do? This is my third pregnancy and I usually start feeling sick at 6 weeks. If I'm lucky enough not to get it or at least hide it how long should I leave telling them? I'm already avoiding lifting heavy boxes and I don't want anyone to notice as I've always got stuck in with that stuff.

this is all new to me as with my first pregnancy I quit my job from the morning sickness being so horrendous :-/ and my second pregnancy I was a stay at home mum!

one last thing.... There is a lot I have to consider this time! I have been temping with this company since October and only been offered a perm position yesterday to which I accepted but I feel like I'm letting them down knowing what I know!



  • Stuff them hun do wot u gotta do get that contract signed to ensure u get ur mat pay. U tell em when ur ready by law u don't have to tell them till 25 weeks. I got made redundant at 9 weeks pregnant it was horrible going to job interviews n not being able to say anything but u gotta do what's best For u n in ur case that's getting that job secured. Don't feel guilty just make out u didn't know, they can't do or say shit about it so don't worry x

  • Thanks Hun my only concern is now my contract changes I am technically starting a new job and won't be entitled to any leave or pay image xx
  • You're entitled to 12 months maternity leave regardless of if they pay u or not. As long as u have worked for 26 weeks in the 66 weeks running up to your due date and earnt at least 30 a week (doesn't matter if it's for different employers of different contracts) you will get maternity allowance from the dwp, go on direct.gov and find the maternity allowance calculator. That's what I get, I was on 70 a week job seekers from 9 weeks pregnant when I got to 29 weeks they told me I didn't gave to sign on no more and put me on to maternity allowance that's 137 a week which is the government stat pay. If u find that calculator it'll tell u what ur entitled to x

  • Your welcome chick, I'm a shrine of benefits and employment knowledge lol if u need oat else just pm meimage x

  • LH do you know if you get any help while on maternity?  I work full time and I know that I will get 90% my wage for 6 weeks and then it will drop to the SMP which I believe is about 135 a week?  Will I get anything else as well as that 135?  I am worried that we won't manage on just that as we will be down by about £700 a month which is our mortgage and a couple of bills.


    I have tried looking on the government website but they all just say we wouldn't get anything because of what we earn but surely that's not right?!? x

  • You'll get tax credits the rate depends on what u both earn but even both earning you should get the basic baby element u will also get your child benefit obviously x

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