Due in October 2014

Hi, just wondered if theres anyone due in Oct, I got my BFP this week I think I will be due 6th Oct, hope to see a few others join this thread x


  • Hi

    Im not due in October. Due in May but congratulations image x
  • Congrats! I just took a test and got a very faint positive! I'm supposed to be due on the 11 of oct! I'm spotting so I shall hope for the best!
  • Thanks haleigh, not long left good luck x

    Congrats tamara, Fingers crossed, hope all is well, its still only early days yet hope we are able stick around, hope to chat with you soon x
  • Yeah that's true! I hope so too, & thank you! ????

    Good luck!
  • Thank you image xx
  • Hello!

    Congratulations to you its so exciting hey! I too am due 6th october 2014....

    How are you feeling x
  • I'll be due on Oct 5th!
    I've only had slight daily cramping with some tiredness but that's about it.
    How are you feeling?

  • Hi ladies, I actually not feeling to bad, I get slight nausea at times and my boobs are getting bigger and more tender by the day.

    Due to past history I went to get my bloods taken today to check hormone level, will have to ring up tomorrow for results, probably have to do a repeat in a few days to make sure they have doubled then hoping for an early scan next week, fingers crossed.

    How is everyone eles this is dc2 for me my dd is just 6 month's oh am going to have my hands full, cant wait though xx
  • It is all very surreal! Just been told of my the hubby for telling my friend...feel bad now.

    Had a little cat nap this afternoon as feeling quite tired but apart from that nothing xxx
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