Suspected Placenta Accreta

Hello lovely ladies,

After my 20 week scan I was told we have a very low lying placenta (partial praevia) and due to my previous section we will be treated as suspected placenta accreta.

I will be re-scanned at 32 weeks (standard procedure for this) to see the extent of the praevia and also to assess whether the placenta is still on the scar site.  If it is they will have consultants do doppler and MRI scans to assess it properly but have said they usually err on the side of caution and plan as if you do have it if not sure.  It is then confirmed at surgery.

We had the talk around haemorrhage risk and mid line c section and possible hysterectomy but the team don't want to go into too much detail until 32 weeks.  For me this is hard as I like to plan but I'm trying my best.  I do know it is a 50:50 chance of it moving from the cervix but not sure how much it is to move from the scar site.  I would rather not expect it to happen but just be aware of what we could face so I am mentally ready.  32 weeks doesn't give us much time to prepare especially if I am bleeding as I believe they take you in to hospital if so.


I wonder, has anyone else gone through this and what happened?  Would love to hear from people whether the placenta moved away or stayed put on the scar site. image

What was your management like? what happened at 32 weeks etc?  How was the surgery and recovery?

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