Feeling Movements

Hey ladies, just wondering when you pregnant ladies started feeling movements. I'm 17 weeks and hoping to feel something soon image


  • Around 18-20 with my first and 15 with my 2nd x

  • I felt movements from around the 12 week mark but like butterflies or bubbles.

  • Thanks ladies, had an appointment a couple days ago and heard the heartbeat so I know baby is doing well, I'm just getting anxious to feel the little one move
  • Hi Charley,

    Nice to see you on the pregnant side of the boardsimage

    I think it is usually around 19-20 weeks for a first baby, however I felt my son at 16+6 weeks.  This time I have an anterior placenta which cushions the movements so it took a little longer to get the really strong movements.

    I would say I had slight flutters around 17-18 weeks but I only recognised them because I had been pregnant before.  It was really the 20 week mark when I was 100% sure. image

    It won't be long for you.... (and then they get really full on and you wish it would all calm down as you push feet out from under your ribs etc )

  • Hi Charley,

    I would say I first felt movements around 17-18 weeks but this was faint so at the time i wasn't sure if it was the baby moving as this is my first pregnancy.

    I am 26 weeks pregnant now and definitely feel the kicks now they are so much stronger!image


  • i felt movement around 17 to 19 weeks but only little flutters never rea,y kowing if it was me or baby nd soetimes i felt like popcorn was beening popped in my belly 

    but around 23 weeks was when i realy started to feel kicks and all nd now at 29 i sometims want babyto stop moving cause she moves that mch in a small amount of time i start feeling nauseous lol and kicks in ribs hurt like hell ive even started feeling like babys head rubbing or moving down to  start of birth canal which was confirmed at obstetricians appoinment yesterday that she head down not engaged yet but getting ready feels very weird but always reassuring when feel movement.

  • Thanks for your input ladies!

    Tulip, I'm so happy to be on the pregnant side of the boards image it's all sinking in and I'm realizing I don't know what to expect. It'll just be nice to feel the little one moving around in there
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