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hi guys im just after a bit of advice. im currently 21 weeks and 2 days pregnant. me and my boyfriend moved into our rented property on the 2nd of january. 

its a terraced cottage. the neighbours to our right are so noisy and inconsiderate. we have them arguing, shouting, playing music and talking really loudly till the early hours of the morning. last night they carried on till 3 in the morning. me and my oh both work. he works 40 hours a week and has to get up at 6.30 am, and i work shifts in a nursing home. 

latley we have been getting by on very little sleep. last night my oh tried knocking on their door at around 2 to ask them to be quite. they wouldnt answer the door and found it funny. then they played a little game of knock a door run away.

they have a 2 yr old and they scream, shout and swear at her sll, day and night, which we can hear word for word. 

is there anything we can actually do. im already considering moving. i dont want my baby being born when theres somebody waking her up all the time.


  • Report them to the council chick I would. Forget living like that. I think it would b the environmental health dept u would need to speak to. Keep a diary of everything u hear and times etc, don't stand for it chick x

  • thanks hun. will pop into the council today. xx

  • A colleague of mine had a similar problem and just called the police.

  • Yeah i would go to the council and complain.

    We have a 50 year old man next door to us who we no and hes very quiet but on the other side theres an older couple and when grandchildren come over you can hear them. Especially when crying in middle of night. It doesnt bother me too much though as its not every day and im sure they hear my boyfriend going mad when he plays cod on his playstation lol and plus when baby arrives they will be hearing her cry as well. Personally though i cant stand noisey neighbours and sounds like you have it bad so complain!x
  • We have the same problem as you! i phoned police and council and all they offered was medation! my son is scarred to sleep in his own room and he is only 18 months, the language is foul! the screaming and shouting is sick, my other half is up at 5:30 am for work and all we were told was we would have to do a house swap!

    but we have lost out on 2 due to the noise and language! looking like we will have to move and go privet even more so im pregnant again! iv had 2 m/c in this place and i put it down to stress from them! they bang on our door, kick off and cause hell, they have kids they cant control! 

    i feel your pain xx

  • Sorry to hijack your thread but I need to vent about my "neighbours."

    I live in an apartment black on the fourth floor of some very exclusive/fancy apartments in a nice area. We own our apartment but many in our block are tenanted. For a good while we had noisy neighbours directly next door (playing really loud basey music into the early hours) and after a few stern words and eventually threatening to get them kicked out it stopped. We also had various messy residents - empty beer cars, sweet wrappers discarded in the communal areas etc etc. 

    Anyway, the pain in the bum neighbours moved out and all has been fine. We got a new bunch move in on the floor beneath us about a month ago. They seemed quite arrogant when they were moving in, leaving all the security doors open and hogging the lift etc and just generally just laddish and obnoxious. We laughed and said we were glad they weren't directly beneath us or next to us and left it at that. A few times when we have got in the lift, it has stunk of weed and we assumed it might be them as they are the newest residents and never happened before.

    I got home Tues night and there was a small white van parked right next to the fence in the car park, right near the junction and i looked as i didnt think that was an allocated parking bay and to my sheer shock and disgust, there was a fella stood there peeing against the fence!

    Angry does not describe what I felt!!!!! I parked up and as I was waiting for the lift, couldnt see the fella and assumed he had disappeared. The lift opened and the 2 fellas who live in our block were coming out. I said to them "is that your mate waiting in the van" they said it was and "I said well in future could you ask him to p1ss in your flat rather than on the fence outside" The guy looked a bit surprised and said he was sorry but in a cocky way. I said "Well yknow its not nice is it" He then said well its not my fault if he's done that is it. I said well no but you could tell him not to. 

    I got in the lift and again it STUNK of weed really strong. I told my hubby about it and said I would speak to Brian our concierge and hubby said to leave it for now as they will know it's us.

    What would you do?

  • thanks for the advice guys. spent most of the day lookin at new houses. the only problem is we have a six month tenancy agreement. i think they have the same landlord as we do so might speak to te landlord an explain whats going on, an ive theres no improvement try to get out of the contract that way.xx


  • My friend had the same problem, it is the environmental health section of the council you need to speak to, you have to keep a diary, and they will put a monitoring thing in your house which reads the decibels as they have to be under a certain level, if over it it is illegal.  There is also a legal time limit for noise, I think it is after 11 at night so if it is after that time you are within your rights to phone the police.  If you still need any advise I can ask my friend for more information if you would like.  

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