I'm 36 weeks with my first and since 25 weeks I've been complaining about severe pains in my lower back, ribs and legs. And my legs rarely hold me up, they simply feel too weak All of the midwifes and doctors said "ah it's just pregnancy pain" I refused to believe them as it is absolutely excruciating. I went to a private doctor to ask them what they thought and they said immediately it sounds like a very severe case of sciatica. I now have a consultation on Wednesday about an allergy of mine and to monitor the seriousness of this. Since telling my midwife about what was concluded she said I may not be allowed a natural birth and may have to have a c section due to the complications myself and the baby will then be at risk of Has anyone else suffered a severe case of sciatica and been denied a natural birth?


  • Hi hun I have sciatica. I also have spinabifida and severe curvature of the spine ( scoliosis convex to the left) as well a  ruptured discs at l5/s1 in my limbs  spine. The  disc rupture means there is compression of fhe cauda equina (which is the lower part of  the spinal cord) the sciatic nerve abuts from here an  feels like a hot burning shooting pain from (usually) the buttocks (where  I like to call the love handles lol) an  down th  leg into th  sol of th foot.sciatica is EXCRUCIATING and leaves you literally u able to move without breath taking pain searing throughout the parts of the body I just mentioned. I also got spd in my previous pregnancy and my symphisis punks bone (the hard honey bit on it private bits) split into two causing phenomenal pain no matter what I did. Even with all of these problems I was allowed  to try a rural birth with my first two children so if someone has told you if you have sciatica you cannot birth naturally they r full of it hun. Not a chance on this earth would a surgeon give a woman a major operation just because  of sciatica hun. I would DEFFO get another opinion as it definitely sounds like it has worried you. A section would require a spinal block (they don't like giving generals for sections unless they absolutely HAVE to and it is an urgent emergency to be  baby out. And thAt means a big needle in the spine with a risk of causing sciatica and long term back pain (this is only a risk "factor" like with any operation) have you heard of spd hun?? Have you been checked for it??? Maybe it's that?  Where exactly does the pain come when it's there and how often do u get it what does it feel like etc? Xxxxx

  • Bloody auto correct totally messed that up lol. If any of that confuses u feel free to ask wtf!!? Lol. image Xxx

  • Do u think, it sounds like, the midwife had a bee in her bonnet after being told about yr private appt? If thats what happened I think its shocking. I think u should find out whether she was lying and after u have yrbaby report her. Or sooner if u have the guts xxx
  • I rung the lead midwife to get her opinion and she has said they were totally wrong to say that to me. As I can give birth naturally with or without sciatica. If they feel that during the birth things aren't going well then they'll refer me to have a c section but until then they won't.

    She was so disgraced by the midwives saying that, that they have changed my midwife team.

    Thank you all for your replies image
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