Omg is this normal?!

28 weeks this friday Ive came down with cold symptoms and been sneezing loads. Ive just sneezed and sorry for tmi but i just weed myself a bit?! This has never ever happened to me before. Ive not long gone for one as well and it just came out when it happened. Is this common? Please say it is image x


  • Sorry but yes it is and when uve had her (assuming u have a natural vaginal delivery) u will full on piss urself if u cough laugh or sneeze too hard lol. I never bothered with pelvic floor exercises this is how I know ha ha. I went on dds  trampoline n almost pissed myself lol the bouncing was too much for my poor weak bladder x

  • O god lol looks like i need to start pelvic floor exercises then as im not wanting this to happen when im out! lol x
  • Yeah do them definitely! I've been told to do them even tho I had a c-section x

  • lol sneezing and peeing go hand in hand these days for me!! it happened to me the other week when i went for a blood test thought id go loo before got next to loo sneezed and then went strait home to change no blood test!! when i told my oh he nearly weed himself laughing!!!!!!

  • Haha image well when i told my boyfriend what happened as he noticed i changed my pjs he just said errr and laughed lol.

    Was meant to start my exercises today but had a few braxton hicks so didnt feel upto it xx
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