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Hi ladies, some of you may have seen my previous post about bleeding for a week and an early private scan not finding anything at 7 weeks pregnant. Well, I had a scan at EPU today and they found a heartbeat! They dated me at six weeks, which is a week out from what I thought, but blood levels were fine and baby's heart rate was also good. They did an internal scan, and since about 3pm I've been bleeding heavier than before and have passed a couple of small clots. I'm not cramping but felt a bit achy since the scan was carried out. Do you think the bleeding could be from the ultrasound? I felt relieved for an hour or so after the scan and now I'm back to panicking image x


  • Hi

    Good news on the heartbeat!

    They should tell you when you have an internal it can cause some spotting or a slight bleed. With the small clots though im not sure. Have you told your doctor or midwife about this as i think you will need to x
  • I'm booked with the midwife in Tuesday so will mention it then. If it gets any worse I'll go to my local walk in or back to EPU, I just wondered if anyone had had anything similar after an internal ultrasound xx
  • I had an internal when i was 6 weeks due to spotting the day before. I think it was the following day or day after i spotted again a bit when i went to the toilet but it wasnt heavy/clotty.

    Deffo make sure you mention it to your midwife. If you get any pain i would ring her strait away. Just take it easy though and rest as much as you can image xx
  • Ellie,

    Fabulous news honey - glad they found a heart beat! I am not sure about the small clots, monitor the situation and let your midwife know next week. They do say that an internal scan can cause bleeding or spotting although I have never experienced it myself.

    Good Luck Honey


  • Thanks ladies. I felt really positive after seeing a good heartbeat today but this bleeding has made me panic again. I think all I can do is wait this one out. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a little telly tubby type window we could look through to check what was happening in there! Early pregnancy is such a worrying time xx
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