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Feelings have stopped?

Hi Girls,

I know I'm probably worrying over nothing but just wanted to sound out what's worrying me. I've had flutters (like bubbles/popping) since around 10 weeks. I would usually feel it a few times a day. Have had an early scan and my 12 week scan. Due my 20 week scan on 25 March. I had my 16 week check up on Monday and the MW said my uterus was right below my tummy button. 

I realised last night that I havent felt the flutters etc all yesterday and possibly the day before. Is this usual? I've had suggestions to lie on my tummy, drink a glass of cold water and dont seem to feel the sensations - I havent done these things before so not sure if I usually would feel them. Is it usual to feel the flutters and for them to due down as you get further along?

I can feel sensations every so often but it feels more like muscle twitches or wind. I've not got any cramping sensations or bleeding which I can only take as a good sign?



  • Hey the feelings will come and go for a while yet, you won't notice a definite pattern till around 25-28 weeks. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know) pure orange always made my girls jiggle so maybe drink some of that see what happens x

  • Hi

    When i was at your stage i was the exact same as you. Im sure i even posted about it as well lol. Sometimes i would feel flutters through out the day and then there were times i wouldnt feel anything for a couple days. I was told that baby has looads of room still at this stage so even though you cant feel movements they will be image

    Wait till your at my stage. Im 28 weeks tomorrow and for a good few weeks now ive felt her move/kick every day and through out the day image

    Its 100% normal to worry though. Even though il feel movements everyday i think i expect her to move all the time and forget that shes going to be sleeping at times lol so when shes not moving il sometimes give a little poke and then shes moving again. Makes me feel bad though as probs woken her up so i try not too lol x
  • Thanks girls, I knew I could rely on you both. I'm a bit fed up of people saying I've only felt wind or something - I must be hella windy if thats the feelings I've had so often! lol

  • i started feeling movements around 16 weeks, but i couldn't guarantee it would happen every day. like others said try not to worry, until your 22 weeks plus i started feeling regular movement. now nearly 29 weeks with twins, its a lot of time image

    but you do notice patterns like when they sleep probably. and awake at night! lol x
  • Boooey i dunno how you manage carrying twins! Lol im only pregnant with the one and my back hurts sooo much when it gets to evening time. I couldnt imagine what yours will be like lol. My grandma was a twin and so is my boyfriends auntie and his brother had twins so i thought i might of lol. Do twins run in yours?x
  • Something that never occurred to me until it happened and was pointed out to me that the way you feel the baby move changes a  baby gets bigger and bones get harder those glitters will now feel like little pokes, those aren't muscle twinges hun it is tiny hands an  feet.if you are worried I would contact your mw hun xxxxx

  • Thanks for your reassurances girls. I can happily report, I have felt little "flicks" Like someone flicking a piece of paper in my tum area todayimage Onwards and upwards!!

    Excited as my pram arrived today. Looking forward to havin a good old look at it and whatnot image

  • Awww thats good MrsW. What colour is it?

    I got mine round the same time as you but its at my boyfriends mums for now because im superspicous with the whole dont bring the pram home until babies born lol and thats only because ive had people going on telling me it. When its ending of April or begining of May though il probs end up picking it up lol x
  • yes carrying twins not gonna lie is hard work lol my back kills and i don't sleep well at all lol. had 10 weeks of all day sickness.

    i had ivf my third attempt and was lucky for it to work.

    i Will defo call it a day after they born, twin pregnancy scared me for life lol x
  • Haleigh it's black and gray, I thought I'd be the same but want to buy things slowly anf nowhere to store so pram, cot, carseat all bought and at home x

  • Yeah ive brought everything else home its just that lol.

    Best way to do it is buy things slowly i think as i couldnt imagine rushing round in the last couple months like some women do buying everything. I get my nursery set delivered on tuesday which i cant wait for image and then its just a few small things left x
  • we had a quick nosey at the pam last night. Didnt build it as want to keep it in the box until we need it. Looks pretty nice image

  • Aww thats good image

    Soon as we got ours my boyfriend opened it and set it up to make sure everything was there and then took it apart again lol. Ours is the Urbo from mammas and poppas in a lime. Cant wait to use it x
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