Scan today

Well our dating scan date finally came today And we got a very nice surprise that I'm 6 weeks further on than we thought and I'm 19 not 13...gutted it's the only scan we will get now but we also found out it's a girl so the whole family are going shoppig crazy as it's the one in both our families.


a super chuffed grudie due 3rd aug image 


  • Ooo how lovely. Except for the one scan thing xxx
  • Omg bet you was so schocked! Lol

    Awww a girl as well image im 29 weeks this Friday and also having a girl. So many women are having girls this year! She will end up spoilt as well lol mines not even here yet and already shes getting spoilt lol x
  • Thanks ladies it's been a fantastic surprise although I was a but sure i was further on I didn't want to jinx it,she has been very active at times


    phew half way image it's taken a long time to get here for us and now it's flying by lol x

  • Wow what a surprise and hooray for team pink! im sure u used to b on here when I was preg with my first, ur name rings a bell. So pleased 4u x

  • brilliant news! time Will fly for you now! image

    am having two boys! hurray! for team blue lol image

    you get to skip 6 weeks bonus! you could always have private one?

    congrats x
  • Oh I wish mine would fast forward by 6 weeks! lol. Congrats image

  • wow i would have fallen off the bed lol. that's fantasy news hun congratulations!!! what did you originally think your due  date was before the scan? xxxxx

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