You know you're pregnant when

You spend all evening blubbering over nothing and then go home and open a tin of fruit cocktail. I spent most of the time crying cos people found it funny I was crying... at some points I was laughing that I was crying again. And fruit cocktail. .. I hate tinned fruit but bought two cans of it this week and I am half way through the second can and enjoy chewing on the gritty pear pieces the most... I haven't eaten it in 17 years and have never bought it since I left home lol. The joys lol. What are other peoples cravings?


  • And my paragraphs disappeared image
  • For me no craving as such i would think of something really nice have it enjoyed it then il no touch it again its mad lol but what i was craving proper for the last couple of weeks there was capri suns lol i buy the big boxes for my son for school and i end up wiring into them had to force myself to stop as i ended up with constipation lmao xx
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