insomnia in early pregnancy anyone??

hi all  my edd is 15th of october,  im almost nine weeks, the last three weeks have been a NIGHTMARE for me in the sleep department. i am awake at 3-4 am EVERY night regardles  of  what time i get to sleep. i know insomnia is common in later pregnancy as you can't get comfy with a big bump but clearly that isn't the problem for me at the moment with me  still only being  in my first trimester. 

its driving me crazy and i just wanted to know if anyone else has ha  this so early in pregnancy??? xxxx


  • Im now 18 weeks and I find I fasll to sleep easily - then wake up after 4 or so hours and just lay there wide awake for an hour before getting back to sleep. I assume is hormones

  • i had it in my 1st trimester then it went in my 2nd but arrived again now im in my 3rd!!

    my advise if you are wide awake get up have a drink or watch a bit of tv read ect then go back to bed i found it made it worse if i just led there and willed my self back to sleep it never worked and id just end up cross.

  • I'm exactly the same hun! Googled it last night actually! I'm 5+3 & it's definitely getting worse. I'm exhausted but then get to bed & struggle to get to sleep then I'm wide awake much earlier than I would be normally & can't get back to sleep!! Think it is just hormone changes!! X
  • Hi ladies, I'm 7 weeks today and like clock work every morning I'm up at 3am!! Needing a wee then not being able to get back off to sleep after - it's tossing and turning untill I wake up for work at half 6! It's not good x
  • Keepthefaith I'm also suffering from insomnia. I am about to fall over tired and still can't fall asleep then when I do I get up 50 times to readjust or use the bathroom
  • I wake up every night a 5:20 luckily for me I drift right back off till my 6:25 alarm. Xxx
  • im the exact same, im 7wks pg and no matter what I do, no matter what time I got to bed im awake from 3am - 4am and that's me awake for the day! ive tried blackout curtains, tried sleep easy bath oils and things and nothing works. im actually going to the doctor tomorrow because come 2pm in work my head is nearly hitting the desk and I cant have effecting work at the minute.xx

  • omg I'm not alone lol and it  always 3-4am for me too like a lot of you ladies have said. wtf is THAT all about lol. sooooo frustrating and I'm pretty sure its thenreason , the hormones, i constantly feel peed off and totally murderou lol i was the same in my last pg and it annoyed the nice out of me then too. grrrr ive even tried staying awake till like 1 am but makes no difference, I'm still up at 3-4 wanting to punch poor dh who is sleeping soundly haha. im up at seven with kids for school and u can guarantee at half six seven forty five i am ready to go back to sleep everytime lol xxxx

  • Lol x Your posts getting very poetically funny atm. image
  • lol  its true, and here i am again in the middle of the night awake haha.been up since four (for a change) and am now watching the news. dh gets a full report every morning on the goings on of the world as im an expert these days on world news and i bloody should be, i watch it from four til seven am five days a week (the other two i watch spongebob with the kids lol. xxxxx

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