How long trying before BFP

Just wanted to ask how long it took everyone to get a BFP! Need encouragement! image 


  • I came off the pill 14 Oct 2013 and got my BFP on 3 Dec and was 4 weeks pregnant.

    However, I changed from the depo to the pill in Oct 12 in anticipation of trying for a family - The GP Said it is easier to conceive coming off the pill than off the Depo and said it can take upto 12 months to conceive after coming off the Depo.

  • 3 weeks!! it was a bit of a shock i expected at least 6 months!!

  • Well I'm a bit of a long story, but for my first bfp it took 3 months (ended in miscarriage), second bfp took 8 months (ended in miscarriage) and my third bfp took just under 2 years! A year and 10 months to be exact. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant.
  • I came off Microgynon in April 2013 and we actively started trying in July 2013 and I got my BFP on 4th January 2014 image so we conceived on our 6th month of trying x

  • 18 days this time lol. 9 months with my daughter and was on the pill celest when I conceived my son.

    Also fell pregnant on the copper coil but that was ectopic xxx
  • Actuall it was 16 days, decided to try to concieve 4 days before ovulation and got bfp 12dpo. I did spend ages squinting at a test 10dpo because I thought there may have been the faintest of lines lol. My OH was driven crazy for about an hour with me saying what about in this light... nah its negative, no im not sure I think I can see a line... come on have a look outside etc hehe xxx
  • 3 and a half years x
  • Thanks everyone, just shows how everyone is different! I got pregnant 10 years ago with my daughter on the first try so was hoping for the same this time! But alas No as this will be my 3rd month! Fingers crossed though it will happen soon image 

    Good luck with your pregnancies! image xo

  • just wanted to say good luck on getting your bfp soon loriells xxxx

  • I feel pregnant the first month I came off my pill image x

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