Double Buggies: Baby and Toddler


I am looking around at double buggies because we are expecting in June and will have a toddler aged 2yrs and 9 months.

I initially thought we would get away without a double buggy and go for a buggy board but talking to friends has got me thinking.  I think the board would be fine for short trips out or when hubby is around but realistically I am going to need to get out and about on my own with both kids and even walking through shops with breakables or going for longer treks is going to be an issue if DS has nowhere to rest.

So...I am weighing up second hand vs. new and also a bit unsure I want to lay out so much for a brand new system all over again.  We could sell our Quinny Buzz and all the gear to raise something toward a new buggy but I want to figure out if it is worth it.


I've looked at the Phil and Ted styles which seem practical as they are fairly narrow but look comfy and a lot of them can be used as a tandem or single which would be great when DS is at nursery so I don't have to lug about a full double buggy.


Has anyone used the Phil and Ted buggies?  What did you think? Did you find you definitely needed a double with two kids?


  • I have had the sport, which I brought from new and the dot that I got 2nd hand off gumtree. Both were great reliable buggys. The dot is a lot lighter than the sport. My only issue with the phil and ted is where to put your changing bag, while the baby is still small it fits perfectly in the shopping basket but once he/she gets bigger and needs that room for there feet there isnt really anywhere to hang it. I love the way it goes from a double to a single very easy x

  • We have the mountain buggy duet and I love it. Easy to steer, loads of space underneath, not too bulky, fits through narrow doors and easy to put up and down. I can't recommend it enough.

  • i am going for the graco tandem pushchair (i have an eleven month old an  having another on  in ocotber)  iv  ha  this pram before with my eldest two (there  only two years between them too) and it is BRILLIANT!! lightweight  some doubles ar  heavy and  hard to moneavour, an  it has an ENORMOUS shopping/under basket which is fantastic. and whats best is is the cheapest tandem on the market at £170-190!!!! bonus!!!  xxx

    ps i had a buggy board which wa  great even for long journeys until it rained, then my two yr old would sit there or stand there getting soaked so not ideal for winter or cold/rainy weather but great for summer. also have you seen the "buggy pod side cars"??? they are good  its a seat,like a proper pram seat with raincover, that attatches to the side of any other pram or pushchair and look quite good. amazon have them! xxxx

  • Hiya ,(sorry - not buggy related), how are you doing tulip , haven't heard from you for a few days hun , hope all is well ? x x 

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