Chemical? Miscarriage? Still pregnant?

I'm so confused and emotionally drained.. We have a little boy but haven't been TTC (although we haven't been using protection!) .. I can't be entirely sure when my last period was however I had what I thought was a period on 27th Feb.. I then began bleeding again last weekend which I knew wasn't right for me.. For some reason I felt the need to do a pregnancy test and had one in the house from when we were trying for our little boy.. This Monday morning it came up positive straight away.. Yesterday I had an internal ultrasound and there was nothing to be seen... My HGC level came back as 290 which is low.. I'm back in for more bloods tomorrow. Even though we weren't actively trying for this little one and I've only known I was pregnant while I've been bleeding my emotions are all over the show.. Is it defiantly all over?! Was it a chemical pregnancy?! Is it a miscarriage? I have been constantly bleeding since Saturday but how much is too much? I know tomorrow will shed more light and it's likely to be bad news but still holding out a little hope... X


  • Hi huni 

    didnt want to read and run,

    it horrid being in limbo like this for me i had 2 m/c last year and had scans with both so i can understand how you feel.

    My big sister did have this type of thing with her second, they couldnt see any thing told her she must have lost it or she was never pregnant to start with but 10 days later when they scanned her there was a 10 week old baby so it can happen, sadly for me it was not that case.

    Im now 7 weeks again and living on the edge, i have a scan monday so will know more then.

    wish you all the luck huni xxx

  • Thanks Sarah.. Wishing you all the luck in the world for Monday xxx
  • Thank you huni xxxx

    keep me posted il be thinking of you xx

  • Hi girlies ,
    I took a test today and it was positive very faint but a line Is a line. I have been fine all day and then I went to the toilet wiped and when I did it was like dark red brown blood.
    I have had a few cramps  but nothing mager. Hope this is just implantation due to already having 2 miscarriages.


  • Just to update anyone that read this.. Wednesday bloods were 290 HCG and Fridays were only 380 HCG.. Still not entirely sure what is going on but I've now accepted this isn't/won't be a healthy pregnancy.. I'm back in tomorrow for another scan and bloods.. Xxx
  • Sorry our posts crossed Sam94! Fingers crossed for implantation x
  • Hopful 

    Hi huni was wondering how you where doing, its good that its gone up right? 

    Good luck at your scan babes, will be thinking of you today xxxx

  • hi ladies, hopeful, it's a good sign that your levels are rising and not dropping but I'm sure it's no less confusing and distressing for you to not know what's going on  i just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope everything is ok for you. sam94 you're right a line IS a line no matter how fain  an  i hop  it's all ok for you too. good luck an  lots of baby dust to both of you. xxxx

    sarah thinking of you hun, big hugs an  good luck although i know you're not going to need luck a  you are going to be just fine hunni image xxxxxx

  • Ok so anyone who read my post I am

    Deffo not preg and I am having a period . Hopefully next month. There is nothing more then I want to complete my family ! Any tips ?
  • Hi Sam 

    sorry AF got to you huni keeping my fingers crossed for you next month  xxx

  • Sarah how did your scan go? Was everything just perfect image)

    Oh Sam sorry to hear that.. It's really frustrating and I know lots of people say it but when the month you manage to chill and think 'oh if it doesn't happen this time it's okay!' It will happen.. That's what happened with us and our little boy.. I obsessed straight after getting married and then by 6 months I convinced myself it wasn't going to happen and it did.. So fingers crossed for you soon!

    Ours wasn't meant to be this time.. Scan on Sunday still showed no sac/embryo and my bloods had dropped back down into the 200's.. At the start of the week I still had hope but by Sunday I knew it wasn't happening.. Still not entirely sure what went on with me but going to enjoy this year with my hubby and little man and hopefully we will be lucky enough to get pregnant in a few months time..

    I wish you all happy and healthy pregnancies now and in the future xxx
  • Well I did another test 2 days ago and it was positive , went to the doctors today and did 1 there it was - and then he said he wants to see me again on Friday! God it's so frustrating . I have chilled out about it and I do think if it happens it happens. But that's it !
  • Hi hopeful scan was ace saw my little mans heart beating away and i was in floods of tears, after last year it feels so unreal still, i was 2 days out on my dates but she said not to worry as come the 12 wk scan it could change back to my dates lol 

    Im so sorry to hear things have not turned out right for you, have they offered another scan?? or even do more blood tests??

    Sam94 was there a line when the doctors did a test?? have you tested since your last test?? keeping every thing crossed for you huni xx Were the lines dark??

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