Sleep sleep and more sleep

Today I'm 30 weeks and 6 days, and I would say for the last week or sonics been able to sleep for approx 12 - 13 hours at worst! Which is unusual for me pre pregnancy due to my job etc I was always very busy and would find 5-6 hours was enough. Now I can sleep for ages when i am up and about I stay as active as I can I do all the normal household chores and go for walks etc if I get really bored which is something I've continued to throughout my pregnancy but this sleeping more now is like woah! I mean it's 11:50 am and I've only just eaten breakfast! Lol


  • maybe your stocking up lol.

    i am constantly ready for bed and if it wasnt for my 3 dds id probaly sleep most of the day i try and nap between school runs but ive found if i do sleeping at night doesnt go so well!

  • I was exactly the same !! Soon as I finished on mat leave all i did was eat and sleep lol. Do what ur body tells you. U will need all the energy when ur lil one comes image x
  • Sleep? What's sleep lol? Make the most of it hun x

  • Lol well at least it's normal! Haha yes I will try and make the most of it LH86 xxx

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