Feeling confused! Pregnant or not!!

Today I will be 6 days for AF my cycles are regular between 27-28 and I have never in my life been anything other than 1 day late. I have done 3 tests on 1 day after missed AF 3 and again today on day 6 and still getting a BFN I feel like I'm imagining all these symptoms sore breasts espcially my nipples this has never been a PMS symptom for me before back ache, headaches ECT. To make it worse my other half who has a child from a previous relationship has told me even If I am pregnant he is not ready for another child... Feel like I'm going crazy


  • Hi huni

    didnt want to read and run, what tests are you using?

  • aww so sorry your dh isn't being supportive hun, I'd ask the same as sarah, what tests are you using? (for eg clear blue aren't as sensitive as some pink dye tests) I'd recommend using either first response (can be a bit pricey though) or tesco, asda and wilkinson do their own brand of pink dye test and it's around three pounds for two and they've always been really reliable for me. if you're still getting bfn leave it 48 hours before you retest to give the pregnancy hormone hcg a chance to double (if you are pg) then you should get a bfp. some ladies though never get a bfp on home pregnancy tests and only get confirmation through a gp blood test. hope this helps and good luck in getting the result you want hun, keep us posted xxxxx

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