had my booking in appt

It was long... 1hr 10mins. Am high risk again. GoT to pick up prescription tomorrow for 5mg folic acid to take until my 12 week scan.. bit pointless now seeing as im 10weeks. After my 12 week scan im to take aspirin daily. X


  • Hi Samantha 

    I also have been given a higher dose of folic acid i picked it up today, she said i wouldnt need aspirin tho xx

  • I've never heard of taking aspirin when pregnant until a few weeks ago. Is it a newer thing. I'm getting weekly antenatal appts after 20 or 26 weeks, cant remember which. I dnt know when im next seeing midwife, forgot to ask lol xxx
  • wooo finally lol. glad you've finally been sorted hun, i saw my mw for the first time today too, she left my notes blank said fill in what you can and come see  me Tuesday and  we will finish them off! seemed a  bit wierd to me but i suppose i know better first hand and in my own words about most stuff, rather than a second hand version jotted down if that makes sense. I've done most of them now. aspirin ha  been used for years in pregnancy hun, for as long a  i can remember anyway. i think my mum was on it with me and I'm 31, they used to tell you to stop around four weeks pre delivery but now they say to take it until the day of or day before. its good for preventing pre eclampsia aswell as problems with the placenta etc too so is used for lots of different reasons in pregnancy. it sometimes used along side clexane which is what I'll be doing in later pregnancy. hey i wonder if we will have the same scan date!? we have same due date, both saw mw for the first time today, both high risk and on aspirin, wooo can't wait till we  all have had  our scans!!! xxxxx


  • Lol I know. A lot of same dates. Yeah what confuses me is im hogh risk because of pre eclampsia. Not just the normal kind, a really fast acting severe kind which comes out of nowhere. Not worried though was fine in my second pregnancy but they didn't put me on aspirin then. Just hope I'm not allergic to it. Never had it lol xxx
  • Lol that didnt make sense. The confusing thing was they took a lot of care with me last time. Daily urine self tests and weekly bp tests but no aspirin.
  • they asked me to take asprin in 2012 but didnt tell me till 32 weeks i should have been on it from 12 weeks plus! its ment to help with the bleeding after baby is born i think....but not 100% sure, oh wow weekly checks but if its due to pre eclampsia its better to be watched/looked after, did you tell them you have never taken it before and unsure if your allergic or not to it?


  • No but it occurred to me after lol. I was getting bored at this point as it was a load of paperwork. Much more than in fife.

    Weekly appts are going to be a pain in the neck tbh. Its too far to the surgery. On the plus side though on the days I am working it will fit in after work.

    Im just going to have to see if I am allergic to aspirin but I can see it being beneficial to my overall health if I am honest. My circulation is rubbish and thinner blood might do wonders.

    Are u going to be on aspirin this time huni? Xxx
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