Help.. Flu jab, should I get it???

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and my doctors have offered me the flu jab, I have heard mixed reviews from family. I was just looking for some advise? Thanks in advance :0)


  • I to dont know if to have it or not, they say it can protect bubba for 3 months after he or she is born which is handy as bubba is due end of october i dont know what to do tho x

  • I had it last winter. Baby is due in May but they came round at work as i worked for the NHS and they said i should have it as wouls pertect me and baby.

    Tbh i ended up with a cold a few weeks after and then another one not long back! But this was first time havig it and before i was pregnant i would get ill once a year which fell in winter and would always have a bad flu and it wasnt bad this time.

    Speak to your midwife and see what she says but mine asked me if i had had it yet when i first seen her so i think they like you too as well xx
  • I don't normally get the flu shot, as I am very healthy and not normally in a high risk category. However, I found out I was pregnant in November and did get the flu shot. People told me I'd end up getting sick from it, but I didn't. In the end I'm happy I got the flu shot. I believe it was in the best interest of my baby image
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