Anyone had a car accident early pregnancy?

Hi girls. 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and someone went into the back of my car this morning image the impact was only slight and there was no damage to my car but naturally I was shaken up and worried about my little bean. I called the clinic they said there is nothing they can do but they are sure its completely fine. 

Anyone else had this happen? Xx


  • No but in my infinite googling I had seen plenty of examples where they have used car accidents to show how resilient pregnancy can be.

    On the plus side the biggest risks with the car accident is from impact to test bump and placental abruption.

    Your wee one is far too cushioned atm and far too small to have got hurt xxx im sure your fine image xxx
  • Oooo I just remembered. I do have experience. I was fine. About 6 months gone my ex drove into the back of someone cos he was watching the roundabout instead of the car infront xxx doh.

    Also I get big jolts from busses all the time, and I fell on my bottom in my last pregnancy. Only from squatting anyway but we were fine image
  • (My oldest is 11 lol, thats how I forgot)
  • Thanks Samantha! Such a worrier I am already, just added to it!! Xx 

  • Hope you're ok hun , it's natural to worry , bumped my bump really hard at 16 weeks on a tesco trolley - it got caught in the grate outside n toppled over , wasn't expecting it n bashed into it , rang mw n said to go to drop in clinic where they listened to hb , but as samantha said your little bean is well protected in there , sure all will be fine but take it easy for the rest of the day if you can x x ps also I fell over a 5 bar gate ... had already climbed over it ... went over it backwards when pg with ds n he was fine , shook me up but he was fine x x 

  • omg levi are you ok!? what an ass!!! some people must get their licenses out  of cornflake boxes, seriously!!!  I'm sure all will be fine with your bean hunni but I can imagine you were very shaken up and naturally worried.  big hugs to you hun xxxx

  • thanks evemum and keepthefaith, i am fine, managed to get through that day checking in the loo all day image did an internet cheapie this morning helps me feel more confident! it was dark which was good. Hope you pregnant ladies are doing well !!xx

  • glad you're ok levi. i am so very much looking forward to your scan on the ninth of april hun. in need of some good news image how are you.feeling now hunni xxxxx

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