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Yesterday we had our 20 week scan. It was mind-blowing!! The sonographer showed us each and every part, explaining what everything was that we could see and everything looked so perfect! We saw the baby’s arms, legs, hand waving at us, saw the baby stretch it’s legs out full length and also yawn! We saw the baby’s face too which was amazing! The man tried to get a measurement of the head circumference and the baby was refusing to budge. He said we might have to go and take a walk around and come back but he would try and tilt the bed first to see if it got the baby moving. It didn’t and he went and got his colleague. In the meantime I laid and just shook my tummy and when the lady and the gent came back in, the baby had moved.

I cannot believe that we made a tiny little human who looks so wonderfully perfect! The baby was laid on it’s side with its back towards the scan and with it’s head down and bum up. I laughed afterwards and said to hubby “It’s definitely a biker then being head down and bum up!” (Hubby owns a motorbike and I go pillion) We walked back home, I think a bit in awe and so pleased that all is ok with the baby. The next time we will see him/her will be when they arrive and are our arms! Scary thought it some ways but it’s great to be on a countdown now!


  • Ahhh glad all went well image

    Its nice of them to go through everything and show you step by step. The lady at my 12 week did that but the one at my 20 week was so mardy and quiet she didnt go through anything with us and i had to ask if baby was ok as she didnt say.

    Countdown begins! It will soon fly by. Im already 32 weeks on Friday x
  • You going to upload a photo of the scan?
  • Ur babies will soon b here then the time really flies, lex is almost 2 months old! X

  • wow, aww that's brilliant news hun. so pleased everything is ok. there's no feeling like it is there, so wonderful. enjoy being on cloud nine hun image and let the countdown begin image xxxxx

  • LH, can't believe Laxi is 2 months already!

    Haleigh, I'm not uploading a scan photo as hubby and I are keeping our scan photos quite privte - Hope You aren't offended x

    Keepthefaith - We are now looking at what we have left to buy and tbh, it's not much - a changing mat and a teddy and some formula milk was all we could think of! We already have a carseat, pram, cot, moses basket, chest of drawers, brightstarts rocker, clothes, bottles, bath etc etc lol

  • oooh how EXCITING!! i love it when it all falls into place!! eeek what pram did you go for hun? I'm a bit of a pram-aholic!!! image xxx

  • Noooo course not image its completely fine hun image x
  • Keep, we went for a hauck viper. Being kicked from baby w as i type. Even pulled my top up today and said "do you mind" to the baby lol

  • ooooh good choice!!! image i had 11 prams with my first, i just love em lol. ahhhh mayb  you have a future footballer in there!!! they are obviously confusing your bladder with a football though hehe. xxxxx

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