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**** Thurs 3rd Tri ****

Morning all, I'm wide awake at a stupid time thanks to my cough and cold. Not much to report really, no plans for today whilst i try to get over my cold, it's really draining! I get out of breath just walking up the stairs let alone doing much else. I'm starting to sound like a broken record now. I saw a friend yesterday and she said "not another cold?!" Yep, ANOTHER cold :-( 

Anyway enough of me feeling sorry for myself, hope everyone else is okay. 


  • Morning! Just thought I'd say hi since I'm up feeding. Hope you can take it easy today and your cold gets better :-)

  • Morning WG I've got rid of my cold now but still got a cough which is worse in the mornings and at night, so annoying! Hope you feel better soon x

    Barefoot hope you're getting on ok x

    AFM not much to report, been a manic week at work again. Got midwife and whooping cough tomorrow but not much else yo report baby wise.

    Hope everyone's ok x

  • Morning

    Wg poor you it seems one long ongoing illness, take it easy

    Mrs L I had whooping cough injection yesterday, probably in minority as lots of people say they feel crap after but not even a sore arm here Laugh hope they gave me the right thing

    Posted late yesterday but basically mw now seeing me every 2 weeks due to headaches and visual disturbances, baby head down but vvvv early and will no doubt move, it a steriliser yesterday from another friend which is less hassle than going to buy one.

    Finally drove my new car yesterday, decided to be brave as have been avoiding it Laugh

    Heavy rain here today AGAIN!! Off to soft play in a bit

    Take care x

  • Rf Hopefully I won't feel crap after whooping cough I've just started to feel better after this cold! Fingers crossed. Enjoy soft play x

  • Morning all,

    WG - sorry you are feeling rubbish. Hope the cold clears off soon.

    BF - hello hope things are going well!

    MrsL - good luck for your appointment tomorrow. My arm ached for a day or two but otherwise it was fine.

    RF - sounds like the MW is looking after you well. Enjoy soft play!

    AFM - got my H's 30th pressies all finished and wrapped yesterday (doing 30 presents) apart from his cake which I'll get nearer the date. As its just over 2 weeks away I wanted to be sorted before baby arrives! Got some banners and bunting to put up too. He thinks his birthday will be on the back burner with baby only just arriving but I'm hoping this will make it special for him. A gift from baby will also have to be last minute/late as I want it to be something personalised! I definitely did too much though as last night I could hardly walk. My lower back has started hurting. Used a wheat bag and it did give me some relief though. Today I think I'm going to have a chilled one.

    Hello to those that follow! X

  • Hey BF, nice to 'see' you. How is everything going?

    MrsL - fingers crossed your manic week at work eases a little today, nearly the weekend! Hope MW appointment goes well tomorrow, and the whooping cough jab.

    RF - it's good that your MW is keeping an eye on you, are you getting the headaches often?

    Browny - blimey, did you wrap 30 presents?? That's dedication hehe. I'm sure he'll really appreciate it especially if he thinks you're not bothering too much what with baby arriving and everything. Take it easy today.

    Well, I think I managed to get back to sleep briefly. I've had quite a productive morning though - have ordered a Poddle Pod and various bits such as a new bottle brush and the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer. I'm not going to lug a big Thermos flask around with me this time! I've also had a look at what activities we can book for our trip to Center Parcs in December. I'm sooo excited!

  • Browny what a fab idea re the presents, what kind of things did u get? Are they themed?

    Wg - headaches maybe a few times a week, stars/spotty/blurred vision maybe every few weeks and then fainted last week. But all bloods, urine, blood pressure always fine. Gp said likely hormonal migraines (always right sided headache and facial numbness which us like a migraine), hope to god they go after the birth Weep, mw said that will see her fortnightly as wasn't due back till 34 weeks but said if I see her fortnightly and go to drop in mw if I have concerns in mean time. Next headache she wants me to go to the day unit Weep, when are u going to centreparcs in dec? I want to do something over new year and have been looking at lodges, need to get sorted. Looked at cp but because we are restricted to school holidays it's so expensive :-(

  • Morning.

    WG glad you got a little more sleep. Maybe with all these colds your baby's going to have an amazing immune system and will hardly get poorly?! That does sound productive. I love ordering stuff as you can get loads done without moving and quickly! How exciting about centre PARC's. We went January and I really enjoyed it. I want to take baby there before I go back to work but I'm not sure if h will go asit was after k passed away. Me and my sister did cupcake decorating which was fun and I never bake, archery, one of the high wire things and bowling as well as using the pool of course! We also did a spa afternoon using the different saunas and steam rooms. Which one are you going to?

    Hi bf hope everything is going well.

    Mrs l how many weeks are you now? My arm felt bruised for a couple of days and that was it so hopefully it won't hurt.

    Rf enjoy soft play! Its great when friends have bits to give you isn't it? At least if you have to see midwife every 2 weeks you will get to hear baby's heartbeat. I hope they stay head down!

    Browny that's sounds like a very good idea being organised! Hope your back eases and wheatie does the job for you. I think I would struggle finding 30 presents for h, they would end up being mainly toys!

    Didn't do half the stuff I wanted to yesterday, one of my school things took much longer and then we ended up sorting out pics of k and saving them on a memory stick. Hoping to finish my school stuff today and pack my hospital bag. I printed out a birth plan and everything is in a pile I've just got to put it in a bag although I'm going to wait until my h is up, yes he's still asleep!, do he knows where everything is.

  • RF - I had awful headaches in 1st tri, not with the vision stuff though. I ended up having acupuncture which really helped. They're awful so you really do sympathise. We're going to CP for my birthday on 12th Dec, it is pricey but I thought being a 'special' birthday we should splash out a little!

    Bunny - I like to think baby is going to have an amazing immune system! I'll be glad to get mine back anyway! Online shopping is the best, I do most stuff on there now. It's just much easier, especially when I've not felt up to traipsing around the shops. I'm not sure we'll do many of the sporty activities at CP, we'll probably go swimming as F loves it and maybe a festive activity but other than that I think we'll be quite happy pottering about. We're going to Elveden Forest - we're complete CP virgins!

  • WG - yep I wrapped 30 presents lol. I love wrapping presents so I didn't mind it was just my back/hips that did! Sounds like you have been busy! Centre parks sounds like fun!

    RF - I've got him all sorts - some random stuff, some cheapo stuff like deodorant, shower gel etc but managed to get quite a few things he'll like/want. Big presents I've got him a tie clip, wallet and a posh pen. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to be honest! The postman loves me lol!

    Bunny - sounds like you are getting organised! I found things felt much more real when I packed my hospital bag but it made me want baby to come right away as I was ready lol.

  • Browny - its my H 30th birthday the week after our due date so need to pull my finger out and get organised incase baby is here or isnt as i wont want to rush out then either way. he wants a ps4 so will get him that and a few other little bits, what have you got your h?

    WG - sounds like you ahve been prodcutive. Ive always wanted to go to Centreparcs but never made it!

    Bunny - im 31 weeks tomorrow, time is scarily flying by! You sound like you're pretty organised and ready to go!

    AFM - just called the hosp where they found out I had a blood disorder who were very unhelpful, id called them to ask a second opinion on what my local hospital have advised. they basically said as i havent travelled up to see them in so long they wont be able to help until after the baby is born. anyway i called my mum as she is under the same hospital to let her know what they said and she has called them to compain in a right huff and they have offered me an appointment next wendesday now (!!) im annoyed with her tho, im 28 years old, not a baby and dont need her complaining about me"

    Dont think im going to bother going to the appointment as its at least a 2 hour commute and i have a breastfeeding workshop the following day so need half a day off for that so will be hard to get the time off work at such short notice, especially if im not going there to have the baby im not sure how helpful it will be anyway.

    Sorry ladies rant over!

  • Wow, busy today!!

    WG: What a pain about your cold, hope it goes very soon

    BF: Hope all is going well

    MrsL: Hope your cough goes soon. I didn't find the whooping cough too bad but I would recommend having it in your left arm if you're right handed as mine ached for about a week after.Sounds a bit complicated with your mum & the hospital. If you don't feel you need the appointment I would just cancel it.

    RF: Hope the rain goes away soon, being stuck inside is no fun. Also hope the headaches are nothing serious. But best for them to keep an extra eye on you.

    Browny: You sound very organised for your H's birthday, make sure you take it easy today.

    Bunny: You sound very organised. I haven't even thought about hospital bag although I'm getting my hubby to print off my birth plan ready to show the mw in 2 weeks. Hope you get everything you want done. I still haven't started any school work, whoops!

    AFM: Pumpkin is so wriggly. All of a sudden I can feel him moving loads, sometimes it even takes my breath away. Isobelle is also coming round to the idea of him as she puts cream on my bump & even kissed it last night. Met up with a neighbour this morning who's baby is only 8 weeks old, it was lovely having a hold but she's having a lot of trouble with possibly colic/reflex & made me realise how easy I had it last time which always makes me worry that this time is gonna be far harder!!! Off to get my hair coloured shortly then a friend is coming round to drop off the Moby I'm buying from her. Better get tidying up as I've felt really tired recently so the house is a tip.

    Hi to anyone who makes it on later than me! x

  • Hospital bag is now packed! I've sorted one folder for school, now onto the other.

    WG that's where we went it was lovely.

    Browny I've been feeling like that for a couple of weeks, I'm getting very impatient!

    Mrs l that's annoying that they won't help. Hope you can cancel the appointment easily if you can't go.

    Bk enjoy having your hair done. Hopefully baby won't be difficult! At least they will be strong by the sounds of the movements! That's good that I is coming around to the baby.

  • Browny - I'm not surprised your back/hips hurt! Hope they've eased a little today.

    MrsL - that's really frustrating about the hospital. Cancel the appointment if you don't feel it's going to help at this stage. Your mum probably just thought she was trying to help but I can understand why you feel the way you do. It sounds like something my mum would do too!

    BK - great to hear Pumpkin is really wriggly. I've been getting some weird movements today!

    Bunny - yay to the hospital bag being packed! Mine's almost done and baby's is done but all her clothes are going to be mega creased up when the time comes. Nevermind.

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