*****Friday 2nd tri *****


today im glad its friday lol...its been a long week. Hopefully getting christmas decs up today too.. otherwise all is fine x x


  • Hi ABC, enjoy putting up the decorations

    We are off to my mum's for the night as some friends are home from Oz for Christmas and we are going to meet up with them. They've never met M so it'll be lovely to introduce them. I'm fine pregnancy wise, just tired as usual.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok, CC hope you are ok as you can be being home xx

  • Morning ladies.

    Abc, woop to it being Friday! Enjoy decorating.

    Weekender, sounds like you have a lovely evening planned, enjoy.

    Afm, baby swimming this afternoon, and despite only being 14 weeks I can barely get in my swimming costume, so my mission this morning is to find something maternity, with enough boob support to drag my 32h boobies off my knees and a bit closer to my chest! Wish me luck!

    Hugs to cc if you're reading. X

  • Abc I hope you have fun putting up the decs :)

    Weekender -I hope you have a lovely time tonight

    SG - I hope you find a nice swimming costume and have fun :)

    Afm managed to get some sleep last night, thanks for thinking of me :) I have midwifes coming round to check on me today and hopefully it's going to be the midwife and student that was with me all day Wednesday she said she would do hopefully she can.

  • Morning,

    ABC- Me too! Enjoy putting the christmas decs up :)

    Weekender- Sounds like a nice day planned. When was the last time you saw them?

    SG- Haha, good luck! I am sure you will find one. Enjoy the swimming.

    CC- Glad you managed to get some sleep. Hope it goes ok with the midwives. Have been thinking of you.

    AFM- Had a good nights sleep last night. Out with work for an xmas meal but I don't want to go lol. Tomorrow my brother and SIL are down with my nieces and new newphew, I have only seen him once when he was first born (at 30 weeks) so really looking forward to that. Sunday we have friends over for dinner.

    Pregnancy wise all ok, had lots of kicks most of yesterday.

  • Morning all,

    ABC - I love putting the decs up...enjoy!

    WE - sounds like it's going to be a lovely visit!

    SG - Hope you find something! I inherited an awful brown and pink one and can't face putting it on!! I've still not exercised since getting pregnant. Oops!

    CC - you've been on mind so much. Glad you've managed to sleep. Big hugs xxxx

    Bertie - sounds like a busy weekend and it's good you've started it off with a good sleep! Enjoy the niece and nephew time!

    AFM - up to high doe as I'm PP for Missdeedee and her waters have broken this morning....she's due Jan 7th!! Eeeek! I'm going to be on tender hooks all day. Otherwise all grand. Mega busy weekend planned but all of it involving lovely activities, friends and eating so not too much of a hardship!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Bertie, I've not seen them in 5.5years :) I'm so looking forward to it! Your weekend sounds lovely, enjoy x

    SG, enjoy swimming, good luck in swimsuit hunt!

    CC, nice to "see" you, glad you got some sleep and hope the midwife that comes out is the one from Wednesday. You've been in my thoughts often x

    SP, your weekend sounds lovely too, I love busy weekends catching up with friends and eating is always good Laugh

  • Morning ladies.  I have been MIA for a couple of weeks and suddenly I find myself in 2nd tri!

    ABC - Amen to it being Friday!  Enjoy decking the halls!

    Weekender - sounds like a lovely evening, have a good time :)

    SG - good luck with the shopping!

    CC - so glad you slept, I've been thinking of you. Hope you're doing ok xx

    Bertie - sounds like a good weekend but I can sympathise with the not wanting to go out ha!  Yay for lots of kicks :)

    Sweetpea - sounds fab especially the eating nom nom!   Hope all goes well for MissDeeDee

    AFM - Nothing to report pregnancy wise.  In the midst of having our kitchen done at the moment so it's a bit chaotic at the mo

  • Hiiiiii VT and welcome to 2nd tri! Sadly I'm about to leave you for 3rd tri but I shall hopefully enjoy your company for a few days! We were mid kitchen this time last year so you have my sympathies - is a full new kitchen? It's the washing dishes in the bathroom I hate the most!! Hope you are coping and have lots of meals out planned!

  • CC, been thinking of you. Glad your home and everyone's a still looking after you xx

    Bit behind and on my phone so can't really do personals, but welcome to second tri VonTrapp! Sweetpea, can't believe you're off so soon, although just realised I'll be heading over in the new year which I feel like will come round in no time at all!

    I went out last night, didn't get home till 12.30 and did not appreciate the alarm going off at 6.30 this morning! Really need to pace myself over the Christmas period with various work night out and things, definitely won't be doing 3 late ones in a row like last year!

    Baby-wise I know last week I was saying I hadn't really felt much but she's definitely made up for it over the last few days. I've been getting proper kicks in the evening in bed, and lots of wriggles during the day which is lovely. Hope everyone is having good Fridays!

  • ABC, enjoy decorating!

    Weekender, sounds wonderful, I love when far away friends come for a visit.

    SG, good luck shopping - would a tankini from bravissimo work?  Only place I can think of..

    CC, I don't think I even have words, I'm just heartbroken for you and can't imagine how you're feeling.  I'm glad you're being looked after, though.  

    Bertie, I'm so jealous of your night's sleep!

    SP, so exciting about missdeedee, and I don't even know who she is!

    Hiya VT, it's nice to have you here.  When do you get your kitchen back, will you share us some photos? I'm a huge fan of renovating/redecorating and love to have a nosey at other peoples' houses ;)

    Flossy,  sounds lovely with all the movement.  

    AFM... the insomnia thing I've heard about has kicked in.  I'm so not used to this - I usually sleep like the dead, but for the last 3 or so nights I have had so much trouble falling asleep only to wake up at 3 or 5 am and not be able to fall back to sleep until H's alarm goes off.  And then of course Wispa won't let me go back to sleep because she wants her morning walk :(  I'm feeling a bit 'woe is me' when I know I should really just suck it up.  This time next week I'll be back in the UK!  I did not expect to miss it so much, but we went out to a British pub last night (The Frog and Rosbif hahaha) and I had fish and chips and it just made me want to be back there.

  • Hey

    weekender have fun this evening with your friends

    spikey hope swimming was good i take L on saturdays think i need to get new costume soon too x

    cc been thinking of you...glad to see you around x

    bertie hope you have a nice weekend sounds busy x

    Sweetpea have a nice weekend too

    von trapp welcome to 2 nd tri x

    flossy and wispa hope you both manage to sleep better tonight x
  • Thanks Ladies, Like reading your messages even if I am not saying anything back :) I am glad your all doing well :)

    I am doing okay tonight had a good chat with my mum tonight, and going to announce his birth on fb tomorrow too just let everyone that's not family know about him...

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and will keep popping in too see how everyone is getting on if you don't mind :) xx lots of love to everyone and bumps!

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