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****Monday 1st Tri****

Good morning! 

How is everyone? Didn't make it back on over the weekend but big hugs to Bunny and TRF for yesterday x

Well today is the big day - I have my nuchal scan at lunchtime. LO has swimming first thing then it'll be home for a quick shower before mum comes over to look after F. It's only a few weeks since our private scan but I'm feeling really quite nervous about the actual scan and also being able to tell people. 

Will try to get back on later to update. Have a good day all. 


  • Morning. Hope everyone is feeling well this morning.

    Thank you WG. Good luck for your scan later! Its always nice to see baby wriggling around.

    Not much to report. My tummy seems to be getting a bit rounder and more firmer this last week, definitely turning into more of a bump than being squishy fat! Only 2 days of work this week, so hoping that they go quickly so I can get the CVS done Wednesday and move forward to the next step in this pregnancy.

  • Hi Everyone

    I wasn't able to get back on either but hope everyone had a good weekend. Hugs to Bunny and RF xx

    WG - good luck for your scan, only a few hours left! Come back and update us if you can.

    Bunny - Hope this week goes quickly for you. What time is it on Wednesday?

    Had a good but busy weekend. Felt really special yesterday as I got a card from a friend and from the baby (it's so clever!). Technically I'm now in the second trimester but might hang around for a few more days, feels surreal that I'm here already.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • WG - good luck for the scan today, be sure to let us know how you get on!

    Bunny - I'm definatley still squishy fat haha! Though I can't breathe in as much..Hoping time flies by to Weds for you (as well as me.. see below!)

    PP what a clever baby! GHlad you had a good weekend, I don't think you have to move up to 2nd tri till 14wks actually so you're good for a bit, but I think it's also whenever you feel ready. Did you ahve your scan already and started telling people?

    AFM, a lovely weekend but very busy and I'm knackered! A busy work week ahead but also and much more imporantly I have my scan on Weds morning, which I feel both giddy with excitement about and absolutley cacking it!!

  • Afternoon!

    WG - Hope the scan goes well. xx

    Bunny - I hope all is well on wed, My tummy is definitely getting rounder too! Thank goodness I can start telling people soon as its getting harder hide!

    PP - That's so lovely of your friend to do that :)

    M - Good luck for Wednesday too! What time is your scan?

    AFM - I was VW World yesterday,  a big shoe for vw campers, beetles etc. PiL have 2 and we're currently designing the interior of one so it was great to get some ideas. Back at work today, another long week ahead. Only 5 days until my best friends wedding! So excited! xx

  • Bunny - I'm with you on the whole furming of the tummy thing. Mine is definitely rounder and firmer! I think I'm gonna be huge...

    PP - how lovely to get a card from bump. 2nd tri, hey? Comes round quick, doesn't it!

    Maltesers - not long to wait until your scan now!

    Boo - sounds like you had a good weekend. On propper wedding countdown now!

    I'm back from my scan. All was well with baby but they've referred me to see a consultant just to check a cyst I have on my right ovary. I'm sure they picked up the same thing with my last pregnancy but they never seemed bothered by it then. I'm sure it's fine but feeling a little anxious about it. I have an appoinment at the end of April for them to check it. They also moved me forward a few days to exactly 12 weeks.

  • Pp its at 9:40am so at least we don't have to wait around. You are welcome stay in 1st tri for as long as you want!

    Malteasers not long until your scan! At least if you have a busy week it should go quickly.

    Boo sounds like fun designing the inside! Not long until you get to wear the bridesmaid dress.

    WG that's great that everything is fine with baby, we are no longer date buddies now your 12 weeks! I'm sure the appointment will be fine and that they are just being cautious.

  • WG congratulations on the scan again! x

    Boo VW show sounds awesome!!

    Bunny my scan is 8.30am on Weds.. hopefully no delays that early but it will be a struggle getting up and out earlier than normal (I don't usually have to leave my house till about 8.40am!

  • Maltesers - you're right, I can hang around a bit longer! We haven't officially told people yet but am planning on telling work either this week or next. Good luck for your scan Wednesday, good that it's early.

    Boo - that sounds so much fun! Would be really cool to design the inside.

    WG - glad the scan went well, I've replied to your other thread.

    Bunny - lots of scans on Wednesday, good that you don't have to wait around for it.
  • A quick hi to everyone, bit too late to write personals (never sure if anyone will read them this late!)

    Glad the scan went well WG (the main reason I came on!) hope the cyst is nothing to worry about.

    If I don't get back on till Wed (which is quite possible as I only got home from work at 6.45, slept on the sofa for 30 mins, cooked some noodles, got rid of a spider & am about to go to bed!!) good luck Bunny, hope the CVS goes well & good luck with your scan Malteaser x x

  • Thanks ladies. I'm glad they're going to monitor the cyst rather than just ignoring it but will feel a bit better (hopefully!) after the consultant sppoinment I think x

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