****TFI Friday 2nd tri****

Hi guys

Sorry I've not been on for a few days...my Mum had an op on Wednesday but she's had a few problems since with bleeding and v low blood pressure. They fixed the bleed yesterday but blood pressure is still an issue so rather than coming home today as hoped she's still confined to a bed in hospital until a cause is found and it is stabilised. Have been so worried :'( Otherwise all fine here with baby, who has started to be v active, esp at bedtime! Lovely :-) Shall try to pop back late


  • Morning coco, sorry to hear about your mum, must be very worrying. I hope she continues to improve. Have a lovely day.

    I'm going to the consultant today, I think because of a colposcopy I had years ago, but no one seems too sure. But I get a  lie in which is nice!

  • Morning,

    Coco really hope your mum is out asap. Good news the bleeding has stopped though and I imagine the bp will stabilise soon. Fingers crossed and lots of hugs.

    Raincloud - Good luck at your consultant appointment. Hopefully they can give you an idea as to why you're there too??

    AFM - going to see my Gran this weekend so I'm in a very good mood. I haven't seen her since I was very newly pregnant in early December so she's excited to see the bump. Should be buying our pram too! Probably wont get back on today but will aim to get on at the weekend for once.

    Hi to those that follow and happy friday!

  • Morning all!

    Coco - lots of vibes and love to your mum, fx the problems are rectified and she is out soon

    RC - Good luck with consultant!

    Jonesy - Sounds like a lovely wkend, good luck pram buying!

    AFM - ive had a rotten cold & cough this week & spent the majority feeling very sorry for myself! Took a few days off work but back now. Cant believe im 18 weeks, almost half way!

    Put house up for sale on Wed and have 4 viewings arranged so far so all looking positive. Spoke to our builder about getting a bigger detached house on a corner site in our development which would be fabulous as we could later extend to include a sunroom, 4the bedroom etc (if our family grows after this!). FX it all comes through!

    Hi to all who follow - Happy Friday!

  • Raincloud - hope your appointment goes well and that you enjoyed your lay in!

    Jonesy - Aww sounds like you've a fab one planned! Enjoy seeing your Nan and pram shopping...what are you going for?

    Sas - Hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck with the viewings this weekend, and really hope the builder can come up with what you want :-)

    Well just taken O for a payday breakfast and to do a spot of birthday shopping for him...still can't believe my baby is nearly 2! :O

  • Jonsey have a lovely time at your granny's. hope pram shopping goes well.

    Sasasi- exciting news about the house, great that you have viewings already.

    Enjoy the birthday shopping coco.

    AFM consultant was fine. They needed to see me as they had no notes about a colposcopy done 9/10 yrs ago. This is because it was done in a different hospital. Once I described the treatment I'd had they decided I was low risk and no need to see consultant again so all good. Back to work now!

  • Hello all. Sorry not been here for ages but things have been difficult with a fair bit of stress and upset, and I didn't have the energy to reply to everyone, and didn't want to upset anyone by just saying Hi and nothing else.

    Coco, sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope she makes a good recovery now.

    Raincloud, nice to hear you're still low risk. Bet that's a relief?

    Jonesy, did you get the pram? Which one? Hope you had a good time with your gran :-)

    SaSaSi, good news about the house, and hope your cold gets better soon.

    Happy weekend to all x

  • Raincloud - fab news re:being low risk :-)

    BF - Sorry to hear you've had a tough time, hope things are better now but remember we're here if you need to vent etc x

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