****Thursday 1st tri ****


seems there is hardly any of us left here. Need some new recruits lol x

Saw my nephew yesterday still very cute lol and went for coffee and cake.

Today its raining again :( so day in most likely. Im 11weeks today though x


  • Morning!

    Abc, sounds like you had a nice day yesterday, especially with the nephew cuddles. There really are hardly any of us, I think 1st tri is the one you're in the least time as you don't know you're pregnant for the first 3-4 weeks, then don't quite dare acknowledge it for a little bit after that.

    Nothing exciting to report from me. I'm feeling pretty sick most of the time, which isn't great, and I'm tired this morning too as J's been up since 5am. Yawn. On the plus side, the sun is shining here - I'm stuck in the office so can't really make the most of it, but it's still nicer than rain!

  • Morning ladies :) yes we are very quiet hopefully get some new ladies soon!

    Yay I am in my 11th week as well! 11 days to my scan can't wait! My indigestion and sickness has returned was sure ring terribly last night, I actually told H I was going to die lol! It's a little joke between us that when I am ill I tell him I am dying lol!

    Hope everyone has a nice day today :)

  • Hi, potential Newbie here! Hope I am in the right place!

    I have been off the pill since myself and my now husband got married 6 weeks ago and this morning I got a BFP! Clearblue test is saying I am 2-3 weeks pregnant! As I was on cerazette before and didn't have periods for a long long time how do I calculate my due date/how far along I am?! The Clearblue leaflet says add 2 weeks to their conception estimate!

  • Morning everyone,

    Nice sunny day here, stuck in the office and can't see the window from my desk so very depressing!

    I've woken up feeling fab today, very strange as I was so sick the last couple of weeks, I'm so so hungry though - can't stop eating!

    Counting down til my scan on 1st November, my early scan put my dates back a week though so I've got a feeling my scan will have to move back too.

    Hope you all have good days :)

  • congratulations vix7913, yes add 2 weeks, so possibly 5 weeks pregnant, once you have a 12 week scan they will date you !

    ABC- where are you? we have sunshine today :-)

    Sg- the sickness is good though! how are you coping being pregnant and having a child already, i cant imagine, im a wreck at the moment i can barley function

    CC- what can you take for indegestion?

    SS- you never know its not uncommon for the baby to catch up those weeks and be matching their dates by the 12week scan

    AFM- im a fat bloaty mess, who doesn't sleep, has headaches and nausea, all i do is whinge and moan at H. im sure he is considering moving into his mums for the next 7months !

    im also considering maternity trousers as im fed up of being uncomfortable and my buttons not doing up !

  • Morning Ladies,

    I'm 7 weeks today but i had a question - My Morning Sickness has been soul destroying. from the moment i wake up until i go to bed, all day everyday. Last night i had a proper dinner, I tried to forget i was feeling sick and just ate normally, rather than like dry crackers and bread, and I woke up this morning not feeling sick at all. I've got waves of it coming back now but i wondered, at what point should I worry if my symptoms die down? I still have sore boobs, no cramps and no bleeding so i'm thinking i'm ok but lets face it, for the 8 weeks we're aware we're pregnant in the first tri we spend the entire time over analyzing and stressing. :)

    Midwife sent off a letter a week ago exactly requesting a dating scan at the hopsital and I've not found out yet when my appt is. How long is the wait on average? My sister in london was referred on a monday and had her scan on the friday. Dont know whether or not to call and see if i can find out when it is. Its hard for me to get time off work and I'd like to give them some notice for it.

  • Congrats  Vix - Add 2 weeks normally, I would suggest they would send you for an early dating scan if your confused by your dates... may be worth a trip to your GP :)!

    SS - Hopefully you will catch up and be matching at 12 weeks :)

    Monnie - I just take Tesco own indigestion tablets - like rennie's but cheaper haha! They sometimes work sometimes don't..

    Sorry your feeling pants I am sure H will understand!

    Wishful - I would give them a call just too see if they have received it or not :)

  • Hi everyone!  It's true, it's been quieter recently.  I think it's just more down to one or two prolific posters moving on to 2nd tri, though, so hopefully we'll get some new recruits as well (like Vix!)

    ABC, I'm jealous of your nephew cuddles, my nephews live in the states :( :(

    CC, hope the sickness eases up for you!

    Vix, I think unless you were tracking ovulation your best bet would be to estimate that you're 4-5 weeks.  However, CBD tests aren't entirely accurate.  I had 2-3 weeks when I was 27 dpo, meaning I was a day shy of 6 weeks pregnant!  I suppose you will tell your midwife that you don't know how far you are because you got pg right off bc.  They might estimate based on your test, but i doubt it.  They will no doubt have another way of estimating, and will go on that, and if it turns out you're not as far along as they think you are and accidentally book your scan too early, they can give you a later scan afterwards.  You'll be strictly dated at your 12-wk scan, though.  And if you're impatient and want to know earlier you can always ask for a dating scan I suppose.

    SS, how far did your scan push you back?  

    Monnie, I've been contemplating mat jeans, too.  I feel ridiculous for thinking about it, but they just look so comfy!

    Wishful, is the dating scan not the 12 week scan?  Or are you having an earlier scan, too?  I was referred to the hospital for my 12-week scan by my GP when I went in at first.  I got the letter in the post with the date less than a week later, but the scan isn't until 22 November, so I knew quite a ways in advance.  Hopefully they give you plenty of notice.

    I'm getting more and more waves of queasiness, but it's not really bad.  Still just more tired than anything.  And thirsty.  I'm also now addicted to pear nectar.  It's amazing.  Anthony thinks it looks disgusting, though!

  • Wispa/CC - I called up the hospital. I have an appt next friday at 9.40am. The only appt available in the next month but its a rubbish time for a full time worker. Havent told my boss yet but will go run it past him in a minute. I'm having an early scan as i have long irregular cycles. it said on the midwifes form "cycle length" and i filled in a "?". I'm 99% sure I know when i ovulated (dont most TTCers) and the clear blue test matched that but she wants to send me for a dating scan just to be sure. Fine by me really, it'll be nice to know if everythings looking good so far.

  • Monnie my nan bought me some maternity trousers at the weekend, I accepted them gratefully and thought I won't be needing those for a while, tried them on and omg they are amazing! I am living in them at home at the moment and want to get some more so go for it with your jeans!

    Wishful I had the same when I had a roast dinner at the inlaws, I struggled to keep anything down previously, but that dinner made me feel so much better so I wouldn't worry about losing symptoms. I think they can come in waves :)

    It would be great if I could catch up ready for 12 weeks. The sonographer put me back by 9 days so not a great amount. If I go for my 12 week scan and the baby is still only 11 weeks will they be able to check everything they need to?

  • Hi im on my phone so hi to everyone :) yeah to new poster vic....im unsure of my dates too but i have been dated by midwifes at 11 weeks today. Got scan next wed. Im in Scotland girls hence the rain.... give it a month or so ill be complaining about snow lol x

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