****Tuesday 3rd tri*****

I cant see a thread started

hope everyon is ok & lots of babies arriving soon :)


AFM - im ok. Twinklet is in some really akwarward positions at the moment which is making me really uncomfrotable. doesnt bode well for labour haha. hopefully she's spinning round though so when i go on thursday she'll be the right way round :)  work is getting hard work so i am glad that i moved my mat leave forward a week and finish a week on Friday. carpel tunnel in both hands is killing me!

hope you all have a nice day x



  • Morning twink. Sorry you're uncomfortable and achey. Hopefully not too much longer for you now. Carpel tunnel is dreadful, I had it with Isla and it's so painful. I do feel for you. Hope the next week and a bit goes quickly for you. Enjoy your day x

    AFM had a lovely afternoon yesterday catching up with an old school friend and she loved playing with Isla. Quiet morning this morning then we may go swimming later. The weather is so unpredictable here at the mo it's hard to know what to do. Hope everyone else enjoys their day

  • Morning Twink! - I couldn't see one either but decided to wait until someone else started it. Haha. Sorry to hear that she's in some uncomfortable positions, fingers crossed for her moving round. Oh and i know carpel tunnel is horrible, i feel for you.

    AFM - My mums coming round later so that we can paint eachothers toe nails, as i am finding it difficult to reach now. I have to have pretty nails for work. Other than that, nothing much planned. Doctor gave me some cream yesterday for the haemorrhoid, think its helping.

    Hope your all okay!

  • Missed you MrsB - I love swimming, enjoy! Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday.

  • Morning Twink

    I didn't realise you were suffering with carpel tunnel, that sounds awful - good idea to bring your ML forward. Hope Twinklet's acrobatics are worth it!

    AFM - bit of a stressful day with my replacement yesterday. She's on secondment to my role but doesn't seem to have stopped doing anything from her last role so she was basically just carrying on with her other job all day yesterday, it was really tough work. Am so tired when I get home from work now, roll on 30th Aug and ML! This is my last full week and only got 14 working days left :)

    Baby out vibes to those who need them!


  • Oops, I am a slow typer...

    MrsB - enjoy swimming later if you make it.

    MS - toenail painting sounds like fun! Glad your cream is helping x

  • Morning all!

    Twink - Not long now thank god. Sounds like you are more than ready to finish now :-)

    Mrs B - Enjoy swimming if you go. Wether is hit and miss here too. Not good for OHs gardening business.

    Mummy S - Ah! That's lovely of your mum! I can still reach my feet but not at the right angle to paint the nails. Got gel on at the moment but it needs a refresh next week. Thanks for reminding me to make the appointment

    Popcorn - She sounds like a nightmare. Is there someone you can speak to?

    AFM - Not much to report. OH felt Sparkels roll while I was asleep and he was hugging me last night. He is properly amazed by it all bless him. Finally got my mat letter but still no word on a replacement while I am off! Only 9 weeks to go inc this one. Doing my head in!

  • Morning gang,

    Twink - sorry you're so uncomfortable but, as you say, hopefully it's all working well and baby wil be the right way round now.

    MrsB - I know what you mean about the weather, seems so hard to plan anything!  

    MS - enjoy your pamper sesh with your mum!

    Pc - how annoying re your cover.  Is she just finishing stuff off, or does she not have cover for her original role?  I agree, roll on 30/8, although I only have 12 days left until then.

    LP - Have they said anything re getting a replacement?

    AFM - so muching for getting loads done yesterday, after a morning at the farm I ended up napping for an hour and half when A napped.  Luckily he did a 3.5 hour nap in total so I managed to get some housework done too.  I started my to do lisg. Today A is at nursery and I have the day to get stuff done, really need to JFDI!

    Bump was very active last night, presumably using my bladder as a punch bag if my 4 loo trips during the night are anything to go by.

    BG 34+4

  • Morning ladies,

    Twink/ hopefully baby will get into a more uncomfortable position soon for you

    MrsB- we have the same problem with the weather here too. One minute it's blue sky, the next torrential rain, I never have any idea what to wear to go outside

    MS I need to get H to paint mine as I can't reach them anymore but keep forgetting to ask him

    PC sounds a bit frustrating about your replacement. Can you casually mention to her that she should take advantage if you being there to learn as much as she can as once you're gone its too late to ask questions

    LP hope work get your cover sorted soon- if not dont worry you won't be there to have to deal with it!!

    AFM baby was really kicking me in the ribs last night, was actually making me jump ! Got an estate agent coming today to value our house so trying to get tidied up before they arrive

    Baby out vibes to pirate wife and sapphire

    JT 29+ 5

  • Hi BG an hour and a half nap sounds like heaven!

  • I have been awake since 4:15 FOR NO GOOD REASON and to top it all I promised my son we would make pancakes for breakfast. I am a walking zombie. Be back later with something more coherent.

  • Morning all.

    I love that there is lots more of us now. Just popping on quickly before we head out the door. Got a long list of diy bits that H has given me to get. Then the girls room will be finally ready. Then hopefully stop somewhere nice for lunch. D slept all night so feeling much better today.

  • Morning all! Quick visit on my phone so no personals but sending baby out vibes to those in need and comfy pillows and stuff to those with discomfort.

    Today my job is to paint the nursery walls. I am very excited about this. However my pelvis has chosen the last few days to really start playing up so I'm also worried about breaking myself! H is away tonight so if I get stuck up a ladder I am there until tomorrow evening!

  • Morning all, lovely to see the thread so busy with all our new graduates from 2nd tri.

    Twink, hope you are more comfortable soon.

    MrsB, enjoy swimming if you go.

    MS, nail painting sounds fun, I can just about still do my own - don't trust H to do a good job!

    Popcorn, that's rubbish about your replacement, have you spoken to anyone about it?

    LP, 9 weeks isn't long at all, hope your replacement gets sorted soon.

    BG, nap sounds fab! Hope you get lots done today.

    Jellytot, good luck with the valuation.

    Daisy, glad you got a good night's sleep, enjoy lunch.

    AFM, planning a nice day of fun stuff with the boys today as we're now on countdown. This morning we are going swimming then to the garden centre to see the pets and have tea and cake in the café. This afternoon, I might brave painting if I move all my washing off the clothes airers first! MW was fine yesterday, all good with baby and all set for preop on Friday next.



  • Argh- my post just got lost :(

    Twink- Sorry you are suffering at the minute. Hope baby has moved in to the right position and you get some relief soon!

    MrsB- Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday. Enjoy today, whatever you decide to do!

    MS- I need to find a toe nail painting buddy! I struggled to do mine over the weekend so don't know how much longer I can try to manage. H has tried before but it wasn't very successful! Looks like I will have to scout someone else out.. Glad the cream is helping.

    Popcorn- Sorry work has been a bit stressful but only 14 days left, you can do it!

    LP- I wish my H was completely in awe of it all. He just doesn't seem as excited as me :( I still get amazed when I feel her kick and move!

    BG- You must have needed the sleep yesterday and the housework will always be there another time! Hope you manage to get a few things organised today.

    JT- Hope the valuation goes well. Naughty baby kicking you in the ribs.

    IDC- You didn't tell us pancakes were on the menu for breakfast! I want pancakes! haha Hope you get some rest today.

    AFM- Had a 2 HOUR nap after work yesterday from 7-9. Then I fell asleep downstairs at about 11.30 and off to bed I popped. Feel so much better today! Think I might try and book the rest of the week off work this week. I was saving my last 3 days hoping we could have a trip down south but with H starting work with his dad next month and trying to get out finances straight before baby is here it just doesn't seem to be a go-er.

  • Daisy- Glad you are feeling better this morning and have a nice lunch! Nice to know that the girls room is nearly finished.

    TT- Don't get stuck up the ladder and be careful! I don't think I would trust myself at the minute. I'm clumsy at the best of times but pregnancy seems to have made it 10x worse! What colour are you painting?

    Margot- Sounds like you have a lovely day planned with the boys, definitely get all the washing clear of any possible paint mishaps! Glad you have got the all clear from the MW.

    I've just had a complete moment of excitement that it isn't long until we get to meet baby :)

  • Morning all

    Twink-I hope the baby has turned now after all that activity.

    MrsB- hope you enjoy your day, its horrible not being able to plan anything witht the weather

    MummyS- glad the doctor gave you something to help, sounds a nice afternoon I love painting my nails

    Popcorn- not long until mat leave now , it will fly by!

    LP- I think it must be really weird for OH to feel

    BG- glad you've started a list, once you make a start you will fly through it

    JT- hope the estate agent gives you the valuation you want

    IDC- make pancakes then a nap!

    Daisy- have a lovely day

    TT-be very careful up that ladder, take it easy I couldnt walk for 2 days after painting the nursery

    Margot-have a fab day, preop next week eekkkk

    Samjh87-wow you obviously needed a good sleep, hope you feel better for it today

    AFM 36+6 today midwife this afternoon, hospital bag still on my to do list (like everyday for the last week oops). Hope everyone has a good day

  • Painting aborted :( Pelvis was fine but dizziness and sickness I was not expecting. Gutted :(

  • LP - Ah it's so lovely that your H is so excited to feel baby. My H was describing it as "amazing" to his Mum the other day, made me go all gooey to hear him talk like that. I thought I would talk to my boss about the arrangement with my replacement but she is the one who agreed to her keeping her old responsibilities! I'm so annoyed that this has all been handled so badly.

    BG - she's actually got agreement that her secondment to my role includes bringing her old role with her. They'll have no-one to blame but themselves when she goes off sick with stress I suppose! Get cracking on that to do list Mrs!

    JT - good luck with the estate agent, hope it all goes ok. I've been kicked in the ribs so many times I ended up with pins and needles!

    IDC - Enjoy the pancakes :)

    Daisy - so glad you slept better last night, can make such a difference.

    TT - I was going to say don't overdo it then I saw that you'd had a change of plan anyway. Probably for the best - feet up with a cuppa instead?

    M - your day sounds lovely, enjoy tea and cake. I will speak to my boss about the arrangement but she's the one who agreed to it (I had no idea) so it's going to be a frustrating last few weeks unfortunately.

    Sam - your nap sounds amazing, I'm sure you could put three days off this week to good use!

    Noodle - good luck getting on with your hospital bag.

  • Sorry I've been AWOL ladies, for some reason mumdrum hasn't been letting me log on! No time for personals now but ill be back tomorrow. Luckily after being told baby was breech for the last few weeks, I had a scan yesterday and its not! So my MLU birth is still on. All well other than that.

    Hi to all the new 3rd tri people

  • That's great news Duckford, funnily enough I was thinking of you and wondering if baby had turned! Glad the MLU plan is on for you x

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