***Friday 2nd Tri***

Pregnancy insomnia sucks!! I am so tired but my mind is in overdrive so I am going to log on and do some work whilst Molly sleeps.  we have a busy day today and the weekend is a bit hectic too so I could do without no sleep but I had this with M so I was kind of waiting for it, probably not helped by a nap yesterday afternoon cause I was exhausted, it all catches up on me. 

Will pop pop back later, happy Friday ladies x


  • Morning Nina - oh booooooooo to the pregnancy insomnia.  I've suffered with this a lot and its just horrible.  Its sometimes the best idea to just get up and do something because lying trying to force yourself back to sleep just gets frustrating.  That said, I hope you did get back to sleep.

    Spikey - to answer your question from yesterday - I've no idea what I might go for with prams?!? lol

    Fig - happy scan day.  Wishing you lots of luck - you won't need it of course because your little girl will be perfectly happy in there and everything will be looking just fine.  Can't wait for the update and a little scan pic.

    AFM - Sorry I never got back on yesterday.  The pram shopping was a tad stressful.  I literally have no idea what I want or where to even start.  I actually felt like bursting into tears in the shop.  Its only my first visit so I guess thats to be expected?!?  

    Anyways, I'm soooooo pleased its Friday.  Been such a busy and hectic week.  I'm going out for dinner with my bestie tonight so I'm looking forward to that because I don't think I've actually seen her for about 5 weeks.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Friday xxx

  • I feel your pain with the insomnia NB, I have been wide awake around 1/2pm every night....not added by the fact H gets I'm from work and comes to bed around 3.30/4 so I'm then wide awake again! Gah!! Where I've been poorly this week I'm knackered anyway and really could so with the sleep :'( Hope you have a better night tonight and a lovely weekend.

    AFM - working this morning, and then this afternoon we are possibly buying our pram...as I walks so well and we don't envisage needing a double we're just looking at singles, and are currently leaning towards an oyster with buggy board. If it turns out we need a double in early days though we'll with just pick up a cheap 2nd hand stroller style double...seen mcclaren and cosatto ones on.local selling pages for £30-40. As we're moving in April we'll also be trying to get some packing and house shopping done this weekend, and picking up O's big bed...now just need to decide a room theme for him!

  • CA - sorry missed you there! I do think it's a tad overwhelming in the beginning! I'd say the best thing is to sit down, with.out your needs/budget etc and that way it'll help narrow it down. Big hugs. Enjoy you dinner with your bestie!!

    Fig - all the luck in the world for your scan today lovely, look forward to your update xx

  • Ok I'll start with my Afm.

    I'm so so sorry ninabeanie, but I think the insomnia is my fault haha, because I don't want to jinx it, but I have slept through the night all week!!!! But somehow have passed it to you!

    I'm so happy sleeping makes such a. Difference,

    So e of you may notice that I don't get on here at weekends and only can during the week, so for that reason I want to say goodbye and see you soon to all of you lovely ladies, as Monday I'll be in 3rd tri!

    Nb- sorry about the insomnia, I'll buy you a nice hot chocolate or something else low in caffeine when we meet up

    CA- prams are stressful, I always knew I wanted the stokke xplory so it was never a question for me, and then my best friend gave me hers as she's just finished using it, so when it was free it was even better!

    Coco- as I said I love my oyster aswell, it was a total bargain of a £10, it's my dog walking pram. Have you looked at the oyster max, it can be a double or a single?

  • Firstly, Fig all my luck for your scan today. I'm sure your little girl will be lovely and happy in there but I'm sending good luck vibes anyway.  I can't wait to see another picture of her!

    NB booo to the insomnia, I've had it too and it totally sucks ass! I hope your weekend is bearable even if it's a busy one.

    CA yay for Friday! Enjoy your dinner tonight. Prams are overwhelming, there's so much choice and different options. How is anyone meant to know what they want?!

    Coco I hope you get some packing done. Packing is so boring though, I hope you get some fun stuff in there too. Enjoy getting your new pram if you decide on it.

    Mon good luck on 3rd tri. Not too long until we'll be following you. Eeek!

    AFM- I'm off today so should still be asleep but my body clock woke me up. Admittedly not until 7am though so not too bad.

    Ive not got much planned for today, a bit of food shopping but that's it really. Some friends are arriving at 4 as we're going to a gig tonight, I'm really looking forward to it but I've no idea how I'll cope with the late night!

  • Morning all! Im officially joining 2nd Tri, 14 weeks today!

    Nina- Insomnia is indeed a pitfall of pregnancy and just puts you in bad form - hope you manage to sleep over wkend

    Candy Apple - enjoy your dinner tonight! I figured pram shopping was a bit like wedding dress shopping - you can confuse yourself. I practiced on a few friends iCandys, decided I liked them & pre-ordered Peach 3 last wkend. I am sure it will serve us well and do the job!

    Coco - soo good your moving soon! Fab news! Hope you feel in better form over wkend

    Monnie - Gd luck with moving to 3rd Tri!

    Imp - Enjoy your day off doing as little as possible!

    Fig - good luck with scan!

    AFM - I probaby wont get back on as I am up to my eyes in work (boss been off sick for nearly 2 weeks and they dont know what is wrong with her - something stomach / bowel related - been in and out of hospital loads!) and planning to leave early - Ive been quite sick last couple of days and we have friends round for a take away and I definately need a couple of hours sleep first.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Good luck to Fig for the scan! Can't wait to see the pics.

    NB that sucks! 5 am is earlier than anyone needs to be up ever. I guess if you have a busy weekend you won't have time for another nap but hopefully it means it knocks you out at night. Hope you have a lovely weekend though

    CA me and H did the same thing first time we looked at prams. We only went to a mothercare so there wasn't even that many but we walked around for 10 mins then left in a mild panic haha. I need to do some research as there are too many options to go into it blind I think. Dinner and a catch up sounds lovely so enjoy!

    Coco I hope all the packing goes well. Are you moving far? And good luck for pram shopping

    Monnie - good luck for the move to 3rd tri!! Really pleased the insomnia has gone for now, fingers crossed it stays that way! A free pram is such a bonus. My friend has offered me her quinny but I know she will be thinking about number 2 soon so I'm not sure whether we would be better off with our own anyway. The Stokke's are so smart and was the only one H made a beeline for! Can't believe your Oyster was only a tenner too!

    Imp - make sure you get a nap in haha. Have a brilliant time at the gig!

    AFM - I had my bump rubbed yesterday by one of the women downstairs. I do know her but not that well so it was a bit alarming but she meant well I guess. Other than that I don't have any baby news. Off for the weekend to Cambridge to see my parents. It's my birthday on Sunday so we're going shopping and for dinner as well as fitting in the rugby.

    Happy Friday everyone. I will try and get back on today (never normally manage) to catch up with Fig and her girly!

  • Hi Sasasi! Welcome to 2nd tri. Hope you feel better soon and don't work too hard!!

  • Morning all :)

    Fig - thinking of you today with your scan, hurry back with an update and pic, it will be fantastic!

    Nb - sorry to hear about the crap lack of sleeping, I feel ya and hear ya, I think I have spd so that makes it worse :( Although for once, last night I only woke up once and slept much better than I have in a long long while. I hope you get a better nights kip tonight and going forward :)

    CA - sounds lovely the meal out with a mate, where are you off to, do you know yet what you wanna eat? I totally get you with the pram shopping ahhh! We went a few weeks ago and the travel system we had our heart set on, didn't seem that sturdy in the flesh so we had a look at others and we may go with the Silver Cross, (not my first choice), you have to buy the car seat as separate and the Isofix base but it still works out roughly the same as the other travel system we were looking at. We were in Kiddicare for 3 hours and I was getting upset and stressed because we couldn't make up our minds. I know how you feel chuck! I hope you manage to narrow your choices down that does help. We are going pram shopping this weekend to hopefully (fingers crossed) buy yahooo!

    Coco - exciting it seems a lot of us are looking/buying their prams now :)

    Jonesy - happy early birthday wishes for Sunday :) I hope you have a smashing day :) Oo strange about the tummy rub haha I suppose she meant well and no harm done :)

    monnie - blimey 3rd tri already! All the best to ya and hopefully we'll all be along soon to join you :) and long may the sleeping through the night stay put

    imp - nice a day off then going to a gig, who are you going to see? Sounds like a great day/night set up to me, enjoy!

    SaSaSi - sorry to hear you've been sick, its horrid! I hope you manage to get some sleep before your take away and you manage to enjoy it.

    AFM slept better last night, which is just what I needed. Little fella is moving so much now we were mesmerised last night just watching my belly moving, brill! I can't believe at this stage he is now 13.5" long and gained an inch and half in just a week and now weighs 1.5lb. We are off to buy our travel system hopefully.

    Hi to those who follow :)




  • Sas I hope work isn't too bad and that you get away early.

    Jonesy sounds like a lovely birthday weekend, have a great time! Im not sure id be happy about someone rubbing my bump really!

    LL we're going to see rudimental tonight, I think I'll probably be at least 15 years most than most of the crowd!

  • Thank you so much ladies for your good luck wishes, I really appreciate them xx Scan is at 1.20pm...I feel a bit sick, I'm really nervous.

    NB, sorry you're suffering with insomnia. I really hope it eases soon and that you can get some rest.

    CA, it takes a while to feel at home looking at that stuff. The first couple of times I bolted from the shop because I was so overwhelmed. Haha! There is a lot to digest. Enjoy your evening with your bestie! Hope you have a lovely time.

    Coco, so exciting that you're going pram shopping! Let us know what you choose. And good luck with the packing later!

    Monnie, congratulations for 3rd tri, hope to see you there soon!

    Imp, enjoy chilling today ahead of your evening out. Hope you have a fantastic time at the gig :)

    SaSaSi, welcome to 2nd tri! Enjoy your evening, takeaway with friends sounds lovely. I hope your sickness stays away.

    Jonesy, eek the belly rub! I felt certain I would punch people when that started as I hate people invading my personal space but so far three people have done it and I've been surprisingly okay with it. We'll see how I am when people I don't really know start doing it! Happy Birthday for Sunday! Have a lovely weekend with your parents :)

    LeeLee, so glad you slept better. What travel system are you going for? I can't wait to be able to see baby moving through my bump!

    AFM, woke up full of cold this morning and with a stomach full of butterflies - I think it's a mixture of baby squirming and nerves for the scan. I've signed my soul to the devil and agreed to an extra 8 days consultancy at work, it means I'm going to have to work some weekends but the extra cash will come in very handy.

    I'll be back after lunch with an update...I so hope it's good.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Tomorrow I'm 14 weeks so I think I'm officially 2nd Trimester!  If the 2nd Trimester goes as fast as the first one I need to get my a** into gear to start getting everything up to date :)

    Ninabeanie - Hate insomnia - hope you catch up on the missed sleep!

    Candy Apple - I did burst into tears the first time we went to a baby shop(warehouse) - complete and utter overload!!! Enjoy dinner!

    Coco - Nice to see you again -  We're not getting a new pram but a buggy board for LIttle Sue to stand on if we go for long walks!

    Monnie - Have a good weekend - safe move to 3rd Trimester :)

    Imp - How are you?  enjoy the gig and sleep out tomorrow morning

    SasaSi -  you are 1 day ahead of me so I guess we're nearly twins!

    Jonsey - I hate when strangers suddenly rub your bump - I hink its really personal :)

    Fig - Hope your scan went well - looking forward to an update!

    Lee Lee - Good luck with the shopping!

    AFM - feeling betters but have a huge bump already - getting a tad worried how big I will get this time around! LittleSue is getting a small kids bunk bed tomorrow so am buiding that tonight!!!!!!

    Talk soon

  • Hey fig. I hope it's gone really well! I'm looking forward to your update.

    Sue! Lovely to see you here. I'm ok thanks, just had my 20 week scan and all was good which is a relief.

    The bed sounds like fun?! Is sue looking forward to a big bed?

  • Welcome to 2nd tri Sue! Glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the bed!

    Baby Fig is still a girl and everything looks fine and well, I am very relieved! I started crying when she said everything looked absolutely fine. I'm having a baby!!

    Thanks again for all of your good luck wishes, I really appreciate them xx

  • Hi Sue, lovely to see you here :)

    Fig - that is an amazing pic and what a gorgeous little one you have produced, this may sound really stupid but looking at her you can see she's a girl, I knew from my 13wk scan we were having a boy and only found out for sure at the 20wk one, I'm so bloomin chuffed for you, lovely :) Oh and we will probably go for the Silver Cross Wayfarer but you have to buy the Simplicity car seat and Isofix separately, which is fine we also have to buy the hood and apron as an addition but again the price of the whole package is about the norm for this type of travel system that we've seen and my folks want to buy us it, we are very lucky :) xx

  • heading out just shortly but popping on to say congrats to Fig on your scan.  Lovely pic and I'm so please for you xxx

  • My internets is having the provider swapped today so no wifi and therefore no personals (iPhone+edge is too slow and sucky) but wanted to say a huge congrats to Fig, I'm so glad everything went well, and that's a lovely pic. X

  • Thanks so much ladies xxx

    And that doesn't sound stupid at all LeeLee x Oh and how lovely of your parents! That's very kind of them.

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