***monday 2nd tri***

Morning ladies. I'm very excited because we're off to center parcs today!!! It's been a tough few weeks so I am so looking forward to 5 days of just me, H and P having fun. Have a pregnant lady spa session booked too which will be lovely. I'll try and pop on a bit depending on wifi signal. Thinking of cc and her family today. Xx


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    Autumnrose that sounds fabulous 5 days away and the spa treatment x x enjoy x x

    Cc thinking of you today x

    afm last monday of the term but its a busy one hopefully should get away sharpish though x PG wise forgot about the bleeding nose and heatburn fromthe last time arrghhh.....maybe eating chocolate last thing at night not a good plan heheh x
  • Hope the last week goes well abc, have to say I'm so glad to have broken up. One plus of teaching in a private school! Boo to heartburn, I've had it come back this weekend too. Went to stock up on gaviscon yesterday!!!
  • AR, you're going to have a wonderful time, and yes, pop on sometimes to make us jealous!!

    ABC - I get a bloody nose 2 or 3 times a week, but never runs as such, so quite manageable. And the heartburn. Ugh. I spend 6 nights out of 7 propped by one of my 3ft bed cushions. I work late and therefore can't leave the mandatory 3 hours (or whatever) between food and bed so I end up grumbling all night! Heartburn is very unfair, lol.

    Weekend went very well. Focused totally on recharging my batteries and feel so much more like 'me' again. Just need to get through this week without it getting fraught and stressful and rotten. At least job is starting to look more secure, although won't really know more until mid-Jan. The fact we're still trading is marvellous and I didn't think we'd get this far at times. :)

    Love and hugs to CC, her hubby and their families for today. xxx

  • AR- enjoy CP. It sounds like lots of fun and hopefully you'll get a lot of relaxing time too!

    ABC- Heartburn with my second child had me swigging from the gaviscon bottle! Enjoy your last week. When I used to teach full time as manic as it was I quite enjoyed the last week of term at Christmas.

    Counter- glad you were able to recharge your batteries

    AFM- had a busy weekend. Went to a Christmas market with my oldest and a friend and her daughter. It was a lovely girlie day out. Yesterday we had some friends around for a pre Christmas gathering, so we had 15 children, 2 bumps and 12 adults at our place yesterday afternoon! Was manic....but lovely! I am going to try and get a GP appointment today. I think I might have another UTI so will get that checked out.

    Thinking of CC and her family today x

  • Morning everyone

    AR, have a lovely time, I LOVE center parcs and believe it's even better at Christmas time x

    ABC, I've had the odd nose bleed, so annoying. Hope the heartburn isn't too bad

    Counter, glad you were able to relax this weekend :) not long till the holidays now x

    Section4, your weekend sounds lovely. Hope you get sorted with GP today

    I had a lovely meal out with friends last night, really enjoyed it, got back about half ten then H suggested we watch homeland and I said yes....therefore had another late night and am tired today, will never learn! Pregnancy wise I've started feeling kicks higher up so think baby must have changed position as they had all been really low until now.

    what do you think of this - the girls I was out with last night were guessing what I'm having (everyone thinks we haven't found out). One asked how hairy my legs had been, and funnily enough I'd went to shave them the other day and they were pretty hairless. Apparently hairless legs mean a boy, so right in my case and apparently was right for all of them when they had boys. Anyone else found this??

    Plans for today, taking M to Santa's grotto this morning, got some shopping to do, then she has ballet Christmas party this afternoon. She's currently having a tantrum though because I won't give her a Capri sun for her breakfast, it's going to be a long day!!

    Hi to all those on later.

  • Morning,

    AR- I LOVE Centreparcs! Hope you all have a lovely time and the spa session is good. Which one do you go to?

    ABC- Last Monday before xmas yay. Ha, I have been getting the heartburn too, not nice! And m nose bleeds a little when i blow it. I wouldnt give up my late night chocolate though ;)

    Counter- Glad you had chance to relax over the weekend, you deserved too! Glad work seems more secure too.

    S4- Wow bus weekend! Did you get much at the xmas market? Hope your feeling ok and if it is a UTI hope it clears fast.

    Weekender- Enjoy the grotot. Haha bless her, children are so funny weith their tantrums! I am having a girl but I have found myself more hairy, not sure if that helps or not lol.

    CC- Thinking of you all today my lovely xxx

    AFM- Had a nice weekend seeing family and friends. Woke up at 4 as the wind was so loud but little lady kept me company with her moving and kicking :) She kicked right into my hip this morning which is a new place. I compared my bump pics from 20 weeks to this weeks and there is a massive difference. Might pop it on here at some point to show you all.  Work is going to be quiet today, hope this week goes quickly!

  • Morning ladies!

    AR - Hope you have a fabulous time, ssounds fab!

    ABC - Last Monday whoo hoo!! Not so much for heartburn and bloody noses though!

    Counter - Good news all round on feeling better and more job security

    S4 - I love Xmas markets!  Good luck at the GP's

    Weekender - I haven't heard that one before but I think my legs are hairier than usual, got me pondering now but we won't know until the birth but I'll let you know!  Enjoy the grotto!

    Bertie - I was woken up by the wind and the rain too this morning, exactly what you don't want on a Monday morning!  Glad you had a nice weekend!

    CC - thinking of you xx

    AFM - Nothing to report pregnancy wise apart from the steadily growing bump!  Still haven't got my xmas trimmings up because operation kitchen is still ongoing so I have half the kitchen in my living room but I'm hoping that we will be sorted in the next couple of days.  

    Hello to everyone else :)

  • Afternoon All,

    I feel like i havent posted on here for ages! Was just looking back and my last post was when I had my scan nearly 3 weeks ago!

    AR - I love centerparcs, very jealous, havent been there for about 12 years now but we used to go all the time as kids.

    ABC - Lucky you for last monday of the year! Judging by other peoples responses I have heartburn to look forward to soon then! not so fun.

    Counter - sounds like a great weekend! I had a horrific one and am feeling worse for wears today. Good news on the job front though, fingers crossed its good news in Jan

    S4 - i've never been to a christmas market but everyone seems to be going to them and raving about them this year. Will deff have to drag baby round one next year (so scary to think this is the last christmas baby free)

    Weekender - Haha, never heard that one before, dont know my gender yet (find out Jan 15th) so will deff keep checking my legs now!

    Bertie - I love bump pics, deff put them up!

    VT - how many weeks are you now? I think you got your BFP around the same time as me (I'm 15+5).

    CC - Thinking of you today xx

    AFM - I moved this weekend. I dont recommend it whilst pregnant. and WORSE then just moving, I moved back in with my parents. it was H idea, now that I'm going to be going on Maternity leave next year we have no hope of saving for a house and he's fed up of renting and wants to get on the property ladder. I completely get it, and props for him for suggesting it and handling it better than me considering its not his parents, but its still rubbish, its a large house so we have our own front room and two of the bedrooms (ours and one for my step daughter) so it could be worse. We'll have our 5% deposit by July (baby due 4th June) so we'll probably look for places from July/August but I'm being realistic and saying we're there until December next year. Hopefully I can settle in to it but at the moment its abit too massive a change for my brain to handle. Pregnancy wise H keeps occasionally catching me side on and going "WHOA, you look pregnant" which is quite sweet but also a little bit of a polite way of saying you're getting big lol hope everyones well

  • It is my first day in 2nd Tri so thought I should drop by and say a little hello!

    Will try and have a catch up this evening with who is who!

    CC - Thinking of you.

  • Hello all, I'm late as usual .. Been busy with work

    AR-enjoy yourself

    ABC- oh dear the heart burns horrid I hope it eases for you

    Counter-glad you had a great weekend

    S4- hope you got sorted at the GP

    WE-I love the old wives tales.

    Bertie -I wish I took more photos of my bump

    VT -hope you get the kitchen sorted before Xmas !!

    WW-I feel for you moving is hard work, never mind whilst pregnant, hope you settle in soon x

    Vix- hi welcome to 2nd trimester, look forward to seeing you again soon x

    CC -thinking of you today xx

    AFM-I'm exhausted. I just can't seem to sleep enough and when I get up I look like Caspar the ghost. I know my bloods are fine because the consultant checked a few weeks ago because I looked so pasty, obviously it's just another pregnancy symptom x

  • I'm not use whether anyone will be on this late, but I've had a manic day at work so couldn't do a proper post earlier.

    AR, yay for centre parcs. I love it there, it's what we've done for family holidays since J was born. Hope you have a fabulous time.

    Abc, boo to the heartburn, it sucks! Roll on the end of term.

    Counter, glad you've had a nice weekend, and yay for work being more stable. :-)

    Section4, glad of had a nice weekend too, and yes, your gathering sounds exceedingly manic!

    Weekender, I didn't get hairless legs with J, I feel gypped! Glad you had a nice meal out. Hope your day has picked up from the Capri sun tantrums!

    Bertie, yay for kicks. Yes please to posting bump comparison pics, I love a good bump pic.

    VT, hope the kitchen instal goes smoothly and quickly, it's so disruptive being without one.

    WW, you're very brave moving back in with the parents, but it does make financial sense. I hope you settle in soon, I'm sure it'll feel normal enough in a few weeks.

    Vix, welcome to 2nd tri!

    BLL, sorry you're so tired, I feel for you. How's the sickness going?

    Afm, I've had a manic day at work today and it's felt exceedingly relaxing compared to the weekend of looking after a poorly and very grumpy toddler! I got to sit down all day, bliss! I'm hoping for a vomit-free night from J tonight (he keeps coughing so much he's sick) and hopefully more than 4 hours sleep. Baby wise nothing to report, I'm a countdown to my gender scan at the weekend and a chance to see Attila again. :-)

  • SG

    Hi just to say I saw your post and good luck with your next scan. My nausea is actually much better no vomiting for over a week, but I'm still not eating right and wretch at everything. My poor 9 year old nephew blew his nose in front of me yesterday and I ran out of the room wretching. Poor kid is petrified of breathing in front of me x

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