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***Monday 2nd Tri***

Hi everyone,

How was the weekend? We went to the NCT Sale and it was great! Lots of bargains were bought included a Moby wrap! 


  • Morning Ducky - glad to hear it was a success! I had a look on the NCT website and there aren't any in my area for a while :(

    AFM - had a lovely weekend with family up north. Went to see the house we've applied to rent on Saturday and we love it. Really excited to live there just hoping everything goes ok with the application. My H had the news on Friday that his contract has been cancelled but he looked over the weekend and there are quite a few advertised out there so I'm feeling more positive about things. Its his last day today then we'll both be at home until he can find something. At least we can make a good start on packing and sorting the house!

    Woke up this morning to painful hips and knee, and achey legs! Think I need to do some yoga today. I may have to give in and order a pregnancy pillow as I've been trying to make do with just spare normal pillows so far. Any recommendations? I do need support both front and back so I've seen those huge ones that bend all the way round but didn't know if they were annoying? My cat wouldn't let me lay in today, I haven't been at home for a week so she's just excited that I'm home but it was still very annoying!

  • Morning! :)

    Ducky well done on the nct sale.

    Browny I hope your h finds something without too much hassle, by the sounds of it he will do. My cat was that same this morning, throwing herself at the bedroom door! Naughty moggy. Glad you love the house, when do you move in?

    AFM I'm off work again today, I'm shattered actually so I'm glad. Dropped my mum back to the airport yesterday, it was lovely to see her but I was also glad to wave her off and get some quiet time.

    Today the floor is getting relaid after the washing  machine flood a few months ago, I'm camped out upstairs with a packed lunch! I might nip to the bank and the post office once the fitters arrive, but likewise I might just sit out on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine!

  • Morning ladies!

    Ducky - v impressed with your nct bargains! I've never been to one (though we used to have an awesome nearly new shop nearby with lots of bargains!)

    Browny - glad you liked the house, sure everything will go through fine. Like you say, you'll now both be able to focus on the move and it'll give H free time for interview etc where he needs it. I have every faith something will come up quickly for him.  Hope you find a way of easing your aches.

    AM - Truly spoilt on Mother's Day - my boys (and bump) bought me a shiny new phone :O I was gobsmacked!  Had a busy day yesterday as we were all round MILs for Sunday lunch, though with 8 adults, 7 kids, 2 dogs and a cat running riot it was tiring work....especially with losing that hour too, I'm pooped! The realisation that we're moving next week has hit, so more packing and cleaning today methinks!  :-(

    Have a good one all x

  • Imp - I know what you mean about seeing much as it's fab it's SO nice to be able to relax after! Hope the fitters get the job done quickly for you x

  • Imp - we'll be moving end of April so we have 4 weeks to get sorted. Glad you had a nice weekend and hope you are able to relax a bit today!

    Coco - sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday and glad you were spoilt! How are you getting on with the packing?

  • Good morning!

    Ducky, glad the NCT sale was fab, well done on finding some bargains!

    Browny, good news that you love the house :) Great news too that there are some jobs out there for your H, sending him lots of good luck vibes that he manages to get one very soon. Hope your aches and pains ease soon.

    Imp, sitting on the balcony in the sun with your packed lunch sounds like an excellent plan! Hope the floor goes down smoothly and that the fitters do a quick job.

    Coco, ahh lovely that you were spoilt! Good luck with your packing and cleaning, are you winning the battle?

    AFM, waiting to see if our offer has been accepted on that house today. We've offered the asking price and are ready to move immediately, the mortgage is all agreed and we already have a sol so I think the only thing that will go against us is if someone goes over the asking price. Fingers crossed they don't!! Any spare housey vibes would be appreciated!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning ladies!

    Ducky - got to love a bargain! There's no NCT sales anywhere near us in the near future, so I'll have to stick to browsing charity shops!

    Browny - glad you had a lovely weekend and love the house.

    Imp - hope you manage to relax today. Please may you send some of that sunshine this way? We're due to get thundery showers later.

    Coco - how lovely to get spoilt :) Good luck with the rest of the packing.

    Fig - keeping everything crossed your offer is accepted. Lots of housey vibes for you!

    AFM - it's my usual Monday day off.  No plans other than some laundry and tidying. I'll see how bad the weather gets before deciding whether to venture out this afternoon.

  • Coco yay to a new phone, what a lovely surprise. Your Sunday lunch sounds lovely with all that family around.

    Browny 4 weeks will fly by I bet, I imagine you'll be glad to have the move done and dusted.,

    Figaro all my housey vibes are being sent your way. I REALLY hope that you get this house.

    Flooring man has arrived and announced that it might need finishing off tomo. Great! 2 days of being camped upstairs!

  • Fig - keeping everything crossed your offer is accepted!

    Ixia - hope you have a lovely day off

    Imp - oh dear! I hope he finishes it today!

  • Missed you ixia, I will send you some of my sunny weather. I hope it stays dry for you!

  • Hi everyone!

    Ducky - great news on the bargains, ooh I do love a bargain. Keep meaning to go to a sale but I'm lazy so online it is haha. Can you carry both twinnies in a Moby, or just one? I imagine you could carry two as it's essentially a long piece of cloth!

    Browny - hope your H finds something soon. Glad you love the house! I had a dream genii pillow last time and liked it but they are pricey.

    imp - hope you have a restful day, I'm jealous of your sunshine!

    Coco - aww glad you were spoiled! Gosh your move is coming round quickly.

    Fig - sending loads of house vibes! I remember the horrible feeling of waiting! Fingers crossed they let you know today x

    Ixia - hope you enjoy your day, sounds quite similar to mine. It's nice to get things done :)

    AFM took little man to an outdoor playground this morning, H would have had a fit as I let him crawl around but I figured it was clean enough, no dogs allowed and I wiped his hands afterwards. He had loads of fun! He's napping now so I think I'll grab some lunch, then just got a lazy afternoon planned, doing some nappy washing and some sorting. Baby girl has been a bit quiet recently but I figure that's normal enough for this stage (19 weeks). Oop and just as I wrote that, she kicked me! Clever girl!

  • Afternoon all, hope everyone’s Monday’s are OK.

    Ducky – good work on all your bargains.

    Browny – sorry to hear about H’s job but you sound positive, and it might have its benefits. Hope all goes well with the move, when it all happens, very exciting.

    Imp – sounds like a lovely relaxing day. Hope the floor turns out OK in the end. Annoying being stuck upstairs though – surely an excuse to go shopping, no?

    Coco – Mother’s day sounds lovely and you deserve to be spoilt. But take it easy today, don’t run around too much (impossible with O, I’m sure).

    Fig – lots of offer being accepted vibes are coming your way!

    Ixia – I would have loved today off, I was shattered this morning. This losing an hour thing throws me every time.

    Sasasi – I’m sure a bit of dirt won’t harm A, does them good I think. Good kicking by baby girl.

    AFM – I am a bit tired today but fine other than that. Had a nice day with mummy yesterday, showed her the Doppler and she loved it. Got midwife/consultant appointment on Thursday so that’s another milestone reached. Bought my first bit of ‘clothing’ today – I promised I wouldn’t before 24 weeks but it’s a sleeping bag from Baby Gap, so technically not clothing, right?

  • Saisi I hope you caught up on your housey stuff this afternoon.

    Gavi i say that's more of a baby essential rather than clothing!

    Well I have done nowt all day, I have watched tv, browsed the internet and eaten my body weight in fruit and chocolate- healthy!

    Actually saying that, I have done an hours work which will help me ahead of tomorrow.  So I haven't been a total lazy bum!

  • Saisi - sound like A will have had a ball this morning! A little dirt wont hurt ;) hope you have a nice afternoon

    Gavi - good luck for your appointments tomorrow. I don't think I could hold out buying until 24 weeks! But that is not clothing, as Imp sayings is an essential item ;)

    Imp - sounds like a productive day to me!

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