***Monday First Tri*****


happy Monday to you all, how is everyone 

iv been struck with waves of nausea and dizziness today and had a bit of a wretch earlier Weep, I'm still so early!!

working today, need to hand sample into gp this week for testing (this is a new thing for my surgery) and then not sure whether to see the midwife or go direct to my consultant (me and h are trying to be all laid back and cool so not sure what to do for the best Laugh), hoping for early scan but then don't want one either due to added stress, arrrrgh! 

hi to all who follow


  • Morning!

    How many weeks are you? is it just over 4? I had symptoms really early too. I was in denial for weeks so didn't test until I was 6 weeks. lol. For me the early scan reassured me and took away the stress. I am a worrier though!!

    Today im at work, so so tired. I need another day off! Not much to report from me, hoping to get my scan letter this week! Yay!!

    Hi to all that follow - have a good day! xx

  • morning boo, yes ridiculously early.  i do tend to vomit...lots,   so suppose i was expecting it.  a scan really wont reassure me at all, we have a very colourful history and each scan is just an added stress,  i do need dating asap though so i suppose the sensible thing to do is speak to consultant, but i might remain in denial for a few more weeks Laugh

    im at work too but off the rest of the week and im counting down the hours really,

    hope the scan letter is soo, maybe worth chasing up

  • Morning ladies

    Did you all have a good weekend?

    TRF - I hope the nausea and dizziness soon passes. Fingers crossed you can get an early scan too for dating if nothing else. We ended up paying for a private early scan - I've had the odd bout of spotting and also virtually no symptoms so I really felt I needed some reassurance.

    Boo - hope you soon get your scan letter.

    AFM, just got back from taking F swimming. Now feeling shattered! Had a busy weekend so could do with catching up on housework. Baby wise all seems fine, had a little spotting again though. One week until scan!

  • Hi Red Fraggle! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry to hear about the sickness though! Enjoy your week off, do you have much planned?

    Boo - hope the scan letter comes through and it's not long to wait.

    AFM - H told his parents at the weekend, I couldn't go (chickenpox outbreak!), feeling a bit annoyed though as I've not even had a text from the MIL! Had friends over Friday and one seemed just really passive aggressive with me all night, maybe I'm just feeling a bit hormonal though. Got my scan this Friday so looking forward to seeing baby again.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Oops cross posted with you WG. Not long till your scan now. Hope you've caught up with the housework but make sure you take it easy.
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