***TFI Friday 1st tri****

Morning ladies!

I hope everyone is well today.

Fig- good luck for tomo- scan day!

i slept much better, as a result I feel less sick which is good. A quietish day today hopefully, roll on 5pm


  • morning Imp - glad you're feeling less sick. Do you get sore boobs? I found when my sickness was worse my boobs would hurt more too. Its like i'd got an extra dose of hormones that day.

    AFM - I'm officially ill. I sound like a man, cant breathe through my nose, hurts to swallow, miserable. But my boss has already made a comment about me being out of the office to go to my scan on tuesday so I dont feel like i can have any time off. luckily we have a fairly quiet weekend so I plan on spending it under a duvet drinking lots of fluids. If anyone has found a pregnancy acceptable cure then please share!!

  • Morning :)

    Imp - good to hear you had a good nights sleep, nothing better than that just when you need it

    ww - sounds awful what you have, you are allowed time off for appts/scans but I know what you mean you don't want to be seen taking the [email protected]@ at work. I really hope you start to feel much better soon. I don't know of any remedies to help I'm afraid other than rest and fluids

    AFM - I've now got a bloomin ulcer on my tongue to go along with the horrible taste in my mouth :( only had half a sandwich last night for dinner, gonna see if I can get something for the ulcer that's ok to use when pregnant

    Hope everyone has a good Friday xx

  • Morning All.

    Imp - Glad you managed to have a better nights sleep.

    Wishful - Oh no, that sounds awful. I'm going to say that if you are ill you should take time to cover. Pregnancy related time off and illness time off are completely different in my book!

    Leelee - Oh no :( Have you got anything to put on it?

    AFM - First day in the office this week. Not looking forward to it - a day of trying to hide my sickness bands and not make it obvious when I need to go to the bathroom to be sick. Already been in there twice and I've only been here 15-20 minutes! Glad its Friday, I live for the weekends! Hoping to have my niece tomorrow, she's 9 months, a day of cuddles :)

  • Morning,

    Imp, I'm so glad you slept better last night. Thanks for the good luck wishes for tomorrow - I'm bricking it!

    WW, hope you feel much better soon.

    LL, warm saltwater rinses should help your ulcer to heal quickly. If it's hurting then you could try a paracetamol.

    Pep, hope today goes quickly for you and that you aren't too sick.

    AFM, my weekend officially starts here! Super tired as I didn't get much sleep last night, so planning to spend the day being lazy. Scan day tomorrow! I really hope everything is okay and that there is actually a little baby in there. I'm so scared!

  • What time is your scan tomorrow Fig? How far along are you now? x

  • Hello!

    Imp, glad you're not as sick today!

    Wishful, I was in the same boat about ... 10 days ago?  Guess what - still sick!  This lower immune system in pregnancy lark is rubbish, and I haven't taken a thing for it.  You can have some lockets if your throat is sore, and take some paracetamol, but that's about it.  I hope it goes more quickly for you.

    Leelee, sounds unpleasant.  I hope you find something safe to use.  I think a lot of topical things tend to be safe - FX!

    Pep, how far along are you now?  I've known a lot of people to inform work earlier just because of how sick they were.  I hope your bands work for you, sounds miserab;e having to rush to the loo every 10 minutes.

    Fig, happy weekend!!  Happy scan day tomorrow :)

    AFM, still sick, and basically sure it's now bronchitis.  Ant is up in London and should be home tonight, but he mentioned last night that he might have to come back Saturday, which would mean not being able to get to the doctor if I need to go.  I'm still waffling on the whole 'need to go to the doctor' bit, I'm not sure I need to.  Anyways, am back in bed, with a 30kg monster lying on my legs keeping me warm and pinning me down.  I want my goddamn immune system back!

  • Wispa - 7 weeks today or tomorrow. We haven't told *anyone* yet so I'm not intending to tell work until everyone who means anything to us knows first. We have been burying our heads in the sand until our early scan, it all seems too wonderful to be true I guess.

    Oh bless you Wispa, I hope you feel better soon. Lots of orange juice for you x

  • Just dropping in to say hi. I know everyone is away for the day and I'm talking to myself again though lol


  • Hi Candy, how you doing xx

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