***Thursday 2nd tri***

Morning all

Thanks to everyone who asked about my sister yesterday.  She was released from hospital yesterday and has come down to stay with my parents for a while until she is more mobile.  P and I are going to see her this morning. We've then got toddler group and this afternoon might try and get some Christmas shopping done. I can never get in the mood for it early on but need to get organised.  

Pregnancy wise nothing new. Movement most days now, same headaches and lots of stretchy/tightening pains. Definitely feeling more pregnant now .

Hope you're all well

Happy scan day weekender!!


  • Hi everyone:)

    Autumnrose sorry to hear about your sisters accident I really hope she gets better soon. I also have began the christmas shopping.

    Afm trying out the new mobile site today seems good so far. Sorry not been around this term at school is a mad one and im exhausted.

    Pregnancy wise I am 20 weeks today lots of stretchy pains and aches and people are now beginnning to notice the bump lol. Just so tired asleep at 9 most nights but find myself waking lots as I keep rolling back to my back grr
  • How do I get on the mobile site? It's such s pain posting from my phone!!

    Does rolling into your back wake you up? I find bring on my front wakes me up as I can suddenly feel baby underneath me!! I sympathise with being busy at work. We are the same , october half term to Xmas is the hardest half term!

  • Morning ladies,

    AR glad your sis is out of hospital, your day sounds nice enjoy! I need to get more Xmas shopping done too. It's same every year though, I've got most of Ms and my side of family, but ask H what to get stepson and his family and he says eh...I'll thinj about it. Drives me mad Laugh

    ABC, happy halfway!! How long till your scan? I too struggle with staying awake, I'm good for nothing after about 7pm!

    Scan today, thanks for the good wishes AR, I'll report back later x

  • Omg just felt baby kick on outside, and H is at work!! M felt it! Feeling all fluffy Smile

  • Morning ladies

    AR sorry your sister isnt well. speedy recovery wishes to her. very organised thinking about christmas!

    Abc happy halfway to you!

    WE lots of luck for your scan today! What time is it?

    AFM 24 weeks today!!!! Excited about that. nothing much else to report.

  • AR - glad your sister is out of hospital. I bet your parents will be spoiling her a fair bit while she's staying with them! You're so organised thinking about Christmas shopping! I generally don't think about it for another week or so (i.e after my birthday!), and then leave it all till the last minute. Can't be facing shops at the moment so thinking online will be the way to go!

    Abc - yay for being halfway! I keep rolling onto my back while I'm sleeping too, and it's something I've never done before being pregnan tv

    Weekender - good luck for today's scan. Let us know how it goes if you can.

    Mrs V - 24 weeks...almost time for tri 3 for you! With all the BA's they seem to be having they'll probably be glad of some new members soon!

    AFM, last working day of the week for me as I have tomorrow off, looking  forward to a lie in in the morning! Lots to do today but still feeling very sleepy so it might not be too productive. Had a stress this morning as I'm behind on the washing so literally couldn't find a thing to wear. Definitely need to do what a few of you have done and pack up all the stuff that doesn't fit anymore!

    On an exciting note, H is taking me away for my birthday next weekend. Not sure where but I know I need my passport so I'm very excited!x

  • HI everyone, sorry for not getting on much here during the week, don't seem to find time during the work day and it's a bit late in the evening! But am wfh today so can finally pop in and say hello!

    AR- Sorry to read about your sister, sounds dreadful. Glad to hear she is out of hospital.

    ABC- Happy halfway! You have my sympathies with the tiredness, it's a killer. Rest where you can!

    Weekender- That's wonderful about the kick!!! How exciting! Happy scan day too :)

    Mrs V- Happy viability day! It's nice to reach another milestone isn't it?

    Flossy- Your post made me chuckle... I have that exact same thing every morning and yet am still not organised enough to either pack stuff away or sort it out the night before! How exciting about your bday weekend away.... do you have any inklings of where it might be?

    AFM, me and baby doing okay - I think he's moved positions because the kicks feel more 'muted' IYSWIM but he's wriggling away lots... a couple of days ago I could see my whole belly moving when he was rolling around, incredible and peculiar! I'm wfh today which is a relief as I'm finding the tiredness is really ramping up again, so it's been nice to have a mini-lie in this morning before I get going.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Hello :)

    AR- Glad your sister is out of hospital. I have got two presents so far and keep telling H we need to get a move on as we have so many to buy for.

    ABC- Happy halfway to you! Yay to a bump :) tiredness is a killer!

    Weekender- Good luck today! Are you finding out? How lovely feeling a kick :)

    Mrs V- 24 weeks yay! Hope all is well with you.

    Flossy- A suprise trip away sounds great! very romantic!

    Rose- How cool to be able to see your belly moving! Enjoy your day off, i could really do with one today!

    AFM- I am shattered today, spilt my orange, spilt my cereal then dropped my yoghurt everywhere! Feeling lots of movements and last night whilst in bed with H I could feel the baby move so put my hand on my tummy and it kicked right where my finger tips were, it was amazing and actually made me jump lol.

  • Morning All

    sorry i don't have time for personals i have not been in work long and got loads to catch up with, have already posted this in another group but thought i would moan on here too

    went to midwife appointment today and she told me that i wont be able to have an epidural or spinal block, which i suppose deep down i already knew however i thought there may be some chance of having one, she said it would be to much of a risk seeing my history (had lumbar puncture 2010 which didnt heal releasing all spinal fluid into my body causing my brain to dry out and cause a stroke)

    i know it may not even happen and i could have a good birth, but i just feel really devastated, even though i know they have to do it for the safety of me and baby etc, but i just feel like im going to lose the experience of having my first baby and watching it be born, i know if i had a normal c section you dont see much, but at least you are awake and can hear babies first cry etc. i really want skin on skin and to be aware of whats going on, and now i feel like im just gonna go to sleep and when i wake up someone will hand me a baby and say there you go thats your son/daughter! and i know it may not even happen so i could be stressing over nothing its just so heartbreaking to think i may may have to miss the birth of my own baby!

    i cried the whole way back to work! now i am here and just want to go home! :(

    sorry needed to vent x

  • Popping on quickly, scan was good, all is well and Ms getting a little brother!! Placenta is very low so she reckons I'll need a section as it's covering so much of birth canal but got to go be rescanned at 32 weeks to check. Not the worst news, although I'd perversely quite like to give birth again!

  • Hello everyone, can I come and join you?

    I'm 25+1 (according to hospital dating!) with number 3.

    Looking forward to getting to know you x

  • Glad all is ok WE, great news about being team blue!

    i also have the low placenta and got to be re scanned at 32 weeks, apprently 90% move up so fingers crossed for you x

  • NLH- Have a weirdy internet hug. So sorry it may not go as you had hoped for, must be upsetting for you.Can you not leave early? Dont like the thought of you sitting in work so upset! As you said it may not happen yet so try and stay positive. Sorry i am not much help! x

    Weekender- Great news! So pleased for you! Atleast you get to bubba again! Pain about the placenta but i have read that they normally do move, fingers crossed for you!

    PP- Hello and welcome! How are you getting on? Do you know what your having? How old are your other 2? Sorry for the questions!!

  • HI Ladies

    I'm back! Sorry I've not been on the course meant I didn't get chance and I am so glad to be home - the train, single bed and training course chairs ahve caused havoc with my back ouch. The sream genii pillow had arrived by the time I got home though which was fab. Not much else to report - I'm 20 weeks today and H is back on saturday so super excited about that!!

    AR so sorry I didn't see about your sister glad she's got help - hope you and P have a good day.

    Happy 20 weeks due date twin ABC! I found the back support on my pillow actually helped with rolling onto my back so may be worth a try (caveat I've only had it 1 night!)

    Good luck for today weekender looking forward to hearing how it goes! Just seen you're having a boy massive congratulations that's so lovely!!

    Mrs V happy 24 weeks great milestone yay

    Flossy that sounds very exciting about your birthday -  needing a passport is very promising!

    Hi Rose glad you and the baby are good - sounds like a right wriggler in there.

    Bertie sorry you're so tired, hope it eases up. Movements are fab I thought I would be really freaked out but I like it.

    NLH so sorry to hear you've had some bad news. Fingers crossed all goes well but if it helps my SIL had to be knowcked out for her emergency CS and although not ideal it didn't impact on bonding at all and my nephew did the first skin to skin with his dad and then mum when she woke up xx

    Hi PP welcome! What due date do you ahve? I'm presuming end of Jan-ish?

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