***Tue 2nd Tri***

Morning all.

Had a bit of a hectic day yesterday so never got the chance to get back on here.

Ordered my car in grey so it will be here on 12th March.  Thats one thing off the to do list.

Had fun with the prams.  In the first shop I liked the Uppababy Vista and then when we went to the second shop I really, really liked the Baby Jogger City Versa.  I was really looking for something with 3 wheels but I was totally impressed by the practicalities of the City Versa.  I'm still going to keep looking just to be sure but I may have found my pram.  Exciting times!!!!!

Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday - I've got back to back meetings all day then I go straight to the gym on a Tuesday after work to teach 3 classes.  Will get home just before 9pm.  Blurgh!!!!!

Hi to all that follow xxx



  • Morning CA!

    So glad you had such a productive day yesterday, it's great that you've found a pram that you love. Happy days.

    Booo for such a long day though, there's no way I'd be able to cope with that at the moment.

    AFM- it's pomegranate day for me and happy feet! :) I had a great day off yesterday, really relaxing. The doctor prescribed me an antihistamine too so hopefully that'll help me breathe again, I seem to have developed an allergy to my poor moggy! Going to try and call to get my mat1b form today, work need it ASAP and I won't have a mw appt now until

    25 weeks.

  • Morning ladies.

    CA, glad you had a productive day, car and possibly pram sorted at once is very exciting. I don't envy you the 3 gym sessions back to back though, how long will you keep teaching for?

    Imp, happy pomegranate day, though I'm sure pomegranates are smaller than some of the fruits that come before? All the ones I've had have been kind of tennis ball sized. Anyway! Rubbish to have developed an allergy to your cat, hope that's just a temporary pregnancy thing, and the antihistamines help.

    Afm, day off with J today, we're going to a friends new house to play this morning. And possibly meeting another friend at soft play this afternoon. He's still asleep after sleeping through for the third night in a row, huzzah! And our internets is back on, so I'm a happy bean! Nothing to report baby-wise, this is my last week in tri 2 though, I graduate on Saturday and move to the tri where people have babies. Somewhat scared especially after obem last night!

  • Ahhh, SG happy days that J slept through- and is still asleep! Amazing. Eeek to third tri, you're graduating up to the big girls!

  • Morning!

    CA - Sounds like you had a good day yesterday! Love getting things ticked off the to do list! The Uppababy Vista is currently the top of our pram likes, but we'll have another look some time.

    Imp - glad you had a relaxing day yesterday, but booo to developing an allergy to your cat.

    SG - Enjoy your day off with J!

    AFM - a cough which has been niggling in the background for a few days has developed into a proper chesty cough and raw throat :(

    My friend dropped me home after going for coffee yesterday and came in for what I thought was going to be a short time but she stayed for a further 3 hours. I wouldn't mind, but she spent that time looking at her phone and then dozed off on the sofa. So I did very little in terms of housework and didn't get to go for a walk in the sunshine. On the plus side bump has been very wriggly last night and this morning :)

  • Happy Tuesday ladies....where are these weeks going?!

    CA - Yay for the car and the successful day of pram shopping. Definitely keep looking but I always think when you get that excited about a pram it's definitely the one :D Hope you're not too exhausted by the time you get home tonight, you're a braver person than me!

    Imp - Glad you had a lovely chilled day yesterday, but poor you with your allergy. Hope it clears up with antihistamines.

    SG - Enjoy your day with J today. Sounds like you've got a fab one planned. Also great that J is sleeping well, it certainly helps doesn't it? Eek to 3rd trip...real babies are made there ;-)

    AFM - sorry I haven't been about for a few days, been crazy busy! But on a positive we've sorted the pram, O's toddler bed, and figured out what to get O for his birthday (3rd April). We've also got a moving date of 11th April (no chain) so been focussing on getting some more of the house packed up. I'm dreading the move, I'll be 22 Weeks and we've noone to really help us move, I think H may have a guy from work helping but otherwise it's looking like just us :'( must stay calm!!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Ixia - mega slow typing from me. Glad you had a nice day yesterday but I'd be a but peeved with your friend too, yesterday was beautiful  and perfect for a nice walk. Yay to feeling lots of movements though...it really is the best feeling!

  • Good Morning everyvody!

    Candy Apple - great news you have ordered the car! Health to enjoy. I wish I had the energy for gym classes, washing & drying my hair knackers me as it is! I miss body pump :(

    Imp - glad you enjoyed your day off! Hope the antihistamine kicks in quickly

    Spikey - sounds like a lovely day ahead and yea to the sleep! I dont watch OBEM and dont plan to start!

    lxia - I would have woke her and told her to go home I had things to do! Thats a real pet peeve of mine, people sitting on their phone in company. My OH is very guilty of it and does my head in!

    Coco - just think how amazing it will be to be in your new home - focus on the light at the end of the tunnel! Sounds like a very productive few days :)

    AFM - went to bed at 7pm and still feel rubbish today. I think as Nina said on yesterdays thread its probably just normal at this stage :( Busy day at work ahead then another early night. Dont feel as sick as I did last night though so the sleep must have done me some good.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Sasasi - sorry you're feeling pants love....if it's any consolation although I've not been sick I'd been feeling permanently shattered until the past couple of days, definitely starting to feel more human now! Hope work goes quickly and some more sleep fixes you up...I definitely think if you can get your head down early to do it just now...this too shall pass x

  • Morning everyone,

    CA lots of new things! How exciting. Sounds like you found your pram to me! Hope today goes ok, sounds really busy! Do you have a calmer day tomorrow?

    Imp - happy pomegranate day! Really hope the pills work for you. I didn't even know that was something that could happen! We have a really antisocial cat so even if I did become allergic to him I probably wouldn't notice haha.

    SG sounds like you have a nice day planned. Yay for internet and good luck for 3rd tri this weekend! Time is going too fast!

    Ixia - hope you feel better soon. Sounds like yesterday was a bit of a washout, stupid friend. Mind you if it was me I would have joined in on the nap! Although if I was at someone else's house and felt that tired I would have excused myself and gone home...

    Coco - Really hope the move goes well, can you get a company to do some/all of it? If not do you have time to do it in stages? If you;re close enough I'll send my H round to help!

    Sasasi - glad you;re feeling a bit better. I think my tiredness lifted around 14 weeks (can't really remember) but I do remember just waking up on one day and thinking "oh, I might be able to function normally today". Hope it's not too much longer for you.

    AFM - I had a lovely bday weekend with mum and dad and they were egging us on to buy instead of rent so I have a first appointment with a mortgage advisor today. I was worried about the job situation but the parents kindly pointed out we could get a mortgage just on H's wage which would mean a smaller house but no more renting! Very exciting stuff so keep your fingers crossed we get approved soon ladies! Baby wise I think I felt "something". I had a bubble feeling up my left side which was after eating but didn't feel like digestion so I'm (possibly wrongly) assuming it's baby. I hope so!

    Hi to those that follow

  • Morning ladies,

    CA, woohoo for sorting wheels for both you and the baby! Or just about anyway :) So exciting you think you've found your pram and that your car is on order! I really hope today isn't as bad as you think it will be. Fingers crossed for a cancelled meeting or two!

    Happy pomegranate day Imp! Happy Feet is getting so big :) Good news about the antihistamine, I hope it helps x

    SG, fantastic news that J is sleeping through! What a clever boy :) Have a nice day with your friends, scary that you're almost 3rd tri! Eek!!

    Ixia, hurrah to a wiggly bump :) I'd have feigned sickness and chucked friend out!

    Coco, yey for ticking off pram and bed! You'll soon be in your perfect family home in plenty of time for the baby to arrive. How very exciting!!

    SaSaSi, sorry you're feeling rubbish :( Glad to hear you're not feeling as sick, hope today flies and that you're soon back home and tucked up in bed again. Feel better soon x

    AFM, I woke up in the middle of the night with shocking heartburn. I then woke up again freezing cold lying on top of the covers - I must have fallen back to sleep at some point whilst battling the heartburn. Still if the old wives tales are to be believed it means I'm cooking a hairy little baby in there :) I wouldn't be surprised to be honest - I was born with masses of hair!

    Baby was so wriggly yesterday, I felt her for most of the day for the very first time :)

    Hi to all who follow xx

  • Missed you Jonesy with my super slow typing! Good luck with the mortgage advisor, how very exciting! Fingers firmly crossed here for you. Lots of ladies describe the first movements as feeling bubbles, so it sounds like it could have been! You'll start to feel more and more now - eeek! :)

  • Morning all, thought I'd better check in after being AWOL for a few days. Glad to see everything is going well for everyone. New prams, new houses, all good!

    I had a great weekend. My 21yr old second cousin who I didn't even know existed came to visit. She's Australian (my late granddad's brother emigrated in the 1950s) but living in London for a year, and late last week got in touch with the family here then got the train up this weekend. She's absolutely lovely, and I really hope we get to see her again before she goes back home in May.

    We've also half cleared out the office to turn into a nursery. Just the big desk to clear and dismantle now, which will get done in a week or so. We went to Mothercare on Saturday and have more or less decided on furniture, which is exciting. We've also decided on a car seat, the maxicosi cabriofix in bright red, since it has a base that can be seatbelted (we don't have isofix in the car, and can't secure a seat at all in my van). I'm also 99% sure we're going for the Mamas and Papas Sola pram, after playing with loads more in Mothercare on Saturday, and getting annoyed at having to take them apart before folding. You can fold the Sola without taking bits off, which I like, and it comes in bright red. I really want a colourful, non gender specific pram. Just need to pop into a M&P shop next weekend to play with one.

    Best news of all this week is that hubby got the promotion he was going for. Well, actually they decided he wasn't the right person for the job he went for, so created a new told for him at the same level. Means a pay rise but more interestingly a car allowance, which means we can possibly have a second car as well as my van, so two baby friendly vehicles :-)

    Lazy off work day today. Going to see a friend this afternoon then to the Mothercare expectant parent event tonight. Hope everyone has a lovely day xxx

  • Jonesy - bless you! I have everything crossed for the mortgage and a place to call your own. having rented for 6 years I feel your need for your own place! Sounds like it may be baby to me :-)

    Fig - sorry you're suffering from heartburn, but great the little lady I'd so wriggly!

    BF - I'm sorry but it's been grating at me for a while so I'll just say it...are you completely incapable of ever doing personals?

  • Hi Coco, no not at all, (look at my old first tri posts) but when I get on late and there are 10+ posts and I need to get on with stuff, sometimes I don't have time straight away, especially if it's just one day off between shifts. Sorry. I will wait until I have more time before posting next time. Sorry again.

  • Coco - thanks! I await eagerly :)

    Jonsey - so exciting to be buying a family home!! Great news!

    Figaro - LOL at the hairy baby! Boo to heartburn!

    Barefoot - that would be fair enough if you are just dropping in to say 'Hi' but when you have time to write several paragraphs about yourself that does not ring true? The threads are really supportive and its not fair when someone is just 'take take take'. We are all guilty of popping in with a 'Hi' on busy days but not continuously or the threads wouldnt work.

  • Lol SaSaSi, I won't be laughing anymore when I give birth to a hairy ape! Lol

    Agree that these threads are fantastic places for support, but you get out what you put in. If we all ignored each other and just wrote essays about ourselves every day then it would very quickly turn into a series of blogs rather than the supportive threads that they are. It would be really sad if that ever happened. There are other sites for writing blogs.

  • Good morning you busy lot!

    CA - Exciting times all around!  New wheels for you and for baby coming soon :)  I found pram shopping really daunting because there were so many!  Had to have about three attempts.  Boo to getting home at 9pm - I bet you'll fall into bed!

    Imp - Happy pomegranate day! Bad news about the allergy to your cat, hope the antihistamines work!

    SG - Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.  Great news for more sleep!  I think you can face anything when you're not sleep deprived.  I can't believe you're almost third tri now!

    Ixia - That would have really frustrated me, I hate it when people encroach on your plans and then it's not even worthwhile!  Yay for wriggly baby though!

    Coco - I hope you manage to get something sorted with help to move, try not to panic though! Do you have just the one day to do it or have you a couple?

    SaSaSi - Sorry you're feeling rubbish.  Hope a good sleep does you some good and it passes soon

    Jonesy - good luck with the mortgage! Defo sounds like baby to me :) I agree it felt like bubbles and also reminded me of the feeling when you get a twitchy eyelid but inside your belly

    Fig - Boo to heartburn especially if it's keeping you up, I swear by ranitidine! Lovely that you felt baby all day :)

    BF - Sounds like you've been very busy!  Good news about hubby's job :)

    Hope I haven't missed anyone, had to keep minimising the window!

    AFM - nothing much to report regarding baby.  Most of the nursery is done, just waiting for H to design the wall art and get it printed so that should be done when the baby is ready for starting school!  Tuesday is the new Friday for me today and I plan on doing very little on my days off!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Ixia, how rude of your friend?! I'd have been annoyed too.

    Coco you've achieved loads! I'm sure you'll be fine moving at 22 weeks, it'll just mean no heavy lifting- good excuse in my opinion!

    Sas I'm sorry you're feeling rotten still, early nights and plenty of rest sound like the best medicine.

    Jonesy, good luck on the mortgage front. Exciting that you felt bubbles too!

    Fig boo to heartburn. It's annoying raecislky at night. I find sleeping with an extra pillow sometimes helps. Oh and gaviscon!

    BF I agree with the others I'm afraid. If it ws just a short hello then fine, but you have time to write pages about yourself so take time to communicate with others. It's not as if you're any busier than the rest of us, or more important.

  • Hi all, A has just gone down for a nap so I'm going to attempt a proper reply to everyone! Wish me luck!

    CA - Oooh how exciting, new car and new pram! It's lovely to make a decision isn't it. Bleurgh to the VERY long day, hope it passes quickly for you.

    Imp - happy pomegranate day! I love them! Hope the MW is able to sort the MatB1 form out for you. I don't understand why they don't just do them at the 20-week scan.

    SG - hurrah for the sleeping through! I imagine, but don't know, that it's the best feeling ever hahaha. Hope you have fun today.

    Ixia - oh how annoying of your friend, I'd have just left her to doze and got on with stuff until she took the hint! Pleased to hear about the baby wriggling though, it's so exciting isn't it?!

    Coco - are you able to pay for any moving help? I moved at about the same time in my last pregnancy and it was fine BUT obviously didn't have an active toddler running around! In fact for me it was great, no heavy lifting and H wouldn't even let me paint (he is noticeably less precious about me in this pregnancy, hmmm!). We're hoping to move with toddler + newborn and I've just put aside some money to pay for removals men, moving is just stressful enough! Hope it all works out for you lovely x

    SaSaSi - I definitely think the sleep helps, I always felt better on the weekends when I got more sleep. Hope today goes ok for you!

    Jonesy - ahhh you've had some excitement hey, what with the baby moving and potentially buying a place. Fingers crossed it all goes well with the mortgage advisor.

    Figaro - oh so sweet to have felt her all day yesterday, that's lovely. Sorry about the heartburn, I remember it being a b*tch from last time. Are you taking any Gaviscon for it? Apparently you can get it free on prescription which I never knew!

    Barefoot - good news on the promotion. Hope you enjoy your day off.

    VT - are you having Wednesdays off? I did that in 3rd tri and it was fabulous! Or are you working weekends instead? Either way, yay for looking forward to some time off.

    OK I really hope I haven't missed anyone, please shout at me if I have!

    AFM not too much to report really. We've booked a gender scan for 18 weeks, which I'm really excited about, can't wait to find out. Going to tell my work colleagues about the pregnancy tomorrow in our monthly team meeting so please think of me, as I'm really nervous to do it! Today I'm at my mum and dad's (stayed over from the weekend) and just waiting for A to wake up from his nap and then we'll go home. My parents have been away in India, so it's really nice to have them home again. They've brought Indian sweeties home for us hahaha!

  • Ix, how rude of your friend, I'd never drop round just for a nap on someone else's sofa! Yay for movements though.

    Coco, sounds like you've been very productive indeed! Are you moving O straight to the toddler bed? I'd be too scared to out J in a bed where he could climb out, I'd have far too many night time visits I think! Are you able to get even a man and a van to help out with the move if you've not got anyone else? I can't see you being able to do much lifting at 22 weeks.

    Sasasi, sorry you're feeling so pants, hugs lovely. Hopefully things will start to improve soon.

    Jonesy, ooh, sounds exciting on the house front. Time to start playing the property porn game and getting addicted to right move! Woop-woop for bubbly baby movements, hope you get some more soon.

    Fig, sorry for the heartburn, a hairy baby would be good though, I love babies with loads of hair. J was bald until well over a year, or almost, I'm hoping Attila isn't as I don't want to resort to hair bands on a bald girl! Yay for lots of baby wriggles for you too.

    Bf, sounds like everything is coming along nicely. Congratulations to your H for his promotion.

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