***Wed 3rd Tri***


couldn't sleep so bit the bullet and got up. Hope the bad sleepers kleek are having better luck. 

Typical, today is a working from home day so could have had a lie in and tomorrow I have an early physio appointment, bet I'm not awake early for that one.

Had mw appointment yesterday, all ok but no sign of baby being engaged yet.

peak of the week today, hope we all have a good day x


  • Morning mrsP, at least we are closer to the w.end,, or do u have another xmas this weekend?

    Thought id pop on b4 my last day of work! Yay! It shouldnt be as long as the last 2 and my friend is graduating today so I get to watch!

    I posted last night about uncomfortable lady bits, well I wokein the night for a wee and could hardky walk! All fine this morning though. I think it is just the weight of baby and full bkadder after being on my feet or having rested!

    Im looking gorward to a day on the sofa tomorrow!,

    Hope everyone managed some sleep!

  • No sleep here, well four hours. And I can't have a lie in as I've got a cleaner coming to spring clean the house, which may take some time!! I've delegated the nesting to her. So I'm off out at 8.30 with my creaky pelvis and waddle. Oh and I've got the weekly midwife visit at lunchtime too. (37&2)

    Last day at work is great; make sure you get some rest. I've joined the library (until my birthday when I've got a kindle coming!)

  • Mrs Bass, have a great last day at work, hope it flies by! I've had a bad dragging sensation in lady bits, mw said it was spd and that's what physio is for, will let you know if it helps x

  • Hello ladies! Wondering if I could join you? I'm 28 weeks today :)
  • Yeay! Hello OB. Welcome to 3rd Tri, how exciting xxx

  • Morning all!

    Mrs P- sorry you had a terrible nights sleep! I didn't become engaged until my 36 week appointment so plenty of time! :-)

    Mrs Bass- have a fab last day at work!! It'll feel so surreal, im still not actually with it that I dont have to go to work! Those groin pains are horrendous arent they? I get them every night from round 6pm, to the point I struggle to walk and everytime I close my legs (odd) or cross my feet at my ankles im in agony!

    Sange- sorry you didn't get any sleep either! What a bunch we are, im only taking the positives that its getting us prepared for those night feeds! :-)

    OB- welcome! Nice to see you here :-)

    AFM- I actually had a lovely nights sleep, with only two toilet trips through the night. Yesterday was a busy day with washing, ironing, baking etc. Today im going shopping with a friend then spending the rest of the afternoon chilling out watching Christmas tv! Ha

    Ive got my 38 week midwife appointment tomorrow, so hoping that baby has engaged further than the 3/5 last time I went two weeks ago. I can only hope! Generally Im feeling fine in myself, lots of nesting going on and the spd type pains in the evening but thats mainly when I 've been sitting down too long, I need to keep active it seems!

    Ooh and an update- finally yesterday, at 38 weeks I packed my hospital bag! Hooray! :-)

    Hi to all that follow!

  • Hi all,

    Mrs P & Sange - fingers crossed for a better nights kip tonight.

    Mrs B - happy last day!

    OB - welcome :o)

    Mrs P - hope sensations get better!

    Gemini - well done for doing the bag :o)

    AFM - realised (only just- silly weeme) that I need to ask more questions, such as how much is baby engaged etc (doh!) at MW apt tomo. Had some period type pains last night, got excited thinking something was happening - but as is thew way - I think it was just a big poo! Have friends coming round for lunch - so maybe some frantic cleaning will get things going!!

  • Hi Weemee :-) check in your notes, the midwife should write down in one of the columns how engaged baby is. Thats where I first saw it.

    Hope baby is starting to get a wriggle on! :-)

  • oooh - is it in the "1/5's palpable" section?

  • oh and if so - I appear to have gone from 3/5's to free - that doesn't sound great!

  • Hi all,

    MrsP - i was awake when you first posted but was in denial and trying to sleep still. LO appeared at 6:45am tho and promptly did a poo. So i was up before 7am dealing with that!

    MrsB - Hurrah for last day at work

    Sange - i am jealous of cleaner - used to have one but cant exactly justify it now i'm a stay-at-home-Mum!

    Hi OB - Are you are sure you want to join 3rd Tri - its scary over here!

    Gem - let us know what midwife says and well done for finally packing bag!!

    Weeme - almost fully cooked - eeeek!

    AFM - Well my car has been towed away. Hope they find the problem asap otherwise they will have 8month pregnancy hormones to deal with! The carpet fitter is here - so the end of 3&1/2 month hall/stairs/landing project is very much in sight. Photos once he is done!

    Been feeling really sick - haven't actually been sick tho. Its these stupid antibiotics i'm on - they did the same to me in October. Also baby keeps squirming and stretching which really isn't helping. Midwife was supposed to drop off my 'hospital notes' last night but she never appeared. (Cos I'm having a homebirth the hospital notes have to stay with me - I dont really understand what they are for because- these are in additional to the notes i carry around with me!?!)

    36weeks today. How the hell did that happen?

  • Hiya HF! Boo to the sickness! :-( 36 weeks, wow! A lot of us are on the home straight now, eeks!

    Weemee- yes thats the section! I used to get confused, as in when she wrote 3/5 it was actually 3/5 head out, 2/5 head in. free means not engaged though, so unsure. I was 3/5 last week so could be free this week if hes come back out?!

    I know a lot of people whose baby hasnt engaged until pretty much during labour!

  • Hello ladies

    After a bit of discussion in 2nd tri I think I need to join you all from tomorrow onwards, eeekkk!

    Looking forward to finally being in 3rd tri :)

  • Morning ladies!

    I'll have to go on computer in a bit to do personals! I tried but I have no memory left!

    I slept so well last night. Only 2 toilet trips. I was up while h went to work 6-7 then I slept until almost 11!!! amazing! I needed it. I also packed my bag yesterday. Car seat is in the car (I needed to check I could do it!). Going to give the house a bit of a spring clean today after being so lazy yesterday. My 'bits' are sore this morning! She's obviously having a field day pounding
  • Back from mw. it's 2/5 down and headbutting my pelvic bone Crying

  • Ouch Sange, know that feeling well! Rest up!

  • Sange- I like the idea of delegating the nesting! I really don't think 'nesting' is something that is going to effect me!

    Welcome to 3rd Tri OB!!!!!

    Gemini- yay to finally packing the hospital bag, think i'll go and get my snacks tomorrow!

    Weeme- i only worked this out last week thanks to mrs P! Apparently it is the palpable column and whatever it says, its the opposite number engaged. eg 2/5 palable is 3/5 engaged!

    HorseFan- hope the sickness doesnt last!

    Mrs V- looking forward to you joining us tomorrow!!

    Custard- H wants to start practicing putting the carseat in!!

    My lady bits pain doesnt hurt when it being touched (legs crossed, wiping etc) it is just sometimes when i stand up or am working. and couple of times when i roll over in bed.

    I woyld have thought baby pressure would have been over the 'exit' but its further forward.

    well I have finished work now! yay!!!  might get a takeaway tonight to celebrate plus we dont seem to have any food in the house!

    Just hope the baby doesnt notice me relax and decide to arrive!!!

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