***weekend 1st tri***

Morning ladies

Hppe yyou're all well. I had a bit of a mini melt down yesterday afternoon.  Id been feeling odd all day and must've been to the loo about 30 odd times by then as for some reason id convinced myself something was going wrong. I was so tired as p wouldnt nap all day and then H got home a bit early and I could finally sit down and I suddenly just burst into floods of tears. Sobbing to H about how I was sure something was going wrong and how I felt guilty that id been feeling so pants amd that p hadnt had the best of me etc etc. Anyway H was great and calmed me down.  I then went and rode my horse and got some fresh air. I think it wasextreme tiredness! FFeel better after an early night and its a 3 day weekend so H is around to help me. 

In anothet mad moment yesterday I went to tesco and bought 10 pink grapefruit. Had 3 for my tea last night!! I gad the same need for them with p too!! Odd as although I like them I dont usually buy them.

Anyway today we have lunch wirh the inlaws and then back here as they havrnt seen the new house yet. Weve not told them yet, altjough my parents know.  Theyre going away for two weeks on monday so I think we'll wait until they're back. Horse competition tomorrow and then nothing for monday, we'll see what the weather does.


  • Morning everyone

    AR sorry you had a meltdown yesterday but Im glad you are feeling better. That's a lot of grapefruit!!

    Didn't manage to get on yesterday, work got in the way. Off to the hairdressers today and he's cut my hair for about 14 years so Im sure he'll notice its a lot thinner :( Im hoping sorting out my roots will help it look better!

    Off to my friends surprise 30th tonight and then no plans yet for rest of weekend. hoping to have a lie in tomorrow as Im awake way too early today!

  • It's amazing what a haircut can do mrs v, hope it makes you feel better about it. I'm sure you'll look fab for your friends party tonight. I love surprise parties so have fun!

    I forty to say but I seem to have developed a bump! It's just bloating I'm sure but when I was wearing just a leggings and t shirt last night I looked about 5/6 months pregnant, not 7 weeks. Going to have to be careful with what I wear, especially once I'm back at work.

  • AR, sorry you felt rubbish but I think sometimes we need to just let the emotion out, first Tri is really such a stressful time. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.  I have a bump too which was bloating but isn't now :)

    MrsV, hairdresser sounds good, I have an appt booked for the 12th and it's much needed! Lie in sounds good.

    I'm knackered, stayed in the same room as Jude last night and he was awake at 1.30am for some reason but at least didn't get up til 6.40 this morning. Going to Liverpool today, I'm going to go and get some new bras from John Lewis I think as my boobs are huge then my husband is back this afternoon, can't wait to see him!

  • Hello ladies, at last the weekend is here!

    AR - I totally sympathise with the meltdown, definitely better to let it out though. How are you feeling today?

    Mrs V - are you having anything different done to your hair? I always feel better after a haircut. Enjoy your lay-in tomorrow.

    Isis - yay to having yer man home!  And to comfier boobs lol.

    I was going to spend yesterday in bed but instead the 3 of us and dog took a load of stuff to a local country park and I laid outside with a book all day. I felt dreadful but at least I wasn't in bed. Got home and just blubbed on the sofa about how rubbish a wife I am, how crap I feel and how I literally have no interest in anything. Think hubby and son were really surprised and were so sweet to me. The sinusitis is slightly better after a few goes at steaming but it's at the back of my head too, which is a worry as it's been hurting there for months only I didn't know what it was and I've read it can cause serious complications. Being pregnant has turned me in to a super-worrying wuss!!!! If I'm well enough we're off to cinema today then a walk by the sea with the dog.

  • Morning ladies

    AR glad you felt better after getting out on your horse, I think sometimes you just need that release. Be kind to yourself. I'm another with a bump already,my tummy is starting to feel hard too. Mat jeans at 9 weeks wasn't part of the plan!

    MrsV, enjoy the hairdressers!

    Isis, your day sounds good, enjoy having your H back x

    AFM, a bit tired today again, M got me up at 715, it felt like the middle of the night,  Got my mum visiting so going out with her and M this morning then this afternoon H is taking M to the football(!) Which he insists shell love - I'm not convinced - so mum and I going shopping. Out for dinner with H tonight which will be nice.

  • Missed you there Counter, sorry you are feeling so rubbish, hope you are well enough for dinner tonight xx

  • Isis I need to do the same re bras! Bet your excited about your H coming home.

    Counter hope you feel better soon. Im having highlights done, not planning on having it cut unless my hairdresser thinks it needs it.

    WE enjoy your meal out tonight.

  • I got a maternity bra, 32FF, hope my boobs don't grow even more! Absolutely worn out so we're having Chinese takeaway, when can I start blaming the baby for needing takeaways? ;)

  • Hi everyone!

    AR sorry you've had a meltdown but I think it's bound to happen every so often so go with it! Pink grapefruit sounds nice I'm a fruit fiend at the minute may give it a go.

    Hope you have fun at the hairdressers mrs v, I love having a gossip and feel so much better when it's done - hopefully they can give you some volume back.

    Isis glad you got fixed up - I'm dreading the noobs bit although I'm about a size 10 my boobs are normally 34ff so I'm hoping they don't grow too much!

    Counter bless you with working so hard all week you're allowed to veg at a weekend, it's hard work growing a person don't beat yourself up.

    Weekender ha ha poor M going to football, at least it gives you some girly chill out time so enjoy.

    AFM had a busy couple of days at work and mum is up for the bank holiday and to wait in for our hall stairs and landing carpet fitters in Tuesday yay! I'm feeling ok today, had a lie in until 9:20 which is unheard of for me and not much nausea - obviously this also worries me but trying to be good and keep calm. Visit to the shops tomorrow and walking the dogs on the beach Monday plus a fair amount of lazing on the couch!

  • Isis-my 34H bra is starting to suffer...i'm scared of how much they'll grow this time. My nursing bras from P were a 36K!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grif that sounds like a lovely weekend. HOw nice to be near the beach.

    I'm feeling much better today. I went back to bed and slept until 11am and then had another 2 hour nap this afternoon. Think i really needed the sleep! Managed to eat a bit more today too which helped, although that's because i feel less sick. Which obviously scares me. Can't win!!!

  • Oh heck AR your boobs win! Going to try my new bra today, hope it's comfier!

    Me and H were in bed by 9pm last night, Jude didn't get up til nearly 8am so we're all feeling loads better :) going our for lunch with my oldest friend today, not see her for ages so looking forward to it. Will sob I can't eat Brie, pâté or drink wine!!

    Glad we all seem to be feeling a bit better today x

  • Good luck with the new bra! Remember you can have brie if it's been cooked, so you can have baked brie etc as long as it's piping hot all the way through.Enjoy!

    It's grey and miserable here this morning but have a competition with my horse later on today which will be fine. Hopefully it'll brighten up and we won't get soaked.

  • Oh yes, I love a hot Brie and bacon baguette! If I get lucky they might have baked Camembert on the menu!

    I'm still in bed, no idea what the weathers doing lol

  • Someone said the B-word. I MISS BRIE!!!!

    I was feeling sorry for my painful boobs (a D from a C) but you ladies have got a lot more on your plate, bless you!!

    I'm in bed being spooned by a tiny jack russell lol. Hubby is out on his bike getting in a 'quick 30 miles' before he comes back to do painting, the crazy fool. I'm starving hungry but food makes me feel so rubbish I'm holding out for as long as I can - which won't be very much longer :)

  • I think I'm going to have toast and marmalade for brekkie if the breads not gone mouldy lol

  • Yum! I've just texted my son, who's downstairs, and emotionally blackmailed him in to making me some super-stodgy Ready Brek.

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