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Worried I've missed a thread - anyone seen it...?!


  • Work was busy but took cake hubby made in, it was AMAZING. Last night we went for 3 mile walk with dog (can't believe we usually would do 5-10!!) and a drink. Then takeaway and bed. Nice :)

    Today they're out (working, driving lessons etc) so I'm banning work and having a Xmas prep day! I've had help to get everything out of the loft. Sorting through old decs, ones to chuck, ones to donate to work, ones to put up. Have put ribbon on to 100 pines cones and unwrapped about 60 baubles and have like with like in bowls ready to go. (This is so not like me!). I've ordered our tree and reserved some other bits online to pick up later. I'm going to wrap some presents while I log everything I've got so far. Not sure what we're doing when H is home from work but I'm guessing food will be a big part of it (no wonder I'm massive).

    Baby stuff all good, boobs sore as hell, lots of CM (sorry) and movements from time to time. This is so far from my first pregnancy it's untrue. And I'm convinced I'm going to have a little demon as a result! I had an awful pregnancy with Harry but a perfectly behaved, heavy sleeper, good feeder baby. Think I'm getting a wake up call in April!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend x

  • Hi counter!

    I'm sooooooo impressed with all your Christmas organisation today! It's such a fun time of year and those kind of jobs are actually quite enjoyable even if they take you am entire day!! I think I'll do the same next weekend. Its crazy how different your pregnancies have been but you might have another fabulous sleeper and eater on your hands again! Here's hoping anyway!

    We've got 7 for dinner tomorrow night so been making iced lemon flummery and shortbread for the dessert and just made a pot of soup for the starter. I'll make the pie main course tomorrow. Usually I do the cooking in one day but end up shattered by the time everyone arrives! Hopefully we can do something nice with our afternoon today as its bright and mild! We've started a mini bucket list for Jan - due date following the thread on here to make sure we take advantage of our time together before bubs arrives. Lots of wriggling today which is lovely as it's usually so quiet in there!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Counter - I loved your pinecones on Fb! We are heading to homebase in a bit to find some xmas bit's Hubby is finding all ours in the shed atm :)!

    Sweetpea - Hope your not too tired your food sounds lovely! hope you have a nice afternoon :)

    Nothing much to report, My scan isn't until the 17th of december so just counting down the days!! Can't believe I am 18 weeks they seem to have flown past since my last scan!

  • Morning! Counter that's impressive Christmas prep! I need to do similar really because we're in a much bigger house than last year and in worried my decorations will look a bit sparse! Sp-yay to wriggles, I'll bet in a few weeks they'll be non-stop! The bucket list is a fab idea! AFM we've had baby ballet this morning then went into town, p needed new shoes, lots of Christmas stuff and a very cute baby boy baby grow - my first boy item!!! We've bought p her first bed and H is going t
  • O pick that up then the horse to do. Tomorrow we've got lunch out with H's family and his uncle and aunt who live in America. They are coming here after lunch for coffee so also need a major tidy/clean. Ugh id forgotten about that!! Enjoy your weekends everyone!
  • Hi ladies, just quickly popping on - been a not bad day, took M to a singing group this morning in the library as she had books to return, then home and cleaned my kitchen, it's sparkling.  After lunch went looking for a new (fake) Christmas tree as the one we've got is really too big for our current living room.  So got that sorted, M's fallen asleep again, poor wee thing isn't right at the moment, just about to wake her as she's slept for almost two hours.  Just been watching BBC News coverage of the helicopter crash in Glasgow and was almost in tears watching the Chief Constable, I actually thought he was going to cry, it's horrific :(

    Baby wise, lots of kicks, lots of trips to toilet and doing a dribble, god knows what I'll be like at full term Laugh.  Just about to attempt waking M up again - wish me luck!

    Hope everyone's having a good day, Counter yours sounds particularly productive!

  • Morning ladies!

    How are we all? 1st December, christmas countdown is on! Not a lot planned for today as yet, think we will take M to feed the ducks and I could do with a visit to Tesco. Think we will pop over to see SIL, she's had loads of work done on her house and I'm dying for a nose! Must buy Christmas cards and got a few other bits to get so might also brave the shops! Off work this week and I can't wait, looking forward to dropping M at nursery on Wednesday already [bad mummy icon]. Got hairdresser and a nail appointment booked but apart from that my plan is to wrap presents, read books and watch Christmas films! I'm going to do a Christmas Eve hamper too so will put that together then find somewhere to hide it

    Hope everyone is having lovely weekends xx

  • Morning! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.

    Counter - sounds like a busy day but at least it doesn't involve work! Maybe your pregnancy is so different because it's a girl this time?!

    SP - love the idea of a pre-baby bucket list, suggested it to H last night! Hope all your dinner prep went well yesterday and you managed to get your feet up for a bit.

    CC - 17th Dec will come around in no time at all! Are you hoping to find our what you're having?

    AR - busy but productive weekend by the sounds of it!

    Weekender - how lovely to have a week off to look forward to...just a bit jealous!

    AFM - feeling fine this weekend, just a bit achy, thinks there's a lot of growing going on at the moment! Had a lovely date night with H last night, went for dinner and to the cinema. Did have to have a nap in the afternoon to prepare! We bought out Xmas tree too so looking forward to decorating this weekend. Need to do a trip to the tip this weekend and try to get the house tidy, then out for lunch with friends later. Think I need to find some Christmas spirit though, will start by opening my advent calendar today!

  • Morning ladies

    Hope everyone is well.

    Counter - That sounds like a very productive day! I wish I was that creative.

    SP - Hope the dinner prep is going well, very brave lady cooking for 7! I love cooking but do stress out about big numbers.

    CC - I know, time is going way too quickly at the moment which is good and bad all at the same time.

    AR - Hope you have managed to have a good clean up?!

    WE - Ha ha I'm sure you aren't a bad mummy, you definitely need a bit of pampering/organising time I'm sure. Its exactly why my baby's nursery is going to be close to home rather than close to my work :)

    Flossy - Glad you had a nice night out last night. Enjoy the christmas decorating today.

    AFM - Off to a hotel by the sea this afternoon which is H's birthday present from me (although obviously I will enjoy it too!!). I have a pedicure booked in whilst H has a massage. I can't wait. Then we are staying the night and coming back tomorrow. Think it will be our last night away before the baby comes, eeekkkk!

    In other news, dining room is getting there. Hopefully we will be able to paint this week. Christmas decs are on hold until its finished :(

  • P.s what on earth is a rutabaga??!!! Think I need to change my ticker.

  • Flossy - No not finding out what we are having we want a surprise! so team yellow for us! Hoping it will past fast lol!

    Glad you had a nice date night... Think me and H need to do this sometimes! what did you see in the cinema?

    Mrs V -Haha yes it's scary Hubby said in a few weeks your be over half way! I was like OMG! lol It's nice and scary at the same time like you say!

    Where are you off to? I hope you both enjoy it lovely to be treated for sometime away :)

    Hope you manage to finish the dining room off :)

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