**fri 3rd tri**

Morning!! Awake by 5am as usual here, so annoying. P had now caught H's bug although not as badly yet it'd seem. Suspect I'll have to stay here today as I doubt he'll manage feeling so I'll and looking after p. Not ideal as I'm so busy at work. Nothing to report pregnancy wise really, just ticking along. Baby out vibes to LR and ps.


  • Hey

    Autumnrose poor P hope she gets better quickly. Nothing worse than when you H is sick too though...they also turn into kids lol

    Afm awake between 2 and 3.30 so now knackered. Lots of kicks and movement during night so baby clearly enjoying himself at my expense lol. X
  • Oh dear ladies! Not good for either of you. Hope you bank some rest at the weekend.

    I'm tired due to work, but slept fairly okay last night. Long day today, early start with meetings til lunch, then call in after work at sister's then a group of us girls are meeting for dinner. I plan to sleep all of tomorrow morning to make up for it! Having horrible/weirdy dreams every night.

    Happy Friday to everyone coming after :)

  • Morning

    AR, hope P escapes most of the sickness, bugs are horrible but worse when the littlies have them :(

    ABC, another tired one by the sounds of things, almost the weekend, hopefully you'll get more rest x

    Yesterday I developed the worst pelvic pain, I could hardly stand up. It's gone this morning, not sure if baby was just lying funny but OUCH! Saw midwife yesterday, everything was fine. Bumped into SIL while i was thete, she's due 10 days after me, she was being sent to hospital by midwife with reduced movements. All was ok but goodness we are growing a pair of troublemakers!

    Today I'm off to buy new mattresses for crib and carrycot, nappy bin, changing mat, oh and a birthday present for my brother I better not forget that! Then that should be the baby shopping done. Oh apparently Asda have reduced all their baby event items if anyone's needing anything. I'll have a look in there too.

    Baby out vibes to pottysue and lavender rose, and anyone else who wants them x

  • Counter, busy day for you! Enjoy dinner tonight and twin cuddles. I too am having the weird dreams....

  • Morning!

    AR, hope P picks up soon. I'm a rubbish nurse, no sympathy lol

    Abc, sorry you had a rubbish night. It's nearly the weekend!

    Counter, sounds like a busy but good day :)

    Weekender, happy shopping! I've had pains down my legs from trapped nerves, I think it's just baby lying funny.

    I know I'll have missed people but I started replying then had to do the school run. Have come straight home as I don't feel quite right.
  • Isis, what's wrong? Could it be things starting?

  • Morning All

    AR - another sleepless night , grrrrr, hope P gets better soon

    ABC - also to you another non sleeper, im sure these babies are just laughing at us

    Counter - hope your long day goes very quickly and you get to enjoy your evening

    WE - you got a right busy one planned today, no over doing it!

    Isis - whats up? why are you feeling odd?

    Baby our vibes to those who need them - including myself!

    AFM - feeling really pissed off today regarding the appointment yesterday! was obviously told at my last appointment that i am defo not to go overdue and i cannot be induced and that i needed to have the sweeps started off yesterday! went to hopsital yesterday got seen by another doctor and got told something completly different, No sweep as they said it was too early and that it probably wouldnt work so i have to go back for one next week, also got told they will discuss an induction date??? and then the biggest shock was that the doctor said seeing as baby has been well throughout and my blood pressure has remianed stable that she see's no reason why i cant have the baby in the widwife lead birthing centre and not the labour ward?????? im so confused! i've always been told i am high risk and will need to be monitored closely so thats what i have in my head, now there telling me to go to the Birthing centre! of course she followed these suggestions by saying that all this will need to be agreed by my on consultant (who is never around) I am hoping to see him next week!

    I feel exhausted today!

  • Morning,

    AR- Oh no, poor P and H, hope they are better soon and you manage to avoid it.

    ABC- Hope you get to catch up on some sleep over the weekend! I love those night time movements, keeps me company when I get up for a wee lol.

    Counter- Busy day for you. Gettin some twin cuddles at your sisters? Enjoy the meal out. Sleeping through tomorrow sounds great!

    Weekender- Glad the pain has gone and midwife went well. Scary for SIL but good that all is ok. Enjoy shopping today.

    Isis- Hope you're ok. Maybe start of baby making an appearance?

    NLH- How confusing for you. Not suprised you are pissed off. Is this because you have seen someone different to normal?

    AFM- My half an hour journey took 1 hr 45 mins today! So glad its Friday, have a pregnancy pamper package booked in for tomorrow consisting of a massage, facial, eyebrow wax and pedicure so cannot wait for that. baby very wriggly, everyone is saying how big my bump is, although its measuring 2cm smaller than my dates at every midwife appointment so surely cant be that big?!

  • I just felt funny, light headed and not quite right. I feel ok now, if things are happening that would be ace! H is away weds morning so a few days before that would work.

    Nlh, how confusing. What are your health issues?
  • Bertie are you short? I consistently measure smaller but I look huge. I'm only 5tt though so there's no where for the baby to go other than out!
  • Isis- Fingers crossed for you. Take it easy today though if you can. Yea, I am only just over 5ft and a petite frame so I think the same, she has no upwards space just forwards lol.

  • Bertie - i have seen a different doctor the last 4 appointments so not seen my original doctor for quite some time, ps very jealous of your pamper package

    Isis - glad your feeling a bit better now! make sure you keep an eye on it, basically i had a thrombosis of the brain so i have to be careful of me getting another clot, also i had epilepsy too!

  • Hello everyone.

    Just a quick update from me because I'm shattered and have toddler to keep entertained.

    All went well with midwife on Wednesday and with the scan yesterday. They are all predicting a smallish baby. Have had a horrid cough for the last week and haven't been sleeping well. Last night the cough was behaving but my DH woke me up at 2:30 when he went to the loo and then I couldn't get back to sleep until 4:30ish. A few twinges but nothing exciting to report today (due date). Hoping that DD will have anice long nap this afternoon (she needs one) so that I can also have a nap to make me feel more human.

    Vibes to all who need them.

    Sue 40+0

  • NLH- That is rubbish, no wonder you dont know whats going on. Hopefully you can discuss things and sort it out soon.

    Pottysue- Happy Due date! Glad midwife and scan went well. Did they say a rough weight? Fingers crossed you can have that nap today.

  • Hi everyone, now we're back home just wanted to pop in to say hello to my tri buddies :-) PS sending lots of baby out vibes to you, and LR also. That is great news NLH but I  can see why you're confused!!

  • Hi Rose :) Hope you and little bubba are getting on ok!

  • I got my nap (2 hours in bed and about 1 hour solid sleep) and feel human again! They estimated that baby currently weighs 3.2kg (7lb1oz), so not really diddy but about 20th centile.

    Hi Rose - I hope that all is going well for you and your baby. Thanks for the vibes :-)

  • Doubt anyone will be back on but wanted to say hello! Had a hectic week at work :( have Monday off and then only 4 days left before I finish for mat leave!! Yay! I'll defo be back on Monday to properly catch up with everyone.

  • Hi all, only just had the chance to get on today. Hope you are all ok. No sign of baby yet and due date tomorrow.

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