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**monday 3rd tri**



  • Hi all sorry I haven't been on for a few days. Been ill and busy! H had sickness bug on Wednesday so was home from work, I thought I'd got away with it but had to come home from work early on Friday and was very very sick. Yuk. Luckily I was better for yesterday as I was godmother to a good friends little girl and we had a 2nd birthday pool party after that in The afternoon. All three of us were shattered by tea time and I went up to bed at 9 and slept quite well for a change.

    As for bump. I'm quite uncomfortable now. My pelvis has started to ache and it clicks and pops when I turn over in bed. I defo can't lie on my back anymore as it feels like I can't breathe. Still the end is in sight. Only 2 more days at work (Thursday and fri) then half term and my mat leave officially starts the day before my due date.

    We have lots of birthdays coming up in the next 2/3 weeks including Isla's we have arranged a little tea party for her the weekend before her actual birthday. Thought it unlikely I'd go into labour on my actual due date.

    Anyway. I hope to post a bit more this week. Sorry no personals today xx

  • Sam that sounds so frustrating! Of course since I was thinking about it and on the ook out, i felt more movement!

    Hi Mrs B,  sorry to hear you have all been ill. Yay for only 2 days left at work!

  • Hi all, very late (so what else is new!?! lol) just got back from my 4d scan and pram shopping. It was great. Picked the travel system and the 4d was amazing except baby kept a hand in front of its face (just like at the 20 wk scan!). Came away with 3 2d pics, 3 3d pics, a cd rom of all the still images and a dvd as well, really pleased! I was going to put pictures on but for some reason it won't post when I add them...

    Mrs Bass, I'll be going to the bf classes by myself Sad might be going to the parentcraft one on my own too yet...

  • Jem, glad the scan went well! ope u manage to post a pic! which travel system did u go for?

    What is parentcraft?!

  • I've gone for the Hauck Apollo system. Sorry parentcraft is what they call the antenatal classes here. We have breastfeeding classes, waterbirth workshops and parentcraft which is just normal antenatal

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