**Monday 3rd tri**

Thought i would start todays as we are on the way to the hospital! Waters broke last night and contractions have ramped up.
Vibes that its not some sort of false alarm please!!!


  • Oh fab news! Good luck xx

  • Great news Mrs Bass! I hope things are well on their way now. I'm excited to know if baby bass is a pink or a blue!xx

  • Oooo fab news Mrs Bass. Very excited for you!

  • Morning CK & MDD. Hope you are both okay.

    AFM - off to midwife this morning, then heading into London this afternoon. Baby "stay put" vibes would be appreciated!!

  • Morning hf, hope you have a nice easy journey today!

    Mdd - How are you guys?

    Afm - not much here woke at 3 then 4 so got up starving had tea and toast and slept on couch for a bit. Just off to have 2nd brekkie today. No plans for the next two days just lots of christmas tv and sweet eating i think!

    Ck x

  • Crash! Yey Mrs Bass! Hope it all goes smoothly for you xxx

    Morning CK, hope all is well with you! Xxx

    HF - Baby stay put vibes to you! Xxx

    Mdd *waves* hope you're getting on ok xxx

  • Brilliant news, good luck Mrs Bass xx

    Baby stay put vibes for HF. Hope you have a good day in London.

    Enjoy chilling out CK, I have a very similar two days planned.

    Hi MDD and Bump Envy.

    Not got much planned really except seeing friends for lunch and wrapping presents. Really don't feel very Christmassy though :( think maybe it's because I'm too excited about February. Hopefully some good films will get me in the spirit.

  • Oo Im actually here early enough to join in!!!

    Good lick Mrs bass, look forward to your ba soon

    hf sending you stay put vibes

    ck that sounds like a great way to spend the next few days!

    Ld enjoy your lunch, i don't feel very Christmassy either

    afm i think Im helping my mum deliver the last of her presents today, definitely don't feel like i have the energy though. hi to everyone that follows

  • Ohh Mrs Bass this is so exciting, thinking of you and hope it's going well!!

    HF- Enjoy London, stay put little HF!!

    CK- Two brekkies sounds immense, good for you!!!

    LD- Hope you start to feel a bit more Christmassy soon! Maybe a good Christmas movie while wrapping pressies will do the trick?

    Jem- Hope delivering pressies isn't too knackering, take it easy if you can!

    Quiet day here - H has got to do some work today (from home, though, so at least he's about) and then we're out for a 'friends christmas' tonight - my friend's H is a chef so I'm really looking forward to that! Hope I am not too zombie like though - I woke on the hour every hour last night - feck knows why, that's not meant to happen until baby is here!!!

  • Morning All

    oOOHH MrS B - i am so excited! massive baby out vibes for your little christmas present to arrive!

    hope everyone has a good day! Happy Christmas Eve Eve Everyone! I am officially on the wind down now! woo hoo! and then when i return only 10 days at work left! yayyy!!!!!

    AFM - not alot baby wise, having lots of movement, still got lots of issues with the SPD but hey ho, not alot i can do !


  • Morning everyone

    Mrs B - How exciting! Hope things move quickly for you and you have a early Christmas present :)

    MDD - Hope you are doing well.

    HF - I hope the trip into London goes well and baby stays in a little longer.

    Ck - Sounds like a good plan. I intend doing the same, I think we can all play the pregnancy card this Christmas and put our feet up!!

    BE - Morning!

    LD - I'm feeling much the same but hopefully will feel more Christmassy soon!

    Jem - Put your feet up later on :)

    Rose - That sounds lovely, enjoy the food.

    NLH - 10 days left at work that's crazy! I'm starting to think I might be mad working up to 38 weeks!

    AFM - Last day at work today before Christmas :) Got to leave at 2.30 for the MW which was very well planned! Although I blame the MW's as they were reluctant to book me in on Christmas eve. Not feeling particularly Christmassy but hopefully it will kick in once I finish work.

  • Woo hoo, fab news Mrs a Bass! Looking forward to reading your BA! Xxx

    Hello MDD and BE hope you and LOs are well and looking forward to their 1st Christmas - eek!

    CK, enjoy a quiet lazy day! I did the same, could not sleep thanks to wriggler, so got up and eventually fell asleep about 4.

    Horsefan, baby in vibes to you, hope you enjoy the party!

    Littledude, hope lunch and pressie wrapping today help you feel Christmassy x

    Jem, don't overdo it today. Have a good day playing Santa but get your feet up too! And err, 9 days to go!!!

    Rose, hope you manage some naps today! Dinner sounds yum!

    NLH, hope today goes quickly for you? Hope the SPD eases x

    Mrs V, good planning on your last day at work! Hope the midwife goes well!

    Afm, was supposed to be going for a la leche league meeting with a girl from my nct class, but she was up being sick all night (her morning sickness gas lasted throughout) and I've totalled 2 and a half hours sleep so think I'm sacking it off and will take advantage of Christmas TV! Must finish hospital bag today and finish wrapping pressies!


  • Mrs V  - 38 weeks! wowzer!!!! i finish at 35 weeks and i am wondering how i am going to get to that point! x

  • Jem - take it easy today.

    Rose - I'm awake half the night too. Hope you have a fab dinner tonight.

    NLH - I don't finish until 39 weeks, what the hell is wrong with me!

    Mrs V - Hope your MW appt goes well.

    Mrs P - enjoy your relaxing day and get your hospital bag packed!

  • Oooooh good luck Mrs Bass, I hope that your baby is in your arms very soon! Can't wait to see your BA!

    HI everyone else, sorry can't do personals at the mo as frantically cleaning the house ahead of my family coming to visit, but will try to pop back later x

  • I wonder How Mrs B is doing?

  • Hi ladies, Saw Midwife this morning, Everything fine. BP, urine all normal. Still back-to-back. 1/5engaged , she agreed with me birth not imminent... So LO and I came onto London. The party is brilliant although I will admit to be shattered and it doesn't finish till 4 and we've got hour&half trip home!
  • Congratulations:

    23rd - Mrs Bass

    Over due bench- baby out vibes!!!


    Happy due date!!

    23rd - Dizzyduck

    The list!

    25th - HorseFan

    26th - Penny


    1st - jem179

    2nd - MrsPenguin

    24th - CK


    8th - Rose

    8th - Little Dude

    19th - OB

    19th - Purple Pixie

    20th - fig leaves

    21st - neverlosehope

    25th - Isis

    27th - Mrs V


    4th - *sweetpea*

  • Hope that's edited right...

  • 5th and over a month to go! Could be a quiet month!

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