**TGIF 2nd Tri**

Hi. No thread?! Can't believe it! Hope everyone is OK.

AFM - Well, some may have seen my post last night. Think I could do with some time off work! Going to try and book some days next week - might spend them taking H to Kiddicare! :) I'm currently looking at my spreadsheet to see how much H would need to bring in for me to be able to take 12 months off for maternity leave! Anyone else do this when they are having a tough time at work? I don't suppose any of you have to decide how long you are taking now.... I only have to because of their weird pay policies (it basically means if I don't say before how long I am taking I will be overpaid / owe money, or not paid enough, etc).


  • Morning pep! I feel like I always start the thread so sometimes I leave it for someone else.

    I've not got that technical with working out finances, but I've sort of worked it out. We can survive on c's income alone, it's right but we can just about survive. So for the 9 months with SMP I think we'll be ok, and I'm saving like mad so I can hopefully have the full year off.

    I think time off for baby shopping sounds excellent!

    AFM- dreadful nights sleep again. Happy feet must be in a funny position too as they're real low down on the left side. I had some funny ache and when I used the Doppler that's where they were hiding. Come on happy feet, move yourself a bit!!

  • Hi!

    We can't survive on H's salary alone but he's doing overtime and I'm working a pub job some evenings to try and get extra. With SMP it will be fine but without it we can't really afford to eat! Luckily my job pays good mat pay so if they don't make me redundant then we're ok and if they do make me redundant we can live off that if we need to. I've already sorted dates and worked out my pay for both scenarios but I'm the maternity lead in my department so I do that for all our employees anyway so it's easy.

    I hope happy feet moves for you Imp that doesn't sound too comfy. Was it the baby keeping you awake? I sometimes feel like my lower belly is full and if I bend over it feels uncomfortable but I'm never sure if that's baby or food!

    Nothing much to report here. I just have a consultant appointment on Monday as I have an irregular heartbeat. It was checked out last year and I was told it was fine but when I mentioned it to the midwife she immediately rang the ob consultant and booked me in so I'm getting nervous!

  • Imp - Hope baby wriggles somewhere else soon! Is your babies HB always in the same place roughly? So far baby has always been on the left side for me. He doesn't like the right side!

    Jonesy - I could do with you in my life! I'm getting a headache trying to work out all the different scenarios of pay I could go for! Glad you're all sorted tho. Are you hoping for redundancy or not? Don't worry re the heartbeat, try and see it as a good thing that its being checked over by a cons :) x

  • Good morning!  I've been lurking around lately.

    Pep, if I hadn't left my job when we went to Paris I would probably be at the end of my tether by now, as it would have apparently warped into a different role that I would hate!  I'm lucky in that because I worked for a charity I earned peanuts and Ant earns a good salary, so we are surviving on the pennies I'm still bringing in from my handful of days working at the museum.  6 days this month, hah!  I hope you enjoy your time off next week and decide soon whether to take the full year.

    Imp, sorry to hear you're still not sleeping well.  Is it worth a mention to your midwife or GP?

    Welcome to 2nd tri, jonesy!  I did see you join us, but didn't comment on the thread before.  I hope they are just being overly cautious about the heartbeat, but being pregnant places more strain on the heart, so better to be safe then sorry!

    AFM, still not exchanged, nor have I heard from our solicitors in a couple days, so I'm emailing them this morning again.  We need to exchange by next Friday to keep the14th for completion!!  But in baby news I'm feeling loads more from her now.  She particularly liked yoga yesterday.  She was dead set against me actually doing any relaxation during that bit, though ;). I think we are set for the name, well... as set as you can be before you meet them, right?

  • sorry just a quickie as about to jump on to a conference call - but i slept !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all fricking night hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • Pep - I'm afraid I'm only good at NHS calcs but if your pay is similar I might be able to do an estimate? Hoping to not be made redundant as I think I will get more and I just hate the idea of having to cut mat leave short to make sure I get another job when I need one. I hate the unknown!

    Thanks Pep and Wispa for the reassurance. I know deep down it's good and I'm happy they are bothering about it but I just feel a bit miffed that the whole reason we put TTC on hold last year was to check it wasn't serious. If the consultant says it might cause problems I'm suing haha.

    Wispa - hope you get the house sorted soon, how exciting! And it must be lovely feeling her move. Are you keep the name to yourselves?

    Monnie - Yaaay! I bet you feel so much more human today. Hope the conference call goes well

  • Jonesy they're probably just being cautious with the referral. I hope it's all ok.

    Wispa I'm not going to the gp. I sleep better at the weekends and it's got and miss in the week. If it was every night I would go bit I honestly just think it's anxiety.

    I hope you kick some butt and the sicutor pulls their finger out, you have my sympathy. We were going through the same rbbish this time last year, it sucks.

    Pep- happy feet moved about all over the phase normally. I normally only capture them for 30 seconds and then they're off someplace else. So this is out of character!

    I'm home for lunch now so I'm going to check if they've moved yet, it's not as sore so I think they might have done.

  • Afternoon all, not sure if anyone is still around.  I've been lurking all week.  

    Pep - Time off for shopping sounds perfect.  Defo do that and hope you sort your headache of work and finances out soon.

    Imp - naughty Happy Feet keeping you awake and causing you pain!!!  Glad they are ok though.

    Jonesy -  hi.  Your appointment on Monday will just be routine I'm sure to check and make sure everything is ok.  Try not to worry too much.

    Wispa - Hope you get some word back from the solicitors soon!!!!  Exciting you've picked a name!!!

    Monnie - yay for sleeping all night.  You must feel so much better today.

    AFM - I left work at lunchtime today because I had an early pregnancy Physio class.  It was really interesting going through the changes to your body and about the aches and pains and what to do to try and alleviate or, hopefully, prevent them before they start.  I thoroughly enjoyed it plus it was nice to do a pregnancy related thing because I've been avoiding most pregnancy thoughts etc until after my 20 week scan.  Apart from that I'm still feeling brilliant.  Still more at the 'I feel fat, not pregnant' stage but I'm  hoping this will change soon.  I'm forgetting I'm pregnant quite a lot too which isn't so good!!!!

    Hi to all that follow

  • Pep - time off work sounds like a great idea. I've got some holiday days to take before the end of March so I'm using them up by having an extra day off a week.

    Imp - sorry your not getting much sleep.

    Jonesy - hope everything goes well with the appointment.

    Wispa - hope you managed to hear back from the solicitors.

    Monnie - yay for a good nights' sleep!

    CA - I occasionally forget too!

    AFM - I got told at work today that I look exhausted.  I was wide awake at 8am when I went in but by midday I was ready to have a nap! We've booked our night away - the hotel we work at has a sister hotel and we can stay there on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis for £30 each.  They also have a spa so I'm going to treat myself :)

  • Hello,

    Late one for me but might still catch some people around :)

    Pep, time off for baby shopping sounds like a good plan! I don't envy you having to decide now how long you're taking for maternity leave, it seems very unfair and little unrealistic of them -  anything could happen that would mean you might change your mind. I have my fingers crossed for a lottery win for you ;) Are you any further forward with your decision?

    Imp, I hope Happy Feet gets a wriggle on soon and dances into a more comfortable position. I'm glad the doppler is still picking them up nice and strong x

    Jonesy, good luck for your appointment on Monday! It's good that they're keeping an eye on it for you.

    Wispa, hope you've heard from your solicitor by now! Exciting that you have picked a name!!

    CA, I've seen a pic of you and it's all bump! There not an ounce of fat on you, you look great x Glad your physio class was good, it sounds really interesting.

    AFM, no joy with the house yesterday, I don't think it's the one for us. So back to rightmove it is. I just want to find somewhere now. I could feel baby squirming away last night in bed, I love feeling her :) and this morning my birthing book arrived from Amazon. I'm too scared to look at it at the moment. It's currently hidden in a drawer!

    Hope everyone has had a brilliant Friday..,it's the weekend! Yey!!

  • Missed you there Ixia, fab news that you've booked your hotel. A spa treat sounds perfect!

  • Hi Ixia - Hope you are home and resting tonight.  Thats brilliant you got your hotel stay booked and what a great price too!!!!When do you go??

    Fig - hi lovely, Sorry the house wasn't for you.  Brilliant about feeling the baby squirming away.  Its lovely isn't it??  Plenty of time for that birthing book!!

  • Evening all.

    Pep, hope you do manage to get some time off booked soon, it sounds like you need it. I don't have to decide now how long I'm taking- I've told work a year though, which is what I intend to take. H is a contracter, so as long as he stays in work we're fine, but it's never guaranteed, hopefully we'll be ok! Actually I'm very lucky in that I thought I was going to struggle hugely to get pregnant as I've got PCOS, and my area doesn't offer any fertility help, so I saved an IVF fund alongside our wedding fund which hasn't been needed. Assuming Attila is born safe and sound I'll have some spare money to tide me over the maternity leave.

    Imp, sorry for the rubbish night's sleep, I hope it's better tonight, and Happy feet has shifted into a less uncomfy position.

    Jonesy, welcome to tri 2! (I saw the thread yesterday but didn't manage to post.) it's definitely a good thing that you're being looked after carefully, better safe than sorry and all that jazz. I'm sure everything is completely fine though, so try not to worry.

    Wispa, sorry the house stuff is dragging, hope it picks up soon. Yay to having a baby name sorted, I assume you're not sharing at the moment?

    Monnie, yaaaaay!

    CA, physio sounds good, hopefully you'll avoid anything getting too sore if you're mindful of it in advance.

    Ix, the hotel + spa sounds lovely, when are you going?

    Fig, sorry the house wasn't the one. Are you renting or buying? Lol to hiding the birthing book! Are you doing some antenatal classes to go along with it?

    Afm, I've had a pretty good day today, fairly busy but good. My bump is getting increasingly ridiculous, I can't touch my toes any more, and getting off the sofa is getting harder, but that's all part and parcel of pregnancy. We'll have to do a bump thread soon so everyone can show off their bumpiness. I've no exciting plans for the weekend, but I hope everyone has a good one. :-)

  • On the off chance I've not missed everyone...

    CA, that physio sounds awesome.  I didn't expect the aches and pains to start until much later, but not the case - probably good to start early!

    Ixia, the night away sounds amazing, when will it be?  Sorry you're exhausted at work, hopefully your weekend will be relaxing.

    Figaro, I understand how you feel about birthing books, it's all a bit scary.  And sorry the house wasn't what you were looking for.  Hope you find something soon.

    SG, I would love to see your bump, it sounds epic.  Mine is still quite small, but definite bump now instead of pudge, which is nice!

    Update on the solicitors - they gave me a complete non-answer email this afternoon.  They completely ignored my question asking whether our buyer was alright with the 14th for completion, did not confirm that we needed to exchange by next Friday to complete on the 14th, just repeated 5 business days, so I still don't know if it has to be Friday or Thursday, and refused to give an estimate of our final costs.  An estimate, mind you, not the final amount due.  Luckily I had contacted our estate agent, who contacted our buyer and found out that the 14th is fine, then she said she would conference call all the solicitors on Monday to confirm when exchange and completion would happen.  I think she wants to get paid, haha.

  • CA & Spikey - we're going the night of 18th February. I can't wait - I'm evening considering buying a new swimming costume/tankini so we can use the pool. And I'm definitely booking a pedicure!

    Fig - sorry about the house :(

  • Wispa - I knew you left your job for Paris but hadn't realised you had left left! I remember you saying about when you were due to go back you would be XX weeks and you were a bit worried about that. Good for you - is your intention to be a SHAM?

    Monnie - Great news!

    Jonesy - Ah that is very kind but don't worry - I'm sure I'll work it out eventually! I just keep coming out with different figures all the time, ha! I'm so bad at Maths...!! Don't blame you re suing - I hope the cons does what they did to me (looked at me like why have you been sent to me!).

    Candy - 18 weeks!! Wow!! :) Glad you enjoyed your class.

    Ixia - That sounds lovely. I'm trying to book one day a week off between April - June before I leave too. Weekend break sounds lovely!

    Fig - Thanks, a lottery win would be handy! ;) Just keep going round in circles with my decision. H isn't working and until he has a new job its difficult to know what we can afford.... Will try and give some proper time to it this weekend to work it all out as maths isn't my best subject! Its all the tax milarky that comes into it that makes it all confusing! What birthing book did you buy?

    Spikey - Ah thats good, a year would be amazing!

    AFM - Time to try and forget about work! H is on his way to pick up pizza for us.... and he asked what I wanted to do this weekend to cheer me up.... naturally I've suggested going to Kiddicare or similar.... baby obsessed! :)

  • Ahh, no, I don't want to be a sahm... I still have my British museum job to keep me working a tiny bit and I will be looking for a new job when I'm ready, probably a couple months before the mat allowance is going to run out.  Hoping to only do part time, though... Butthere's a Chance I might decide to go for a phd, as I have a fairly good proposal that just needs a bit of work.  I just don't know if it would be worthwhile doing.  I'm glad I left Chartwell, though.  It was becoming a bit of a nightmare if I'm honest.  I still love the national trust, but I don't know if I would want to work for them again.

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