**Thursday 1st tri**

Morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Good luck to those that have early scans today, I know its 2 of you but my brain is not working yet and I can't think of names!

Well I'm in a bad mood already this morning. I went to bed early as I was really tired and had a headache all day, only for h to wake me when he came to bed as he wanted a chat and didn't think he would sleep if he didn't talk about it. He kept shaking my arm until I was awake enough! Then of course I struggled to get back to sleep while he didn't as and I've woke up with the headache still. Hoping that the classes I teach will be OK today.


  • Morning!

    Good luck to the people with scans today too.

    Bunny - hope your headache has gone this morning and today is ok for you.

    I was asleep by 9.30 lasts night,work has been crazy This week and I'm working in a diff location so I'm shattered and can't wait for the weekend. Had the odd bouts of nausea this week and sore nipples but no other symptoms. 2 weeks and counting til my midwife appoinment!!! I think I'll have to tell my boss next week that I'm pregnant otherwise I won't get the time off!


  • Morning bunny!

    Maltesers (i think) and I have early scans today! eee. Thank you for the best wishes.

    bunny - Hope today isn't too bad for you... It's almost the weekend!!

    mrs L - symptoms sound positive!, telling your boss may be a good idea. They'll then understand if your feeling sicky and need time off :)

    AFM - early scan day.. appt is at 5.30pm. Fingers crossed everything is ok! I have a feeling that its not, but that could be.my brain trying to protect myself from heartbreak. if that makes sense?

    Hi to all that follow, have a good day xxx

  • Morning!

    Looking forward to hearing how those with scans get on today. Thinking of you ladies.

    Bunny - I hope your headache soon passes. As a headache sufferer I feel your pain! Hopefully you can have a nights sleep tonight where H doesn't dusturb you!

    MrsL - long, busy weeks suck. Not long until the weekend though! Hope you have a good day.

    AFM, bit much to report pregnancy wise. 2 sleeps until our early scan! I'm starting to get a bit paranoid because I've had barely any symptoms. A lazy day here planned thankfully as F's sleep is a bit rubbish at the moment and I'm shattered! H working late tonight and tomorrow so a couple of long days ahead.

    Hi to those who follow.

  • Missed you there Boo. Good luck for this evening, will be thinking of you.

  • Morning ladies.

    First of all, good luck to Boo and Malteasers. Keep us posted, hope all is well for you both x

    Bunny - how annoying of H!! Hope the headache subsides.

    Mrs L - I told my boss early too, just makes it all a bit easier!

    WG - sorry F isn't sleeping well. Don't worry about symptoms, they always come and go, just to confuse everything!!

    AFM - I am not too bad today - bit tired and have a stressful week of work coming up so I will try and get on where I can. Not much to report, just waiting for my next MW appt, three weeks today!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning ladies,

    Bunny: that's inconsiderate of your H, hope it doesn't ruin your day x

    MrsL: Hope your busy week goes quickly

    Boo: Fingers crossed for your early scan today (& to Malteasers too)

    WG: Not long for you to wait till your scan either, excited for you

    Gavi: Hope your stressful week goes quickly next week

    AFM: Yesterday I gave into my nausea & had a lazy day where I felt like poo. I figure this nausea is like a hangover you can either wallow in it or you can eat & drink & push yourself through it. It took me 1 hour to eat 2 pieces of toast yesterday & then it was my toddlers swimming lesson so I was shattered & never got on top of the food thing. Today I'm trying to force myself to eat, in the last hour I've had 1/2 piece of toast & half a breakfast biscuit but I'm determined to keep trying. My mum is visiting for the weekend so need to pull it together to tidy up too. Really hope this sickness passes soon. Tomorrow I meet with the gp so finally get to sign up with the mw.

    Have a good thurs all x

  • Mrs l hope the days going quickly so you can get home and relax! I told my boss for the same reason. Makes it much easier than having to lie about where you're going!

    Boo fingers crossed for later look forward to your update x

    Weather girl not long yo go! I'm sure it will be fine, I think it was a very good idea booking the early scan to put your mind at ease.

    Gavi you're going to be 2nd tri soon! Hope works not too stressful.

    Black at hope that the nausea has eased and you are able to eat a bit more. Good luck at the gps tomorrow.

    My headache has gone and the classes weren't too bad. H has obviously felt guilty as he's done loads in the garden today and put a load of washing on (although hasn't quite got the hang of hanging it up!)

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for the good wishes for my scan, it was very quick but baby was there, wriggling and heard a lovely strong heartbeat so relief all round! Now I'm just impatient to get my letter for 12wk!!

    Boo hope your scan goes/has gone well too x

    Bunny glad H has slightly redeemed himself! Mine has been annoying me with waking me up when he comes to bed after me and generally being noisy!!

    Mrs L enjoy the early nights and make the most of them if you're feeling tired it's the best thing, midwife told me tiredness will make my nausea worse, Also it's entirely personal but I told my boss at 6wks as I figured it could only benefit me in the long run, for appts, understanding, preparing for my mat leave (which will take a while) and also if anything went wrong I'd need to explain anyway.

    WG I've had less symptoms this week which worried me, can't bloody win can we! Scan this morning though put my mind at ease x

    Gavi Wave xx

    Blackat - tidy up, what's that!! I'm far too tired for such things!!

    AFM aside from my scan news above, nothing much to report, enjoying having a week off work, told IL's at the weekend, MIL is freaking over the moon which I knew she would be bless her. Off out tonight for dinner with H's friend, hoping not too late home as I'm already ready for a nap!

  • Just popping on quickly before I get F ready for bed to say I'm so pleased your scan went well Malteser. I'm hoping for the same reassurance on Saturday x

  • Glad the scan went well malteaser xx

  • Bunny: sounds your hubby is trying to make amends!

    Malteaser: So glad to hear that your scan went well, hope you get a date through soon for your 12 week scan

    Boo: How did yours go?

    Have had another unproductive day of sleeping but managed to eat a little. Really have to get myself out of this funk & get out of the house. It'll be so much easier when I can tell people!! So excited to tell my mum tomorrow & at least I know she won't be that bothered if the house isn't too tired, especially when she finds out why - & that my hubby has been getting home late so been neglecting my toddler a bit. Hope I can pick myself up soon,

    Hope everyone gets a good sleep tonight x x

  • Bit late coming back on but hope Boo's scan was ok.

    And hope you feel better BK x

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