**tuesday 3rd tri**

Morning! How are we all?? I'm very much hoping we see a BA from abc today, knew she'd queue jump!! Nothing much to report from me. Same old huge bump, painful hips etc. loads if Braxton hicks but that's all. Nothing planned for today really although might pop to the stables and visit my horse. No nightmares from obem this week thank goodness!! Happy tuesday everyone.


  • Oh also counter I read the thread last night but didn't get a chance to reply about being fed up and over it. I think it's totally normal and it's mother natures way of overcoming any fear of birth. Making you so uncomfortable and fed up you'd do anything to get baby out and not be pregnant!!! I'm completely ready to meet this baby now!
  • Hey Im still here....this is driving me crazy...lol however I have managed to sleep which will help today..

    Autumnrose hope you have a nice relaxing day I shall need to catch up on OBEM x

    As i said yesterday thought that was it...very similar early labour pains with L. Went for a walk got worse...had a bath did not ease....but tightenings just never came regular...if this is all just a trick im truely past it...then felt like I was trickling water last night so will need to monitor that today now. Ar
  • Arrrghh sorry for the moany post...x x x Hope all is wellwith everyone else x
  • You are allowed to moan abc!!! If you think there is even a chance you're losing waters you really should go and get checked. When I went in Saturday they kept saying how it's better to get looked at to know what's happening, especially with the risk if infection if it is waters. Are you still getting pain/tightenings?
  • AR - you have hit the nail on the head. That's how I feel too. I'm getting BHs a lot too but nothing too bad. Hope you have a relaxing day.

    ABC - worth getting checked I think?

    I'm tired today, I've been sleeping so well but H and I chatted when he got in from work (early hours) and I was awake total 3 hrs. I'm going to be grumpy today lol. Not good when I was shooting for the whole day in the office instead of part office, part home ;)

  • Morning counter. I'm glad your sleep has improved but sound like half office half home would work well today. Tmi question but has everyone else got awful wind??!! It's almost constant and really not fun!! Such a glamorous time.....!!!
  • Morning

    AR- have a nice time visiting your horse

    ABC- Hope things get moving for you today ABC

    Counter- Hope you are not too tired today. I hate it when I am awake for a long period at night. I suppose we will all be getting used to that again soon!

    AFm- although I am actually on ML now I need to drop a few things into work today. Am then heading to a toddler group with the boys. My back was in pieces yesterday. Seems a lot better today, spent a lot of yesterday sitting down with a hot water bottle behind it!

  • Morning

    Ar- are you still able to drive? Are you tall? I have little legs and I'm already struggling to get my bump behind the wheel

    Abc- even if it's not your waters or Wally don't think it will be long now, of course that is my medical opinion haha! The end is in sight xxx

    Countr- my h gets in at 12.15 and wakes me every night :-( even when he tries not too he does, so I sympathise!

    Afm- I can't stop eating, I'm so hungry all the time, but very conscious that I'm about to hit 2 stone gain so I need to curb it. I have my growth scan tomorrow and consultant so I need to be on my best behaviour!! Also spoke to mum last night (midwife) and she put my mind at ease about the fundal measurements etc, so not as scared about tomorrow as I was xxx

  • S4- oh bless ya Hun, can you get the boys to give you a massage haha xxx

  • S4 ouch to the back. You have my sympathy as it's horrid. Hope today is better for it.

    Monnie-told ya fundal measurements were nothing to worry about :-) nope I'm short. Bump is touching the steering wheel now however I move the seat/wheel. It's not ideal safety wise but I live in the countryside so have to drive everywhere.
  • Morning everyone.

    AR, a relaxed day plus horse visit sounds fun, I hope you enjoy.

    Abc, I was expecting a BA when I woke up this morning, sorry things are dragging on. Do make sure you get checked if you think it's waters. Hope things start to happen soon lovely.

    Counter, sorry you're tired. Hope you manage to do some work from home today to ease things.

    S4, enjoy toddler group, and I hope your back continues to feel much better today, backache is rotten, especially when you're not able to just sit and take it easy.

    Monnie, hope everything goes ok with the consultant and growth scan tomorrow. The fundal measurements are so very inaccurate I do wonder why they're even still done in this day and age!

    Afm, sorry I didn't make it on yesterday, work was horrific and I just didn't get a chance. Someone deleted our entire network on Friday, and yesterday (and the rest of the week to come) will be spent playing major catchup. On the plus side, I'm not there today, I'm hanging with the littley. We've got toddler group this morning, and cake at a friend's this afternoon plus a trip to the park, if we ever get up and at it (I'm not showered or dressed, J is refusing to put on any more clothes so is running round in a vest, and the kitchen floor is covered in Cheerios.) Babywise all fine, Attila was wriggling/kicking lots last night which was lovely.

    Hope everyone else has a nice day. X

  • Afternoon all!

    AR - sounds like a nice day you have planned. Glad you haven't had any nightmares from OBEM - I am two episodes behind!

    ABC - I agree with the others, might be worth getting checked, hope it isn't long for you now :)

    Counter - 3 hours - ouch!!  Hope it isn't too bad a day for you

    S4 - Hope your back eases soon, it really affects everything when you have a sore back.  Hsave you tried a TENS machine?

    Monnie - glad you're a bit more relaxed about the scan now.  Hope you manage to resist the snackign urge!

    SG - what a crap day yesterday must have been!!  Seems so much worse when it's someone elses *** up!  Sounds like a nice day you have planned, hope the weather is good where you are for it.

    AFM - another good night's sleep last night.  I've noticed a pattern that on a Monday my back is at its worst and I think it's getting used to my office chair again after the weekend.  I've also just sorted out all my annual leave before ML and after next week I have only have three full five day weeks to work thanks to annual leave and bank holidays - this pleases me :)  nothing to report babywise apart from feeling more jiggling that ever before!

  • Morning all,

    It seems quiet on here with everyone giving birth

    AR -Enjoy your horse visit.

    Abc, Sorry things are dragging on. Hope things start to happen soon and we get a BA later

    Counter, sorry you're tired.  Don't forget to get checked over again if the episodes keep happening x

    S4, I hope your back continues to feel much better today, and the hot water bottle helps

    Monnie, hope everything goes ok tomorrow. The fundal measurements are so inaccurate according to them I've having a baby weighing about 5lbs, and according to the scans they arranged because of my small measurement I'm having a baby nearer 9 1/2 lb, so not much difference then!!!

    SG Sound like you have a lovely toddler day planned, enjoy it

    AFM- After 2 hours sleep the night before I was expecting to be out cold by 9pm last night, instead I was still looking at the clock at 3am, however I did have a lovely lay in and haven't been up that long (blush). I have a sneaky feeling I'm going to struggle to sleep tonight with excitement, but I'll keep my PP (Counter) up to date with whats happening so watch out for my BA  (eeek)

  • We have quietened down havent we?! We need some 2nd tri graduates to up our numbers.

    Sg I hope ypuve had a nice day in the end.

    vt sorting your leave sounds good, makes it serm much closer!!

    Bll im so excited for you!!! Cant wait for your ba!

  • I think wispa is due with us this week!!

  • Hi guys finally back...well my waters have gone..or should I say trickling x Anyway went in was checked to go back for checks tomorrow and if he still not here by Thursday I have to be induced x

    Section 4 hope you have had a restful day and back not too sure

    Monnie hope growth scan is ok tomo..i was sent for two with L and he was fine x x

    Spikey deleted network sounds like a nightmare hope today was better

    Von trapp glad you have sorted you mat leave x

    BLL good luck for tomo x x
  • First time I've made it on all day...just on the train home after only just leaving work. Definitely pushing myself a little too hard this week :(

  • Hi Flossy go get your feet up.

    ABC how exciting we might both be doing BA's tomorrow !!!

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