**Weekend 1st Tri**

Morning ladies,

Good luck Ceejay for your scan today - can't wait to see your photo :) xx

AFM, 12 weeks today! Whoop :) Not got much planned for today, will see how we feel once we've woken up properly.

Happy weekend everyone :) xx


  • Morning Fig! Think that's sometimes the best approach to weekends. Have a good one whatever you get up to.

    Ceejay...all the best for your scan :-)

    AFM: Still poorly...have persevered at work past 2 days but really bad today after 3hrs sleep so going to ring in. Can inagine that'll go down well (I was off sick a couple of Saturdays ago to and it's busy ATM) but I really am more interested in my health (and baby's) so couldn't give a toss right now.

    Enjoy your weekend all x

  • Morning all!

    CeeJay hope the scan goes well!

    Fig - Yay for 12 weeks! You'll be off to 2nd tri before you know it.

    Coco - sorry you're feeling poorly, hope you are able to get a decent rest.

    AFM - maybe starting to feel the first twinges of nausea. Hmmm hope I can still eat my Christmas dinner! Got to do lots of cleaning, tidying, packing and sorting today as tomorrow A and I are off to my parents' for Christmas (H will come over on Christmas Eve). Can't WAIT!

  • Thank you ladies.  Feeling emotional because that just made me tear up to see that!

    It's at 1pm today so hopefully will be logging on later with a nice update and news that I managed not to wet myself!  It says I need to drink 1.5 litre of water..... no way can I do that.  ha I know my limits

    Fig - fab milestone of 12 weeks

    Coco - hope you feel better soon.  Sucks working at the weekend.  What do you do?


  • ha just double checked on the website and it's 0.5 litre of water I need to drink not 1.5lte  ha I'm such an idiot sometimes!

  • Hey ladies, gosh I've had a busy week with work and Xmas stuff so I really haven't managed on as much as I would have liked.  I really struggle during the day because I'm at work and on my phone.

    Fig - Massive, massive whoop to 12 weeks.  Thats a HUGE milestone and I'm so pleased for you.  I really hope your tiredness eases up a bit.  3 more sleeps for you until your scan!!!!  Much excitement.

    Coco - Don't worry about not going to work, worry about getting yourself better.  Poor you.  Hope you are taking it easy xxx

    Saisi - Sounds like you've got a busy day planned.  Hope you get everything done and don't suffer too much nausea.

    CeeJay - very best of luck today at your scan.  I'll be thinking about you - not long for you now.   Looking forward to an update later and a little pic xxx  Glad you clarified the 0.5l and not 1.5l because I was just starting to work out how I was going to manage all that before my scan on Monday lol

    AFM - well I feel pretty good although I suspect I might have a UTI.  I think they check for this at my scan on Monday so I'll just keep drinking water for now and hope its ok. It might not be and if I do have one its not that bad but I feel that something isn't right.  Can't believe I've only got 2 sleeps to do and I'll have my scan.  Feeling really quite nervous about it now.  The screening worries me more so I'll be glad when this bit is all over.

    Going to head into town just shortly to do a little bit of last minute shopping.  Might even try and have a little look at the sales.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.

  • Fig - yay to getting to 12 weeks!

    Coco - hope you feel better soon :)

    Saisi - have a lovely time at your parents' for Christmas.

    CeeJay - hope your scan went well!

    CA - hope you enjoyed your shopping.

    AFM - just finished work until Monday. I've been feeling ok this week, only a little bit tired. I'm having a relaxing evening and will get on with the housework tomorrow. Counting down the days until my scan - very nervous!

  • Hey lovely ladies

    Saisi - we cross-posted earlier.  Hope you are not too sicky for christmas dinner!

    Hi to ixia and CA

    AFM my scan went really well.  7 weeks, 6 days, 14mm and could see the heart beat beating away.  Am so, so happy and cried when she pointed out the heartbeat,  Here is our early scan - the lady said it's still at the jellybean stage ;o)

    Thank you for all the good wishes and support!

  • Ceejay, hope you don't mind me crashing the thread, but congratulations on the scan! Hello little jellybean x

  • thank you Mrs P!!  wow look at your ticker!!!


  • So pleased for you CJ. Glad everything went well.

    Ixia - hope you enjoy you relaxing evening. I'm with you on the counting down and nerves!!!!!

  • Fab scan pic CeeJay. Mine's on Monday and I am SO hoping for good news. Many congratulations again xx

  • Wonderful news CeeJay, I'm so happy for you! Beautiful photo of your little baby :) xx

    Coco, hope you're feeling a little better after your day off. Stuff work, you and your baby come first.

    Saisi, hope the nausea has passed and that you've managed to do all of your packing and sorting. Your Christmas plans sound lovely :)

    CA, two sleeps until you see your little baby again. So exciting! :) Hope the UTI isn't any worse and that you're managing to drink lots of water.

    Ixia, glad you're feeling okay, enjoy your relaxing evening.

    I am sooo tired again. It's still getting worse by the day. I've been out and bought some more wrapping bits and am currently making a mess all over the sitting room floor with bows and ribbons :)

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend x

  • Morning all. Happy Sunday!!!!!

    Fig - hope you got all your wrapping done and you can now just chill out.

    AFM - I can't believe Xmas is nearly here. How did that happen???  I've got a busy day of housework planned. Booooooooo. At least it will keep me nice and busy though. I'd really have liked to go for a run but I'm lying in bed listening to that wind and thinking I might give it a miss for today!!!

    Hi to all that follow xx

  • Crashing to say great scan pic Ceejay, I'm so glad it went well.x

  • Thank you ladies!!

    The tiredness has really hit me this weekend and I suppose it didn't help that I ended up spending 3 hours doing something for work today, although did it from bed.  My H also bought me some whittards mulled wine flavour tea as an alcohol substitute for this christmas!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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