**Weekend 1st tri**

Happy weekend ladies! Huge congratulations again to Ducky, Barefoot and SaSaSi on their amazing scans yesterday! Also sending a v v happy 1st birthday to Saisi's A! I'm feeling fine baby wise, though bizarrely feeling much more pregnant than I actually am (bump, stomach feels like a rock etc). Bloods done yesterday. Chill out day ahead today :-) x


  • Morning Coco (I almost wrote ***!), I'm joining you in the chill out day. I have a rotten cold so have showered and put clean PJs on and plonked myself on the sofa and do not intend to move much at all. I do need to poop to the shops for food but apart from that I'm doing nothing!

    Saisi - Happy birthday little A!

    Barefoot and SaSaSi fabulous news on both you scans.

    AFM - Still can't believe there is two in there! I have another scan next week that I booked before I started bleeding. Then another scan on 21st at our IVF clinic! These bubs had best enjoy their photo being taken!

    My mum also bought me a 'Belly Book' which is absolutely lovely. A journal for pregnancy where you can stick in bump pics and scan pics. I love it!

  • Hi Coco and Ducky. GP appointment went well and I should hear from midwife no later than 10th Feb.  My official due date is currently 25th August but I know that'll move back to September at 12 week scan so not going to change how I'm dating things. Urogynea yesterday was horrible - kept telling me that they couldn't do anything whilst pregnant but that if things go wrong give them a call - felt like a naughty kid for getting pregnant but H and I agreed we wouldn't of given up this opportunity to become parents for anything.

  • Morning ladies!

    Coco - chill out day sounds lovely as does feeling a little bump!

    Ducky - a million congratulations again and again.  Twins. OMG!  have you told anyone IRL yet?

    PS - sorry you were made to feel like that.  Not sure what it is all about but sorry you were made to feel like that.

    Congratulations to all the scans I have missed - Ducky, Pep. Sasasi and BF

    Saisi  - Happy Birthday to your little one.  Hope the party is loads of fun

    AFM - my hospital phoned me yesterday to give me some dates for booking-in and my first scan! they were really good and worked around me as I'm quite busy end of Jan with work commitments.  Got booking in on 20 Jan and scan on 21st jan.  

    Popping into London later to see a play and hopefully a bit of dinner later.  Might have a look at baby stuff on sale tomorrow.  Feels too early to buy anything but given January sales..... bought a few maternity dresses from NL the other day on sale as well

  • Morning Ladies,

    Pleased to see some positive news - excellent!

    AFM - I intend to have a chilled weekend too. Work has thoroughly exhausted me this week, to the point where I've been in bed by 8pm! Got at least one late night at work next week as well, which no doubt will knock me out even more. I have told work that I'm pregnant in the hope that they might release a bit of the pressure and due to the nature of the children I work with. (I'm a teacher, but in management position so it can be bonkers!). Also, I think I need to do more work on a weekend preparing for lessons just to allow me to have an easier week once I get home from work! Doh!

    After I had was sick on Thursday morning before work, four times, I'm now paranoid that if I feel sick i'll actually be sick which doesn't help as I feel always on edge. Also, I've cancelled some friend events this weekend because during the week I've felt so exhausted/sick that meeting up and going out with friends has seemed just too much. I'm really missing my pre-pregnancy energy levels!!

    I'll be 7 weeks on Monday. Midwife appointment on 20th Jan, hoping my scan will be roughly Mon 17th Feb - which just happens to be half term so that'd be super!

    Alipops x

  • Just popping on, I am feeling really  sick & dizzy today so still in bed. I have bad diarrhea too... Oh the glamour....scan went well although he had to do a vaginal. He thinks I am 7 weeks but couldn't get measurements so I may need to update my ticker.

    Massive congrats Ducky, I missed your update!!! Amazing so so happy for you .

    If I feel normal later I will come back for personals x

  • Afternoon ladies!

    Congratulations to all the scan ladies. It's so nice to have a load of good news!!

    Saisi- happy birthday to A! Bet that year has flown by.

    Coco- have a nice chill out day.

    Ducky- Eugh hope the cold goes soon. Snuggle up on the sofa with the twins and keep warm

    PS- sorry the appointment made you feel a bit guilty. Less than a month til your midwife appointment though!

    Ceejay- your day sounds lovely. I haven't bought anything yet either but I know mil has. She used Xmas and the sales as her excuse! Good news about the scans too.

    Ali- sorry you're feeling so sick. Hopefully that passes soon for you. I haven't been sick but I have been going to bed before 9 every night. I just can't stay up late at all. I'm falling asleep at work as it is.

    Sasasi- sorry you're feeling pants too. Glad the scan went well though. Fx you feels. But better soon.

    AFM- off to watch H play rugby soon. It's bloody freezing so I'm wearing lots of layers. It's his birthday tomorrow though so i need to make the effort. Hopefully doing something nice tomorrow but he hasn't decided what yet. Also had a letter from the midwives and I think my booking in is next Thursday. They haven't called it that but I've already seen the community midwives so I'm not sure what else it could be. Scan won't be arranged until my next visit though which is a bummer. Wish it would hurry up.


  • Hi all, I'm on nights at the moment hence the late replies.

    Coco, I sympathise with the bump. My tum has gone from washboard flat to bumpy. Apparently because of all my fibroids, I have a bulky uterus. Hmm.

    Ducky, that book looks lovely. I would like something similar but at the same time I'm still nervous and too scared to buy anything like that just yet. Maybe after 12 weeks.

    PS, I'd make sure the insensitive idiots know how wanted your baby is. How rude!

    CeeJay, great news to get your scan date through, and your afternoon in London sounds lovely. Have fun :-)

    Alipops, I had debilitating tiredness around the 7 week mark, which is slightly easing now. Lots of early nights, and sleep when you can. Hope it passes soon for you.

    SaSaSi, hope you feel better soon too xx

    Jonesy, did you keep warm watching the rugby? Hope so!  Have a good day tomorrow whatever you decide to do.

    AFM no real news. Baby still doesn't feel "real" but I think that's because hubby and I aren't really talking about it. We're both still so worried and nervous. Last time, before the miscarriage, it was very real. We were looking at nursery stuff (not to buy early, just browsing options) and talking about names. This time it's almost like a subject we can't broach. Hopefully in time it will get better, since its not great for our relationship at the moment, we both almost seem in denial. We can talk about anything else, just not that!

  • Thanks Jonesy and Barefoot.

    I'm really struggling today. I felt tired, despite 12 hrs sleep last night, so had a nap earlier for 2 hours. Then, once I got up I just felt SOOOO sick. :o(  I don't want to moan because I'm so grateful to be pregnant etc but this constant tiredness/sicky feeling is rubbish. I've tried eating little and often, I've tried ginger biscuits and drinking regularly as well as going to bed at 8pm so get plenty of sleep but nothing seems to be enough or work.

  • Aly, sickness bands and full fat coke have been lifesavers for me. It's amazing being pregnant and of course we would all do whatever we needed to for healthy babies, but I also found feeling really ill constantly really tough too. You're not alone x

  • I'm struggling too. Been awake for well over an hour already with pressure in my tummy and sore lady parts. Really windy again and it's not painful just uncomfortable :(

  • aww Sorry to hear that PurpleStar - hopefully it will pass.

    I've had another epic 12hours sleep but still feeling sick, although not so tired. I'm starting to think, when I force myself to go to work I end up feeling better! I'm 7 weeks tomorrow, so hoping this sicky/extreme tiredness might pass in the next week or so. I don't know how people with full on sickness actually cope, I'm miserable as it is.

    Today I must pop to the shop to get some fruit as we're totally out and I desperately need petrol for work this week. Then, I've got some work to do in preparation for work this week, hopefully if I can get busy it'll take my mind off feeling yucky and get me ahead so I have less to do when I get home from work this week.

    I don't suppose anyone can give me some personal experience on when they began to feel better during the 1st tri?? The thought of another 5 weeks feeling so sick makes me :o(

    Alipops x

  • Ali I found going to work the day was generally easier than being home sometimes too. I think for me it was the distraction and being kept busy rather than being able to focus on it. Also routine and set eating times probably help.

  • Pepperoni - I think you're actually right with that idea. As I teach, obviously we have quite a rigid routine during the day, set breaks and lunchtimes. I managed to work in some healthy snacks for as and when I felt a bit sicky/hungry. At a weekend, this all goes to pot a bit because I'm getting up a lot later and not sure what to eat! I'm going to stop moping around the place and get on with some jobs, which will hopefully keep me too busy to notice how I feel!

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